OVO F4 Review

OVO f4


 F4 Silicone Vibrator From Ovo

Review sponsored by BondageBunnies


As most of our followers are aware we usually love our OVO toys, and this was absolutely no exception. Exceptionally made silicone devices with a reasonable power output and price point, how could we not? The F4 however, is not a rechargable unit. In a world where rechargable devices are becoming the standard, how did the F4 stand up? Is it the raging beast that the alphanumeric name suggests, or just a gust in the wind. (See what I did there? You’re welcome tornado enthusiasts!)

The Device

So on the subject of battery power it takes 2xAAA batteries. The battery compartment seals well so we didn’t find a lot of seepage into that area of cleaning fluids or lubricants, which was awesome. Since it is a silicone toy it is safe to clean with most cleaners as well as rubbed down with hot soapy water. Being it is a silicone toy we will go into our public service announcement to please use water based lubricant as silicone will slowly disintegrate your toy.

The F4 is around 8.4 inches with around 7 -8 inches of insertable length for your pleasure. It measures 1.5 inches in diameter so we found as far as width goes it was fairly comfortable to use. This is an average sized toy for those of you and me that don’t like anything way to big but like an average sized toy. We personally don’t like anything super sized. (Much to our friend Ned’s dismay.)

Where it comes to the controls they are fairly smooth to operate and vibrates at five different speeds. So there is definitely something there for anyone and everyone, we found that the batteries were definitely a downfall for us though. We prefer revving the motor up so it tended to wear out the batteries a little faster than it would if you didn’t use it on the highest level for a longer period of time.


Our Thoughts

All in all this was a great well made toy and exactly what we would expect from an OVO toy. We love that OVO is something that is high quality and really reasonably priced so if you can’t afford to spend a whole lot on a vibrator and don’t mind spending some in batteries then this is the perfect toy for you. OVO, you don’t disappoint, minor suggestion though…. Drop the need for flipping batteries!
The OVO F4 was provided to us in exchange for review by the awesome shop BondageBunnies. The get your own please use the banner above!

Cherries Jubilee glass dildo Review



Cherries Jubilee by Dreamtoys

Review sponsored by Lovedreamer

We always love glass or similar products, they are such fun products to work with and test out. They hold temperature exceptionally well, so depending on your preference it can start out cool and warm up with the bodies heat. Or start warmer and play as it cools. Really its up to whatever you want to try out, the skies the limit! However if you like something with some give to it glass is not the way to go as it is glass so there is no give to it whatsoever. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of this specific dildo shall we?


The Cherries Jubilee is made out of Pyrex glass which is extremely durable, used in cooking vessels and surgical tools. However that being said it can become damaged when rubbed up harshly against another glass object or ceramics etc. Although, since it is glass, it is non-porous and relatively safe to use. It can be cleaned easily in hot water or even sanitized in the dishwasher. The glass surface is quite smooth except for the bumps and ridges and we found you definitely don’t need to use as much lubricant as with other materials. Lubricant wise since this is a glass toy you are free to use whatever lubricant suites your needs and the needs of your partner.

This is a textured dildo so if you don’t like texture we suggest you find one that more suits your individual needs. This measures at about 8 inches long with a shaft diameter of an inch and a bulb diameter of 1.5 inches. It is not to big at all in fact we really appreciated the size of this. The bumps and ridges were not to overly pronounced but enough that you definitely felt them. The whole piece is curved so it hits all the right spots with all the right textures.


This was great for solo play and with a partner since glass carries vibration you can also pair it with your favourite vibrator or cock ring nestled up against it. We thoroughly enjoyed playing with it and putting it through its paces. So if you like a firm textured dildo we highly suggest giving this one a try.



Love dreamer



We recieved the Cherries Jubilee dildo from LoveDreamer in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own please click the banner above.

