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The Best Fleshlight: A Handful of Pleasure

How many times a year do you spend ‘alone time’ with yourself? Masturbation has become a normal act performed by men and women alike. Over the years, there have been amazing development of toys and products that help move the process along, add to the pleasure, and make it more interactive for partners to join in. However, with the market flooded by strokers and massagers, how do you make the right choice on what is best for your specific needs?

In the quest to discover the right masturbator for you, we have provided this short article about the best Fleshlight products on the market to date. All of these products have been tested, reviewed, and considered the best of what Fleshlight has to offer. We will discuss the designs, cleaning requirements, and specific details about each mentioned toy until we get to our number one best Fleshlight.


Ice Lady- You will get the chills.


Get an eyeful of the inside action with Fleshlight's coolest self-pleasure device and only transparent model, the Fleshlight Ice. With heightened visual stimulation, your Ice Lady male sex toy experience
Ice Lady

Once voted the #1 hottest sex toy, the Ice Lady is an ideal companion on a cold night. It is one of the more unique styled Fleshlight products on the market, tapping into a whole other realm of pleasure, visual sensation. There are many different thresholds of pleasure and adding factors to travel them. Visual sensations are only one of many different factors, next to smell, taste, and sound. That is exactly what the Ice Lady brings to the table, a chance to enjoy visual stimulation while you bring yourself the most natural form of pleasure since the dawn of man.


This visual aspect is great for solo play, and with a partner if they want to see the action for themselves. There is an arousal that comes with watching the penetration and thrusting with this toy, and it comes with three different entry choices. You can opt for the ‘Pure’ entry, which is a basic hole with no anatomically imitated orifice. The ‘Butt’ which is an obvious name for the entry point which imitates an anus. Lastly, you have the ‘Lady’, which is shaped like the greatest design of human history. The vagina. All three of these different orifices are still equipped with multiple chambers and same inside textures. Concentrating the heaviest pleasure on the head of your penis, Ice Lady will slightly tighten around you for maximum pleasure and a wonderful experience. 


The cleaning and maintenance for the Fleshlight Ice is possibly the easiest cleanup for any of their products. Simply remove the inner sleeve, rinse thoroughly, and if needed run lint free towel through it to help dry. The end cap, which catches all the goo, is easily rinsed out and dried. This product, like most toys, can become slightly tacky after cleaning. It is wise to seal it up in its container when it’s dry to avoid a collection of dust and hair.

The Fleshlight ice is a bit of a novelty item just like the Fleshlight Alien I’ve reviewed.


Dillion Harper Crush- The girl next door.


Born and raised in Florida, Dillion Harper is known as the adult industry's mega star sweetheart. Having entered the porn business by storm in 2012, she redefined what it meant to be to be the "girl next door." She's had a quick rise to stardom having already graced the covers of Penthouse and Hustler and was nominated by her peers for several XBIZ and AVN awards. You can check out this spunky actress in Vivid, Playboy, Brazzers, Twisty’s, Bang Bros, Digital Playground, Babes and other premier adult studios.
Dillion Harper Crush- The girl next door

Southern Sweetheart Dillion Harper owns her ‘girl next door’ attitude and looks. She first started making her name in porn in 2012, but it didn’t stop at her making a name. She took the game by storm, creating a large fan base that wanted a night with her. Fleshlight can’t give you the girl, but they have designed the next best thing. The Dillion Harper Crush allows you to take Dillion home.


The Crush is definitely one of the top toys for men, housing more pleasure chambers than other products. Each chamber houses a different texture type for your pleasure. One of the best things about this product is how tight it is. Fair warning, if you are thicker, you won’t find this to be an easy fit. This is probably the tightest Fleshlight toy you will find on the market.


The different chambers of the Crush serve up a different texture type, which all add to the pleasure and sensation you experience when using it. The first chamber grants a gentle massage of long ridges, bulbs, and a tight feel. The second chamber houses more ridges that make themselves more noticed. The third chamber is a very tight chamber that offers a light ridge. The fourth chamber provides four rings of pleasure to slide through. And lastly, the fifth chamber will make your eyes roll into the back of your head with a series of expansive twists that bring a pleasure unlike ever before felt.

Another one of my favorite stars is the Lisa Ann Fleshlight.


Fleshlight Launch- Hands-free fun.


Experience your favorite Fleshlight or Fleshjack like never before! The Launch is an interactive male masturbator that you can mount your Fleshlight into. The Fleshlight is one of the most lifelike sex toys for men
Fleshlight Launch

Though this isn’t exactly a Fleshlight, and is more of an accessory, this made enough of a presence for itself that it had to make out list. Quickly becoming one of the fastest selling products that the brand has to offer, the Launch takes masturbation to a whole new level.