Review: I like it doggie style strap by Sportsheets


I like it doggie style strap by Sportsheets

Review sponsored by Lovedreamer

We are always about trying new things to get a better position or to gain deeper penetration. So when the opportunity came up for us to try this positioning strap from Lovedreamer we were all about the chance to try it out. Not everyone likes a strap to help with better positioning. However if you have never tried a positioning strap we highly recommend trying it.


The strap itself was a soft almost neoprene like padded material, which made sure it was comfortable for both parties involved. It held up a good amount of weight without being uncomfortable and definitely helped achieve better positioning. So all the things this product says it will do it definitely did. It was easily washed we just put it in a delicate cycle and it came out nicely. The last thing you want is it to get lubricant, massage oil, or any other fluids on it and put it away that way.

If you have never tried a positioning strap or piece of equipment we definitely suggest giving it a go. If you are looking to spice things up or try something a little new this is definitely worth a starting point if you’ve never used anything before. Great for beginners or anyone for that matter. We enjoyed it and think you would too.

We’ve loved working with lovedreamer and they are an awesome Canadian based company which isn’t always the easiest to find. Since we are based in Canada we love to support our fellow Canadian adult toy stores and companies. Their shipping was fast and reliable and their site is easy to navigate. So if you are in (or outside) Canada and want to shop within the country we highly suggest lovedreamer.


Love dreamer



We recieved the I like it doggie style strap from LoveDreamer in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own please click the banner above.

Introducing the Lily 2

lelo lily 2


Introducing  the Lelo Lily 2

So again we have the pleasure and privledge to get a new peek at something coming from Lelo, an upgrade to the Lily, the all new Lelo Lily 2. The Lelo Lily 2 is meant to be a more innovative twist on the original product. It has been made more powerful, is waterproof, and did we mention that it’s scent infused? Yep it is which might we say is a very interesting thing to behold.

The Lily 2 comes in three different colours all of which have a corresponding scent that accompanies them. They are not perfumed but scented in a specific way of adding hot and cold to the silicone when it is being made. We think this is a pretty inventive idea. We were concerned when we heard the word scented, but the scent is so mild it’s not a big deal for us at all. They come in Bordeaux and chocolate, Lavender and Honey, and Rose and Wisteria. We have only gotten the one scent so far and it is not overly obtrusive. While there has been quite a bit of chatter around the old water cooler about the purpose of the addition of a scent, Lelo says it like lighting a candle to enhance the mood, that the Lily 2 is just meant to enhance.

lelo lily 2

Lelo seems to have embraced the idea of open-faced packaging, similar to what we saw with the Loki.

Lelo is such a fun and inventive company that they keep coming out with new concepts and designs and making the older designs they have better. We love that they are made with body safe materials and are specially designed to not only work well but look beautiful too. We look forward to anything new that Lelo comes out with, with a Christmas morning-esque anticipation.

With that we will leave you to think about the Lily 2 and let you know that our review of it will be coming up soon. In the meantime, check out this video prepared by Lelo.


Mini Review: Fleshlight Warmer Review

Fleshlight warmer review

Fleshlight Warmer Review

Mini Review Sponsored by Fleshlight

We have done a couple Fleshlight reviews now for those of you that have seen and if not take a look, we’ve reviewed the Lisa Ann and Alien Duo. We have always said that it is clammy and kind of icky when you use it cold. So Fleshlight suggests running it under warm water, if you have that kind of time, or you could get the Warmer that they sell as an added feature.

This is pretty straight forward so there isn’t a whole lot to tell about it, it is a phallic shaped thin piece of a plastic covered metal, so it won’t damage your Fleshlight in the least. It also has a safety shut off feature so that if you do happen to accidentally leave it on it will shut off and not damage anything. That being said however this is not meant to be left plugged in for long periods of time. It comes with all the accessories that you need, including the wall charger and usb cable, and is a dandy way to warm up your Fleshlight before use.

Our experience with this was great, it didn’t get overly boiling stinking hot so that you couldn’t touch it but it was nice and warm. We liked this a lot better than running the whole thing under hot water, and it took less time to heat up and held the heat better. We agree with Fleshlight that their product is best used warm and would definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone with a Fleshlight. It’s actually a reasonably good price at around 35 dollars, or you can get it in a bundle on the Fleshlight site.

We would definitely recommend this to everyone we know that has a Fleshlight, this thing is the bees knees and we have yet to find any real down falls in it. We enjoyed it and we think that others with a Fleshlight would probably enjoy it too.


We recieved this product is an exchange for a honest review, to get your own please use the banner above.

Chakrubs Indigo Review

Indigo review

Chakrubs Indigo Review

Review Sponsored by Chakrubs


When the opportunity to work with the people from Chakrubs, Mrs Tease was incredibly excited. We own multiple sets of chakra stones so this concept completely appealed to us. It also gave us the chance to review another stone dildo which we would never turn down. So, here we go, time to review ourselves a Chakra dildo!


We have some things to say about Blue Aventurine in particular, and since this is a company based around using chakras we would like to touch on some of the things that Blue Aventurine can we used for. Blue Aventurine is known to combine the elements of the wind and water, making it soothing and calming to the mind and muscles. It can help relax and calm fiery emotions caused by outside influences. We have personally found this to be quite accurate. The people at Chakrubs provide all the information you could possibly need on the side benefits of the certain stones that they sell.

Size, It is around 7 inches long and about 3 inches in circumference at the largest point. We liked this because it was slim and slender and perfect for our uses and needs. It weighs not quite a pound, and is perfectly smooth, every one is going to be a little different due to differences in the stone. It is also 100% natural and not treated with chemicals or anything not natural, they are all hand polished.

Chakra Points and What Blue Aventurine Can Help With:

Third Eye And Throat Chakras, good stimulator

Overcoming Habits that No Longer work

Supporting Change

Finding Clarity

Promoting Inner Strength

Enhancing Masculine Energies

We are more than aware that not everyone necessarily believes in the benefits of the chakra stones or working the chakras. That is perfectly okay with us, it is still a beautifully made stone product that is safe for all bodies. The fact that it works to help heal your chakras is just an added bonus.

Our Opinion

So Mr Tease is with A lot of you on the not believing in the powers of chakra stones, however he even noticed a difference with it. The weight is perfect and we actually loved the size of this one. Usually we find they are either to big or to small, well this one was just right and Chakrubs does sell various other sizes if that is what your after. This was perfect for us and we thoroughly enjoyed the stone aspect of it. It was cool but heated up to the touch and over time. Kind of like working with glass only this was much prettier and actually not as cold.


We would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more natural product that doesn’t have anything chemical or artificial to it.

If you are not interested in a perfectly smooth stone dildo then this is probably not for you, if you like the smoothness then please go ahead and give this a try.



We recieved our gorgeous Indigo from Chakrubs in exchange for a honest review. To get your very own, please use the banner above.

Fleshlight Alien Review

fleshlight alien review

Fleshlight Freaks!  Fleshlight Alien Review

Review Sponsored by Fleshlight

We happened to be lucky enough to get a duo of things from our friends over at Fleshlight. They sent us exactly what we could have dreamed of the Freaks Alien addition of the Fleshlight and the matching Dildo. An eerie blue glow comes from these two and for good reason, they are out of this world.


Fleshlight alien review

This is made of Fleshlights patented super skin material it feels very realistic, not that we know what sex with aliens is like. Fleshlight also recommends a water-based lubricant with their products. We say why the heck not? Some of our absolute favourite lubricants are water based and since we don’t know what silicone lubricant would do we would rather not risk it. We love the fact that the super skin feels super realistic. They recommend using their cleaning product and please don’t use soap as this will cause deterioration of the fleshlight. They also sell a restoring powder which we can’t say we have tried but sounds interesting.