How does it work? Simple and well. You just choose your favorite Fleshlight toy and go through your normal preparation for use. After you and the inside of the toy is nice and lubed up, you slide your Fleshlight into the launch, then you slide comfortably in and prepare for pleasure like you have never felt. The launch offers a few different settings for speed. It is recommended that you start on the lowest speed, so you can ease your way into the feel. This will give you an idea of what to expect, and what you can expect is a fast climax. This toy accessory can reach angles, spots, and speeds like no hand or lover can.


This thing is a one-time buy type of accessory that requires you to already have a sleeve and lubricant. It is a bit on the pricey side, especially when you calculate having to purchase your sleeve and lube separately. However, backed by a warranty, this is still a smart buy for anyone who spends a lot of alone time with themselves and is looking to increase the pleasure they give themselves. Truly a hands-free pleasure granter, it is like a genie without the lamp…. and for masturbation.

Another product you might be interested is the Fleshlight warmer.

Stamina Training Unit- Get into the game.


Practice makes perfect, especially in the bedroom. The Stamina Training Unit™ was specifically designed to replicate the intense sensations of intercourse, which can help users increase sexual stamina, improve performance and techniques, and heighten and intensify orgasms.
Stamina Training Unit

Nothing hurts a good date like a man who can’t last. Sometimes, masturbation can be affected by a quick comer. Let’s face it, who among us would complain about lasting an extra couple minutes in bed. God knows our partners would welcome it.


Well, the engineers at Fleshlight sought out to remedy this issue with their STU (Stamina Training Unit). This product was scientifically designed to help men who don’t last as long as they want to, or should. We have seen an increase in many different guys’ sexual duration after a few sessions with this brand’s most famous toy.


Though the toys for this brand is usually for improved masturbation, there is still a focus on partner satisfaction that is taken into consideration when they created the STU. Wanting your partner to get off as much as they want you to, they designed this to give you the strength you need to go the extra mile in bed.


The inside of this product is designed to imitate the vaginal canal. The only real difference is that it is tighter. It feels like you are really inside a woman, and this unit does its job. How does it work though? Well, the science behind it hasn’t really been discussed much but one may argue that it is a simple exposure trick to build the endurance. Fast comers usually buckle to the pure pleasure of intercourse. This toy replicates the vaginal canal so perfectly that you are building an endurance for the real thing. Creating a fine line between practice, and over exposure, this product allows the man to learn how to overcome the overwhelming pleasure long enough to provide the pleasure needed to get their partner off. Very thoughtful of you Fleshlight, thank you.


The cleanup for the STU is no different from the other brand’s products. Simply remove the synthetic female, clean the case thoroughly with warm water and the recommended cleaning product for your toy. When cleaning the sleeve, it turns inside out easily enough to make sure you get all the ridges and crevasses, you want to make sure you let it dry before reassembly. It is normal to take a clean, lint free towel and dry it off of extra water before leaving it to air dry the rest of the way.


Stoya Destroya- Your hand will get jealous.


Indulge yourself Stoya Destroya, a delightful Fleshlight which was modeled after the famous porn star. Let your penis through the vaginal opening slide in and feel the bumps and ridges on the inside deliciously stimulate your most sensitive spots. The plastic case you always have a good grip on the masturbator. The sleeve is removable, so you can make it easy to clean. For this Fleshlight always based lubricant to protect the Super Skin material.
Stoya Destroya

Of all the Fleshlight Girls products, and many of the other products by the brand, one sells in greater quantity than the others. The Stoya Destroya. Stoya herself is a world-renowned Fleshlight Girl, porn director and actress. She is best known for her roles in fetish films and a unique style that she has mastered. While she is unique to the porn game, her toy is unique to the masturbation game.


Originally part of the Stoya porn star collection, the Destroya sleeve can be purchased separately. It is a complex design on the inside of the toy, with an effective mix of large and small, pointed and flat bumps and ribs. Constrictions and ridges also team up inside this pleasuredome. No, it won’t actually destroy your cock, however, it will make your penis scream wow with a workout. This product as won a great number of independent tests of intensity.


This is one of those, you gotta try it to believe it toys. This is by far the best feeling Fleshlight on the market, and it comes very highly recommended. There are very little downsides to this toy, but the biggest issues it houses is what makes it so great. All the ridges, nubs, bumps, ribs, and crevices make it difficult to clean thoroughly, requiring extra time and attention to sanitize it properly to avoid any harmful bacteria build up. 


Honorable Mentions- The Quickshot


Sometimes efficiency is the best policy. The QUICKSHOT is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight and is unique due to its fully exposed orifices on each end. This means it can be used as supplementary stimulation during blowjobs/fellatio/oral sex, or as a solo masturbation aid. Enter via either end and take Flight until climax, with your end result landing wherever you direct it. Thanks to the open-ended sleeve of this Fleshlight variation, you can rest assured cleaning up will be a breeze. Simply remove the sleeve from its compact black case after use and rinse it with warm water. We also recommend our Fleshlight wash cleaning liquid . Allow your QUICKSHOT to dry before returning it to its case.
The Quickshot

This honorable mention goes to the Quickshot. It is the ideal travel companion being small, discreet, and easy to clean. How small? 4.4 inches in length, about the average length of a man’s hand. Able to fit in most shower or shaving bags, and as stated before it is discreet. With both caps screwed on, it is only recognizable by those who know what it is. It is probably the easiest Fleshlight product to clean and maintain due to the compact size.