The sleeve design with the controllable suction, we love this feature you can adjust however amount of suction as you desire. Since this one came reasonably well textured we have to say a little more suction worked well for it and you could feel the texture better at least in our opinion. It is a tad oddly weighted just because of what it is but thats not a bad thing at all.

The design of the alien was awesome and we have to say it was one of our favourite things. A bright blue, triangularly shaped vulva was a perfect entrance to a whole new world of texture. We love when companies think outside the box and this was no exception. The texture inside was a perfect compliment and unlike the last one we had tried you could feel the texture almost immediately.


Fleshlight alien review

So as a set we got the Alien dildo as well, which from Mrs Teases perspective was absolutely huge. Made out of platinum grade silicone this toy is a lot of fun, with a double head for a more interesting experience. Since it is made out of silicone we have to say for you to please use a water based lubricant. A silicone based lubricant will cause warping and damage over time and thats no fun. Since it is silicone as well you can use hot soapy water to wash it or use the top of your dishwasher, it works wonders.

This is a relatively large toy at least for our experiences, however it is also highly ridged. We have had issues with things being ridged and the ridges being exceedingly hard and firm this was not the case with this Alien Dildo. It was not an overly firm silicone so it made the ridges comfortable and pleasurable. Its appearance of a split head made for an unique time, like we said a little large for our liking but still super enjoyable.

Our Opinions

So what did we think? Well lets start with where we left off with the Dildo, Mrs Tease found if you warmed up to it it wasn’t bad. It was still exceptionally large for her at least but the texture made for an out of this world experience.

What can we say for Fleshlight? The actual Fleshlight was amazing as we have come to expect from them. The weirdest part, other than the bright blue alienness of it all, is that it smells great. We don’t know if this is from what the super skin is made of or what but we love it. We also found that unlike the other Fleshlight products we have tried that the texture of this one started almost immediately. This is a great thing for us as we are total texture people and that was the main problem we had with the last one we tried. We also used the warmer from fleshlight before use, and we have to say that if you don’t h ave one yet get one. This makes the experience so much more pleasurable to let it sit on the warmer for a few minutes before use, it’s like sliding into a nice hot wet pussy.


Well we would recommend the Fleshlight to anyone that is looking to jump outside the normal looking and try something different. If you like plain looking Fleshlights or masturabator’s then this is definitely not for you.

The Dildo we would recommend to anyone that is into size and texture as you will totally get that from this giant Alien. If you are not into size or are just trying things out or don’t like texture than this is probably not for you.



We we recieved the Fleshlight Freaks! Alien in exchange for review, to get one or both of these awesome toys please use the banner above. Thanks again for reading our Fleshlight Alien Review!

Tantus Tease Review

Tease review



Little Secrets Tease Review

Review Sponsored by Tantus

A fun discreet bullet vibrator with all the perfect things for pin point perfection play. Oh yeah that was a lot of P’s right there but it is the truth.



So what can we tell you about the Tease? It is made out of Tantus’s premium quality premium silicone. So if you are planning on using this toy with a lubricant please choose a water based lubricant. We can even make some suggestions on what ones to use.

Since it is a silicone toy it means that yes it is waterproof, so use this in the bath the shower wherever you please. It is also small enough that is the perfect little travel companion for any of those out of town business trips. Just please be sure to remove the batteries first lest the travel security look at you funny when your bag starts to buzz.

Bonus though it will only buzz, not pulse not anything crazy as this little Tease has only one setting. We are usually crazy about our settings and don’t usually like things with only one but we have to say that the Tease changed our minds. It’s one setting is quite strong and quiet yet because of the design of it is perfect for pin point accuracy.

The design a little bumpy with a tiny little nub at the end that vibrates like crazy when the bullet is turned on. We loved this, repeat, LOVED THIS. It was perfect for the clit, the nipples and we found perfect to tease nipple rings. We have been looking for something to vibrate properly against nipple piercings and by golly it seems we found it.

Tantus makes a whole line of little secrets products and we for one want to get them all and have a rainbow. But the Tease is probably going to remain our favorite just because of the shape.

Our Opinions

Well we are pretty sure we laid out how we felt about it in the rest of the review but lets say a little more shall we? The end piece of the Tease is thin and slightly curved which makes it perfect for some of those harder to reach areas. What we loved it for and will continue using it for is nipples. Mrs Tease has reasonably sensitive nipples, but when the barbells through them have vibration on them she goes crazy. We loved the versatility of this product and continue to look for new ways to use it.


Who we would Recommend this to:

Anyone looking for an amazing bullet.

Everyone else.

Who we would NOT Recommend this to:

Absolutely no one, this should be in everyone’s collection!






We we were sent the Tantus Tease in exchange for an honest review, to get your own please use the banner above.

Lelo Loki Review

New lelo


Loki Review

Spondered by Lelo

The Lelo Loki was the second of the two items in our goody bag from Lelo for their new line of prostate massagers and we must say it did not disappoint. With the usual Lelo beauty and flair, the Loki a beautiful toy in a beautifully wrapped package. Welcome to the Lelo Loki Review.


So lets first start with what it’s made out of? The insertable portion of the Loki is made out of high quality body safe silicone, and the handle is made out of an ABS plastic. This makes it body safe as well as completely waterproof, so it is good for whatever adventures and mischief you wish to get into. However since it is silicone when using this product please be sure to use a water based lubricant. A water based lubricant will not cause the silicone to warp or change in any way where a silicone based lubricant would. We can’t emphasize the importance of knowing what your toys are made out of and what kinds of lubricants to use with them.

This is a rechargeable toy, one of our favourite kinds, it comes with a USB recharger cord. It stays fully charged for around an hour give or take a few minutes depending on how high you have it set up. The Loki takes 2 hours to charge straight out of the box, please follow this one, if you don’t charge it fully you won’t get the full use out of it and that could be sad if your using it and it dies. It also has a standby mode of around 90 days so it should stay charged for quite awhile. However we always like to recharge it at least for a little while before use to make sure it has it’s full potential when we use it.

Wow, what can we say about the shape of it though? It was perfectly designed with a slight curve to hit the prostate and a stability ring at the base to stop any unnecessary wriggling. It is about 1.5 inches in diameter making it not super huge by any stretch, and has around 5- 7 inches of insertable length depending on how daring you are wishing to be at that time.

As with all Lelo products it comes with these beautiful little touches like our absolute favourite, the silk bag. Since silicone toys attract hairs and if they are near another silicone toy can cause warping we can’t begin to explain how much we appreciate the bag. It keeps it clean for one, so once you are done washing it in hot soapy water or in the top rack of the dishwasher you have somewhere safe to put it where it won’t attract hair. You can also sleep safely knowing that it won’t rub or warp itself or any of your other toys around it. It seems like a really simple touch but we and Lelo seem to know the huge importance of this. Lelo seem to prove time and time again they can dish out some of the best sex toys around.

New lelo

Our Opinions

So we are still relatively new to prostate play as stated in our Hugo review, where we didn’t have problems with the Hugo we had a few size issues with the Loki. It was a little large for Mr Teases liking and thus it wasn’t as effective as we know it totally could be. We did play with all six of the various settings and found that you can start out slow or ease yourself up to high and have the most amazing orgasm of your life. However one slight downside. The controls on the handle make solo play a little harder.

We have to say that like most Lelo products it was super quiet, and you couldn’t hear it if you weren’t listening for it. This is by far one of the strongest vibrating toys we have yet to see from Lelo and we didn’t think they could get to much stronger. But as usual we were pleasantly surprised by Lelo and there ever evolving motors. The curve of the Loki was not to immense and thus made it quite easy to hit the right spot of the prostate. All in all if you are not super new to prostate play or anxious about size,we can’t imagine anything better than the Lelo Loki to get yourself into some mischief.