This is the ideal product for the masturbator on the go. More so, it works well when you find yourself in the need for a quick helper under not so private living situations such as dorms, small apartments, and other cramped quarters. Other Fleshlight products reach up to 9 inches in length making them obvious and bulky for travel. The Quickshot is small and easily over looked. You will not find yourself having to explain it as often as you would investing in the bulkier sister products. 


So, if you find yourself looking for a travel companion, needing something easy to clean, and want it to be inconspicuous, the Quickshot is ideal for you. The only reason it only made honorable mentions is the basic design. Though it is made with that real feel Fleshlight Patented SuperSkin, it isn’t as ‘detailed’ as the brands other toys.


With all toys by the brand, it is important to clean your product thoroughly, while using only the recommended cleaners and lubes to ensure the integrity of the toy itself. These things are not inexpensive and requires you to handle them appropriately to continue giving you the pleasure you crave.


Though there are many different products that have been offered by this brand, we feel that these are the absolute best of the best, and the only way you could do better is by getting the real thing. And while we can boast about these products all day long, it is better for you to find out for yourself which one is best for you. So sit back, lube up, and enjoy a good jo. Whether you are partying with a partner, or rocking out solo, these toys offer a wonderful experience for you. Have Fun!

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Tantus Super Soft C-Ring: Cock Ring Review

Cock rings, I love you, but why do you hate me so. I use have issues with cock rings being too tight. I know, I know, they are supposed to be, so hold onto that hate mail and let me explain. You see, I like a nice squeeze, but I don’t like to feel like my penis is about to pop.. And I damn sure don’t like the panic of “it’s too tight, should I cut it off” afterward. Cock and ball rings even more so… I have NEVER found a cock and ball ring that works for me, so I had little hope for Tantus’ super soft c-ring, but I wanted to give it a fair shot anyhow. Mini review time!

The Tantus super soft c-ring is made with pure high quality silicone (once again Tantus, thank you for that!). It’s easy to clean, easy to store in its original packaging, and doesn’t have any unwanted chemicals that might scorch your manhood. I cannot attest to how easily it goes on and off pubic hair (I’m neatly groomed) but it does come off well shaven skin with relative ease and is indeed, super soft.


My problem was not only was it a real challenge to get on, you have to attempt to do so aroused. So standing there thinking of baseball and kittens, I attempted to stretch the cock ring over my full meal deal, then reattempted, then reattempted. Finally I got it on, which was very short lived, it was just too tight for me! It’s super stretchy, but once it resumes its original size it’s not very discriminate on what it take out with it! Five times I tried, five times I failed. I tried putting it around my scrotum, that kinda worked. I tried using it as a penis only ring, and as that I actually liked it! So my insanely awful cock and balls ring became a very nice cock only cock ring. I’ve actually used it a few times as such and really enjoyed it, probably not my favourite, but it’s up there for sure!

As for it’s intended use, it didn’t work for me, but it very well may work for you. If you like the idea of grabbing your unit so tight it turns dark purple, may I introduce you to your new friend! Hey if it’s too tight for your cock and balls, you might find a nice new cock ring out of the deal. I did!

That’s it for this mini review, if you would like to find us, follow us on Twitter @TeaseForTwo

For your very own Tantus Super Soft C-ring, click the Tantus pic above.
Tantus gave us this item in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
To find more from us, follow us on Twitter @TeaseForTwo


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50 Speeds of Play by Rocks Off! The Review

50 Speeds of Play by Rocks Off!


50 shades of play? 50 speeds of grey? 50 speeds of play! No grey area here… well ok the vibe IS grey, but you know what I mean. Rocks Off took their already amazing 160mm vibe and up’ed the stakes. 50 functions, 50! If i took 8 other vibrators we own, put them all together I MIGHT have 50 functions between them. Rocks Off truly made a standard slim vibe and made it so it can almost never get boring, and we applaud them for that. We loved the 50 speeds grey, let us count the ways… spoiler alert: THERE’S 50!


Product & Design


Made of a body safe ABS plastic and boasting a grey steel design, the 50 speeds of play is Rocks Off 160mm vibe reimagined to a 50 shades inspired powerhouse. Being made of ABS plastic means you can use your lube of choice, and also means cleanup if a breeze. Just warm water and soap, and no need to worry about getting it wet… its waterproof.


The Design is a standard slim vibe design, nothing really fancy. We normally steer clear of the style, usually preferring a toy with more shape and texture. However it was surprisingly fun, not only because of the ludicrous amount of functions, but because it feature one hell of an impressive motor. Its actually incredible just how much power  these 2x AA batteries pump out. I think we would have preferred it to be rechargeable, but this is more of a personal preference. That and a storage bag, but thats my usual complaint, is think everything should come with a storage pouch.


As far as size goes, it is 160mm x 20mm, which is approx 6.3 inches long, but in reality it has an insertable length of about 5 inches. It has a max width of 1.25 inches and a max girth of 4inches. It’s not a huge bullet, and would be a great choice for first time buyers as well as sex toy aficionados.


Other than the lack of storage bag (I seriously think i’m going to take up sewing) the only slight complaint I can think of is that it could stand to be a bit quieter. Not that its overly loud, but it does make a fair bit of sound.


Price point


I was talking to a friend very recently about the cost of quality toys, and I recommended Rocks Off to her. I know sometimes when we post reviews peoples reaction might be “thats great, but I don’t have $200 to drop on a toy right now”, well kids, let me tell ya bout some Rocks Off. This vibe right now is listed at for $60. That’s a hell of a deal for such a quality sex toy! Check them out, they are great for people on a budget, or just anyone in general. Theres very little these guys can seem to do wrong, and we think its awesome. Kudos Rocks Off for making a quality toy that is well within most anyones price range.


The Verdict


So 50 Speeds, how’d ya do? Lets have a look shall we:

  • Power     4/5
  • Noise      3/5
  • Orgasms 5/5
  • Speeds   50/5

We liked it, I dare say we loved it. Thats saying something, because this is the first slim style vibe that we have EVER liked, but Rocks Off is starting to show us theres more to the style than just yawns. I would totally recommend this vibe to just about anyone that loves slim style vibes, or vibration patterns, or those looking for a luxury quality sex toy without emptying their bank account for it! Welcome to our family 50 Speeds, you will see lots of use.


You can pick up your own from PinkCherry or from Rocks Off!

We Received the 50 Speeds of Play from Rocks Off in exchange for an honest review.

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Bad Dragon Janine Review

bad dragon





Review Sponsored by Bad Dragon

Dragons are beautiful creatures and our friends over at Bad Dragon have amplified that into a male masturbator sleeve in the Janine. Beautiful regal and pristine it’s all you could ever ask for in a sleeve.


Made out of a completely body safe silicone, Janine is one of the most beautiful male sleeves we have ever seen. We chose to get it in the pale blue that is on the website, yeah the blue one with the pale pastel pink? that one is identical to the one we got. Since it is a silicone product like all silicone products we like to send out a friendly warning, use water based lubricant. Especially with a sleeve like this where a silicone lubricant could cause the interior to warp and not be as textured. Use caution and your favourite water based lubricant if you want to keep this toy working as well as it was always intended.

bad dragon

The insertable length of it was comfortable and stretched well so it would be good for most sizes. It’s full insertable length runs at about 7.25 inches, which is well within the normal standards. The inside is also beautifully textured from the first inch to the last, it doesn’t matter where you get the same pleasurable feel from it. We have had issues before with the texture not starting right at the entry and with Janine it most certainly did.

We have had this problem before but since it did not come with the case the fleshlight does it did absorb body heat from the hands. So it wasn’t nearly as cold and gross feeling as we first thought. Well at first it was but then it warmed up reasonably quickly with warm hands and warm body parts. This was a definite plus because cold silicone rubbing along your penis is not a really fun thing to deal with. Mrs Tease was a bit thrown that it didn’t come with the case but all in all we have to say that we really did like it.

Now it comes down to something very specific about Bad Dragon, everything every inch of the process is completely customizable. We got a couple things from them and it was one of the most in depth ordering processes we have ever experienced. We felt a little stupid during some of it, but luckily for us we had someone that was willing to help us figure things out. Bad Dragon has excellent customer service, and they seem to understand that your first order can be a bit overwhelming, there are tons and tons of options! You can pick custom colours, firmness and you can also add on things like lubricant and toy cleaner. All in all it was a learning experience to order from Bad Dragon but we loved how in depth everything was and how we could customize every inch of our toy if we so desired to.


bad dragon


Our Opinion

So what did we think? Well we are definite lovers of the fleshlight so when it came a chance to try out Janine we jumped all over it. We must say that they probably surpassed fleshlight in some ways. You read that right, we like this even better than Fleshlight in some ways. There wasn’t the cold clamminess, and it wasn’t as weighty . So it was easier to use and stroke over your penis, or have someone else do for you without their arms tiring out. We loved the texture, we are definitely texture people around here and the Janine did not disappoint. It also didn’t require as much lubricant as we thought it would either, we don’t know if thats the Janine itself or just the lubricant we like now, either way it was a totally pleasant surprise. We loved the colour it came it it was a thing of beauty, like a regal princess or something.