Who we would recommend the Loki to:

Experienced users of these type of toys.

Couples who like to use toys on each other.

Anyone who seeks quality.


Who we would NOT recommend the Loki to:

People looking for a first toy of this kind (due to size get a Hugo or Bruno)

People looking for a hands free experience (again, get a Hugo)




Lelo sent us the Loki in exchange for a honest review, to get one please use the banner above.



Crystal Delights Detachable ponytail butt plug

Ponytail butt plug



Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tails

Review Sponsored by Crystal Delights


Have you ever wanted to be a my little pony? Well that was certainly on our must try list. When Mrs Tease saw that these beautiful glass creations came in a pastel five colour tail she had to have it. We have a love for wigs and beautiful things and this definitely combined both those passions. Yep, a ponytail butt plug, how freakin awesome is that?!


So lets start with a little bit about the company shall we? Crystal Delights is a glass sex toy manufacturer, thus no two toys are exactly alike. They like to consider their products “Adult glass art”, which we have to admit is probably a good things to call them. After all, all of these pieces are one of a kind and differ slightly from each one made, we love the individuality of it.

The Pony Tail we got is a plug, a glass plug, with a tail that can be attached if so desired for those wild ride em cowboy/cowgirl kind of moments. Since this is a glass made toy it is totally body safe. Also another added bonus of it being a glass toy is that you can use whatever lubricant you want. You don’t have to endure our usual public service announcement about using water based lube with silicone toys. Use whatever lubricant you want to use with this one and apply liberally.

Since it is glass however it is beautifully smooth and doesn’t require to much lubricant at least in our experience.
The Pony tail portion of the plug is removable, and can be customized to whatever you so desire. They are not currently carrying them but promise to be bringing out extra tails that you can buy singlely as to mix and match and keep the plug portion. We found this to be an added step in the individualizing process and loved the idea of it and will probably buy different tails when possible.

This size of the plug itself is not extremely intimidating at all at 1.3 inches in diameter around the bulb and 2.8 inches insertable. This is a great toy for those of our readers that are looking to begin experimenting with anal plugs. We didn’t find any problems with the size and the fact that it was glass added an extra pleasure sensor being heat/cold. The tail portion measures in at around 15.5 inches in total so it looks great and if your into taking pictures please do you won’t be disappointed at all.

Clean up of this plug was really quite easy as it is glass, as we keep saying and glass is easy to wash with hot soapy water. We ever figure that if you so desire like your silicone toys you can run it through the dishwasher on the top rack and be perfectly okay. We tend to clean ours after every use though so we just take it and use hot soap and water or our favourite toy cleaner. This keeps it look shiny pristine and brand spanking new longer.

Our Opinion

Mrs Tease is not one that really likes super big anal plugs, she keeps trying but keeps not liking it. So this was almost perfect it fit comfortably and since it was glass with a bit of lube it slid in quite easily. We loved the tail and how it fell and felt, it’s a little nicer than some of Mrs Teases wigs she has at home here. The glass because it keeps to whatever temperature where your keeping it is is a nice surprise when it is cold and warms up quickly. That is one of our favourite thing about glass toys is that the temperature stays a tad cooler and we find that an added pleasure sensory thing. If you’ve never tried glass but you want to we highly suggest it.

Also if you have never tried a glass plug, as we had, we highly suggest it as well. Mrs Tease found it far more smooth and comfortable than any other plugs we have tried in the past. Even though it was reasonably small we found it didn’t slide out or shift at all really. No matter how much squirming and writhing there was it stayed in place, would we recommend walking around with it in? No probably not we doubt it would stay and think that the tail would probably add weight and pull it out if you were standing.

The Ratings Game

Material 10/10
Size 9/10
Shape 9/10
Versatility 10/10
Comfort 10/10

We have to say at 96% we loved this beautifully designed plug and would highly recommend it to any of our readers.


CD logo


We recieved this item in exchange a honest review, to get your own, please use the banner above.