The Ratings Game

  • Design 10/10
  • Texture 9/10
  • Firmness 10/10
  • Ease of Use 10/10
  • Desire to Reuse 10/10

Can you tell we really loved Janine? 98% yep we definitely loved her and there was almost nothing we would change.


Bad Dragon


We recieved the Janine from Bad Dragon in exchange for a honest review, to get your own, please click the banner above.

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Best rabbit vibrator ever? The Sh! Jessica Rabbit Review

Sh! Jessica Rabbit

Here we are, part 2 of our Sh! Rabbit run. So, rabbits get a bad rap, seen as old and useless by many other sex toy bloggers. Well, We wanted to prove them wrong. We set out on a quest to find a good rabbit that we could get behind… Or in front of, or around? As this toys case may be. We didn’t have to search long before our friends at Sh! Women’s told us they made a rabbit to end all rabbits, and they weren’t kidding! This is very easily one of, if no THE best rabbit vibrator we’ve ever had. Hold on to your butts, were goin’ wabbit hunting!



The product

One of the only downfalls we found with the Sh! Jessica Rabbit was it takes batteries, and we love rechargeable. It’s a minor thing but it does make all the difference to us, for some stupid reason, probably cause when we find a toy we like the cost of batteries can add up. Sh! If you are reading this, rechargeable version, silicone and throw in a storage pouch and you have yourself the best rabbit vibrator in town! We’d be happy to test it out for ya too.

This bad boy offers 6 inches of length, a 1.6 inch diameter shaft at its widest, and 10 varieties of vibration modes. It’s made of a body safe Thermoplastic elastomer, and while that means it’s latex and phthalate free, it also means there is a risk of it being porous and can never be fully sanitized. So always make sure you wash very well with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap, and never ever share this toy without a condom. Seriously people, be safe not stupid.



Our experience

Why would we say this is nearly the best rabbit vibrator, because it is nearly the best rabbit vibrator! Seriously, unlike the Sh! Gspot Rabbit, this vibe really hit the spot…. The gspot. Guess what, it also rested nicely on the clitoris! Dual stimulation from a vibe that doesn’t boast gspot stimulation… This toy really went above and beyond.

It rumbles and felt oh so nice, it even had mrs tease clenching the sheets, wiggling in delight! Not bad considering this vibe ring in at about $60 USD, it really does the job better than some $100+ vibes. Once again, it is by far the best rabbit vibrator we’ve seen in a long long time! So what are you doing here? Go get one! No wait….. WAIT!!!
One last thing first, then you can head on over to Sh! Women’s website, ok? I promise!

The Verdict

  • Material 3/5
  • Power 4/5
  • Cost 4/5
  • Cuteness 5/5

There you have it, our thoughts on the Sh! Jessica Rabbit, one of, if not the best rabbit vibrator we’ve come across in a while. Do you have one? Share your thoughts! Think you got something better? Let us know! But in the meantime head on over to Sh! And try it for yourself!





We received the Sh! Jessica Rabbit from Sh! Women’s store in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. If you’d like one of your own, or for more great products simply click the Sh! Logo above.

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Better Than Chocolate 2 by Nomi Tang

Better Than Chocolate 2

Claiming your toy is “Better than chocolate” is brazen, naming your sex toy “Better than chocolate” is just outright bold. But can Nomi Tangs little clitoral vibe really live up to its name? Can this little toy, which can easily fit in the palm of your hand, be worthy of such a claim? We sought to find out, and we liked what we found. Today we’re going to have a look at Nomi Tang “Better than Chocolate 2”. So grab some bon bons, lets get to it!

The Device

This little device is just that, surprisingly small. It measures a mere 3.5inches long and comes in at just shy of 2 inches wide. I’m pretty sure every picture of this device ive seen only does NOT do the size justice. Its tiny, like stick of gum tiny. After the initial surprise wore off and the more we thought about it, the more we actually thought we’d end up loving its small stature. Just an FYI, we were right.

Made of a soft silicone and completely waterproof, the Better Than Chocolate 2 looks like it was modelled after the shape of a manta ray. A thin design with outward curving wings, it easily fits in multiple places and is comfortable and not cumbersome in the least bit. This makes it nearly ideal for solo or couples play, and can easily fit many areas of the body, either sex. The only downside is because of its smaller size, unless you were wearing undies it is nearly impossible to achieve any sort of hands free play.

Being made of medical silicone, its always best to use a quality water based lube during play. Or just water, because this little vibe is waterproof and can be submerged in water. the usb recharger seems to push aside a silicone flap when plugged in, but when uncovered it comes back into place, making bathtime free for any worry about damaging the toy.

The one very interesting feature of this product is the speed adjustment. Aside from the 5 different modes, the Better Than Chocolate 2 freatures a slide bar which, when you slide your finger up and down, increases or decreases power. We found that it took several passes to make the vibe go from minimum vibration to maximum throttle, but did enjoy the idea of ‘petting’ it to make it more intense. Its an option thats completely different from the standard two-button designs, and as odd as it was, it was a welcome change.

Cleanup is a breeze with the Better Than Chocolate 2, a little warm soap and water will do just the trick, or a good toy cleaner. We LOVE silicone here at TeaseForTwo!

Our Experience

We actually used this as couples play, it makes a great tease item, and is surprisingly strong. It wasn’t obstructive enough to hinder regular intercourse, but wasn’t small enough to suffer in quality or strength. After using it, we did honestly find it to be more comfortable than most bullets. However, we like broad clitoral stimulation with pressure, so if you like pinpoint clitoral stimulation you might find yourself only using an end on this toy, rather than the entire toy. All in all it was fun, it was different, and it was probably not better than chocolate… but who cares, it brings orgasms. I guess that in itself makes it better than chocolate, but we would gladly take either!



The Verdict

Well Better Than Chocolate 2, lets see how you did…

  • Quality 5/5
  • Design 4.5/5
  • Strength 3.5/5
  • Innovativeness 5/5

92%! We like it! If all toys were this well thought out, the world would be a happier place. The only issue with the Better Than Chocolate 2 was that while strong, we would have loved more. Nomi Tang, you did not disappoint. At just under $90, this is a pretty good product if you are looking to add in clitoral stimulation into your regular sex, or just want something neat to be paired up with your favourite vibrator. We enjoyed, who knows you may too!





We we recieved the Better Than Chocolate 2 from Nomi Tang in exchange for a honest review.

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Blue Moon Glass Dildo Review

Blue Moon

We recently got our hands on the Blue Moon by Touch of Glass, and it is something special. Not only is glass in our opinion, one of the most underrated materials used in toys, but Touch of Glass really kicks it up two or three levels. Excellent quality, hand made, knock your socks off design, and all around gorgeous toys seem to be this companies calling card. There’s very little to complain about when it comes to the Blue Moon, and yes it’s going to be one of those “Why the HELL don’t you have one of these?!” type of reviews. So strap in, it’s time to howl at (well about) the Blue Moon.



Yep, the material in this toy is so good, it deserves its own section. I’m pretty sure we could go on for hours about this glass, but we’ll try to keep it restrained a little bit. Touch of glass only uses the finest quality glass, known as borosilicate glass. So not that cheap soda-lime department store glass, this is the real deal. Not only do they use such high quality glass, but they use only the most pure, durable borosilicate glass. Simply put, when it comes to glass for sex toys, this stuff is the best of the best. It’s so tough, that Touch of Glass even offers a full unconditional lifetime warranty, and how many of your current toys have that?

High quality glass toys are some of the safest toys out there. Non-porous, non-toxic, phthalate free, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and it reads books to orphans at the library every weekend. It is resistant to bumps and drops, and realistically should not break, however if it does break it won’t shatter it will most likely break in two. If it does ever chip, please stop using and contact Touch of Glass.

It’s worth mentioning that the Blue Moon can be used with ANY type of lube, and in most cases none at all. You don’t risk damaging it with others, and all lubes wash off with ease. As far as cleaning the Blue Moon, use warm soap and water to clean. If sterilization is needed it can be run in the dishwasher, just make sure you give it a good rinse after.





The Blue Moon is a gorgeous design, with three inline balls that leads into a length featured a raised swirl texture wrapped down to the end. We love texture, and this is a texture lovers dream come true.

We have to give real credit to whoever handmade this, it really is a work of art. It has a fair bit of weight to it, and really feels like a quality piece. The end ball is a stunning dark blue, and this toy is almost as fun to admire as it is to use.

However it does not have a flat base, so we encourage vaginal use only.


Our Thoughts

We really love the texture, quality and beauty of this piece. It has basically sparked an obsession with Touch of Glass toys. Gotta have ’em all! The first thing we did notice about the Blue Moon was the $85ish USD price tags. It is not cheap… But it’s also not cheap! You’re paying for quality and craftsmanship. It’s actually a steal when you consider that with proper care you could easily use this toy for years if not a lifetime.

The other note we did want to touch on is that, at least for us, it was deceptively small. Though this mostly our own fault, they do list the measurements on the store site. We knew what to expect, but it did still surprise us a little. With that being said it does the just extra well! We would love to see a wider version of this exact model. Nothing massive, just a bit bigger.

Oh yea, best thing ever… It comes with its own drawstring bag! Yay!



  • Length. 8 inches
  • Insertable. 7 inches
  • Shaft Width. 1 inch
  • Max Width. 1.4 inches

The Verdict

Blue Moooooon, you saw me standing aloooooone…. Yea enough of that, it’s Verdict Time!

  • Quality. 10/10
  • Design. 10/10
  • Aesthetic. 10/10
  • Size. 9/10
  • Will we reuse? 10/10

98%, yea it’s that good! The 2% was just based on personal size presence so your results may very, we just thought it would have been the perfect glass dildo if it was a little wider. We really enjoyed the Blue Moon, can’t ya tell? This is probably the nicest and most fun glass dildo we have, and we love our glass so that’s saying something! Absolutely no question about it, we would recommend this toy to anyone and everyone!






We recieved the Blue Moon in exchange for a honest review.To get you hands on this wonderful piece, please click the banner above.

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Cherries Jubilee glass dildo Review



Cherries Jubilee by Dreamtoys

Review sponsored by Lovedreamer

We always love glass or similar products, they are such fun products to work with and test out. They hold temperature exceptionally well, so depending on your preference it can start out cool and warm up with the bodies heat. Or start warmer and play as it cools. Really its up to whatever you want to try out, the skies the limit! However if you like something with some give to it glass is not the way to go as it is glass so there is no give to it whatsoever. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of this specific dildo shall we?


The Cherries Jubilee is made out of Pyrex glass which is extremely durable, used in cooking vessels and surgical tools. However that being said it can become damaged when rubbed up harshly against another glass object or ceramics etc. Although, since it is glass, it is non-porous and relatively safe to use. It can be cleaned easily in hot water or even sanitized in the dishwasher. The glass surface is quite smooth except for the bumps and ridges and we found you definitely don’t need to use as much lubricant as with other materials. Lubricant wise since this is a glass toy you are free to use whatever lubricant suites your needs and the needs of your partner.

This is a textured dildo so if you don’t like texture we suggest you find one that more suits your individual needs. This measures at about 8 inches long with a shaft diameter of an inch and a bulb diameter of 1.5 inches. It is not to big at all in fact we really appreciated the size of this. The bumps and ridges were not to overly pronounced but enough that you definitely felt them. The whole piece is curved so it hits all the right spots with all the right textures.


This was great for solo play and with a partner since glass carries vibration you can also pair it with your favourite vibrator or cock ring nestled up against it. We thoroughly enjoyed playing with it and putting it through its paces. So if you like a firm textured dildo we highly suggest giving this one a try.



Love dreamer



We recieved the Cherries Jubilee dildo from LoveDreamer in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own please click the banner above.

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Exxxtreme Sheets Review

Si Novelties Exxxtreme Sheets Review

I guess when we started reviewing sex toys we never imagined we would be reviewing bed sheets, but when we saw the Exxxtreme Sheets by Si Novelties we knew we had to try them out. Tough enough to play on, but soft enough to sleep on, the Exxxtreme Sheets were a huge hit with us. As a bit of a side note though, since we wet sent both the sheets and pillowcases, but they are so similar the review actually works for both. So let’s jump right in, shall we? Welcome to the Exxxtreme Sheets Review!


The Exxxtreme Sheets and Pillowcases are made of a black rubber with a fabric backing. This means they are great for keeping clean and 100% waterproof. Anything spilt on the fabric can be wiped away, even oil based lube. They are also machine washable,which is nice. Just wash with cold water and detergent and hang fabric side out to dry. The manufacturer advises against any kind of fabric softener of bleach.

We put these sheets to the yeast a number of times. Not only in use but also just intentionally spilling stuff on it to see what it could do. Massage oils, lubes of all kinds, Nuru Gel, even a full cup of water. I’m happy to say it easily holds up through all of those. These are some pretty cool sheets.

The other thing Exxxtreme Sheets claims is that they are soft enough to sleep on, so we figured we would try this out as well. It is surprising how comfortable these sheets are. They are less tacky then I thought they were, and that’s probably because I keep thinking they are a vinyl material. We could probably nap on them comfortably, but it is the middle of June, and I’ll stick with my Coolmax style sheets, thanks. Ultimately it doesn’t matter I suppose, as these sheets weren’t built for sleeping. They were built for the wettest, wildest sex you’ve ever had. The kind that once you’re done, you could sleep like a baby I a bed of coals. Very few people are buying these guys with the thought of a good nights rest, but hey maybe it’s just me.

The Sizes

Exxxtreme Sheets and pillowcases come in almost every size to fit your need. The sheets themselves can be bought in Full, Queen, King and California King. The pillowcases can be bought in Standard or King. The sheets have a small bit of stretch to them, so they can fit easily over most mattresses.


The only reason I say ‘most’ is because we did have a small issue at first fitting it onto ours. We have a King sized box top style mattress, so in addition to the standard mattress it has a 3 inch pillow top. We normally can’t use standard sized sheets and have to grab the ‘deep pocket’ version. While this sheet wouldn’t fit totally on our mattress it did fit over the pillow top, and worked just fine. Not a huge deal, but it is something to be aware of. If you require deeper sheets, you may want to go up a size and tuck it just to be safe.. Unless you have a king sized bed like us, in which case it’s easy enough to make due.

Our Thoughts

How could we not love these? Seriously, they open up a whole new world of messy messy play that we were apprehensive about beforehand. Don’t believe me? Get a set, lube up and have the best slip n’ sex of your life. Other than wishing they were a little deeper on the sides, we couldn’t ask for more.

We were exxxtemely impressed with how comfy and how durable these sheets are. Our friends over at Adultempire are featuring these sheets for $113 for the queen size, and while that may sound pricey, we believe it’s WELL worth it. These things will be seeing a lot of use from us! Good job, Si Novelties.

The Verdict

It’s really hard to give these guys a number rating due to what they are, I mean for sex compared to other normal sheets they’d get a 100%, but we’ve never tried anything like it to have a comparison. They are magnificent and if they interest you in the slightest, get them today! Seriously, I’m not sure we’ve had sex this fun in a very very long time, and the possibilities are pretty much endless. We would easily spend the cash that these guys cost, so if you’re hesitant you can rest assured, it is a good buy.




We we recieved our sheets from Si Novelties in exchange for a honest review. To find yourself some sheets, click the Adult Empire banner above.

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Fleshlight Alien Review

Fleshlight Alien

fleshlight alien review



We happened to be lucky enough to get a duo of things from our friends over at Fleshlight. They sent us exactly what we could have dreamed of the Freaks Alien addition of the Fleshlight and the matching Dildo. An eerie blue glow comes from these two and for good reason, they are out of this world.

Details of the combo package

Fleshlight Alien
Fleshlight alien review

This is made of Fleshlights patented super skin material it feels very realistic, not that we know what sex with aliens is like. Fleshlight also recommends a water-based lubricant with their products. We say why the heck not? Some of our absolute favourite lubricants are water based and since we don’t know what silicone lubricant would do we would rather not risk it. We love the fact that the super skin feels super realistic. They recommend using their cleaning product and please don’t use soap as this will cause deterioration of the fleshlight. They also sell a restoring powder which we can’t say we have tried but sounds interesting.

The sleeve design with the controllable suction, we love this feature you can adjust however amount of suction as you desire. Since this one came reasonably well textured we have to say a little more suction worked well for it and you could feel the texture better at least in our opinion. It is a tad oddly weighted just because of what it is but thats not a bad thing at all.

The design of the alien was awesome and we have to say it was one of our favourite things but the Alien doesn’t rank as one my favorite fleshlights. A bright blue, triangularly shaped vulva was a perfect entrance to a whole new world of texture. We love when companies think outside the box and this was no exception. The texture inside was a perfect compliment and unlike the last one we had tried you could feel the texture almost immediately.

Dildo Alien

Fleshlight alien review

So as a set we got the Alien dildo as well, which from Mrs Teases perspective was absolutely huge. Made out of platinum grade silicone this toy is a lot of fun, with a double head for a more interesting experience. Since it is made out of silicone we have to say for you to please use a water based lubricant. A silicone based lubricant will cause warping and damage over time and thats no fun. Since it is silicone as well you can use hot soapy water to wash it or use the top of your dishwasher, it works wonders.

This is a relatively large toy at least for our experiences, however it is also highly ridged. We have had issues with things being ridged and the ridges being exceedingly hard and firm this was not the case with this Alien Dildo. It was not an overly firm silicone so it made the ridges comfortable and pleasurable. Its appearance of a split head made for an unique time, like we said a little large for our liking but still super enjoyable.

Our Opinions

So what did we think? Well lets start with where we left off with the Dildo, Mrs Tease found if you warmed up to it it wasn’t bad. It was still exceptionally large for her at least but the texture made for an out of this world experience.

What can we say for Fleshlight? The actual Fleshlight was amazing as we have come to expect from them. The weirdest part, other than the bright blue alienness of it all, is that it smells great. We don’t know if this is from what the super skin is made of or what but we love it. We also found that unlike the other Fleshlight products we have tried that the texture of this one started almost immediately. This is a great thing for us as we are total texture people and that was the main problem we had with the last one we tried. We also used the warmer from fleshlight before use, and we have to say that if you don’t h ave one yet get one. This makes the experience so much more pleasurable to let it sit on the warmer for a few minutes before use, it’s like sliding into a nice hot wet pussy.


Well we would recommend the Fleshlight to anyone that is looking to jump outside the normal looking and try something different. If you like plain looking Fleshlights or masturabator’s then this is definitely not for you.

The Dildo we would recommend to anyone that is into size and texture as you will totally get that from this giant Alien. If you are not into size or are just trying things out or don’t like texture than this is probably not for you.


We we received the Fleshlight Freaks! Alien in exchange for review, to get one or both of these awesome toys please click this link. Thanks again for reading our Fleshlight Alien Review!  If you’re looking for something a little more mainstream check out my Fleshlight Lisa Ann review.