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Maia Twistty Gspot Vibe – the reviewing!

Twistty Silicone Gspot Vibe

Here we are, in our second round of Maia product, this time up its the Twistty Gspot vibe. Knowing our track record with Gspot vibes that fail to hit the Gspot for us, I guess I’m not surprised this little guy didn’t measure up. In fact I feel better taking the word Gspot out of the equation, because as a large silicone bullet this device actually redeems itself a bit. But it’s not marketed as a bullet, it’s presented as a Gspot vibe.. A name, at lease in our eyes, that it just doesn’t deliver on. (Note: Maia makes a twisted silicone bullet that seemed very similar minus size and the bulbous head, the one feature it had going for it) So this time we got the Twistty Gspot vibe, so let’s dive right in.

First up, this “Gspot vibe” has a whopping insertable length of just under 4 inches, and aside from the head being a bit bulbous, I’m not sure how this is supposed to hit the Gspot really, it doesn’t come close for us. There’s no real curve to speak of that might help it reach its destination easier, and it basically looks like a twisted texture full size vibe that has been cut in half…. Oh wait, it kind of is. Maia does make longer version that I believe doesn’t claim to even attempt to hit the Gspot. That’s the one we want!


Like I said above, this device would be better marketed, in our opinion, as a large silicone twisted bullet. Now that I feel more comfortable with. That doesn’t raise expectations that it didn’t deliver on. Just in case you don’t know this already, all of this is based off body type, and what doesn’t work for us may work just fine for you. We can just go by what we see.

Much like the Porpora LED Bullet, the Twistty Gspot vibe features 7 vibration modes and run off a single AA battery (the bullet was one AAA). We found though, that it was stronger with the bigger battery, but this maybe due to the plastic vs silicone aspect, as the silicone might work against its favour and dampen the vibrations a bit. Also reoccurring from the bullet design is the LED light that lights up to the vibrations, cause ya know… You might want to turn off the lights and host a rave between your legs? To each their own, it’s just an odd feature I do not understand.

Now, it’s not all gloom and doom for this little guy though. We found that we absolutely loved the texture, and think that something like the 6.5 inch vibrator version would be wonderful feeling. The Twistty Gspot vibe is also coated in a very lovely silicone, which is not only body safe but also easy to clean. A little bit of soap and warm water, and you’re good to go. This item also did include a travel bag, and for that we thank you Maia.

As far as price, SheVibe has it listed for $25, and in our personal opinion it is a no go. Unless you’re buying it as a bullet, save up for something a little better. In fact, we will soon have a 3rd product from Maia coming up, save your pennies, read that review then decide. We have a feeling we’ve saved the best for last. The review will be up in the near future, so stay tuned!

Maia sent this product to us in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. If you’d like to check out this or many more Maia products, head on over to our friends at SheVibe! Just click the banner above!

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Wand Wars: Maia Twistty Wand

Wand Wars: Maia Twistty Wand

We are very excited to announce our highly anticipated new segment “Wand Wars” kicks off with the Maia Twistty Wand. Welcome to Wand Wars!

Recently we did two less than spectacular reviews of two Maia Toys. Its not that they were bad per se, but they didn’t stand out from the pack. Well that all changes today, its redemption time and Maia hit it out of the park with the Twistty Wand. Finally we found a luxury grade medium sized wand at an affordable price. This wand though, turned out to be so much more.


Product & Features

The Maia Twistty Wand is composed of body safe silicone, which is non-porous, phthalate free and easy to clean. It also mean the if you need to use lube, make it water based lube. Why on Earth would you ever want to use lube with a wand? Well, ill tell ya why…

The Maia Twistty Wand is actually double ended, with not only a motor in the wand head, but with one in the other, insertable end. This was a very cool feature that we were fond off. Both ends offer a surprising amount of power, and are pretty damn quiet as well. Rolling through all 10 features the Twistty wand could not be heard through a closed door, which is always a nice plus.

Being made of silicone means the Maia Twistty wand is a breeze to clean. Just spray with your favourite toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and rinse with warm water. This toy is also waterproof so no need to worry about what parts can get wet and water hurting it. We’re a huge fan of waterproof toys for this reason, and wish more manufacturers would follow this example.

Another couple of things we are huge fans of that this toy caters to? It’s rechargeable via sub and it comes with a storage bag! If you’ve read any of our previous reviews before then you’d know that this is a HUGE bonus for us. Not enough toys come with storage bags, and it’s makes us really excited when find the ones that do. It’s a massive convenience for us, and really really makes storage easier.


Our thoughts

You know, we are always on the look out for good quality at decent prices. In our opinion, the Maia Twistty Wand could be considered a smaller size “luxury” wand. For around $85 it’s not horrible either. I’d be comfortable paying $80ish for it considering the features and the fact that it’s double ended. We like broad pressure, so the wand head works well for us, but sometimes we do like to switch it up and use the other side for either more of a pin point toy, or use it as an insertable. It’s nice that this wand offers both, and we foresee it being one of our favourites, especially in the size.

The Verdict

We are very excited to feature the Maia Twistty in our first Wand Wars segment, so let’s jump straight into the scoring:

  • Quality 9/10
  • Design 8/10
  • Power 9/10
  • Features 8/10
  • Price. 7/10

84%, good job Maia, what a great toy and an excellent item to start off our all new Wand Wars segment!



We received the Maia Twistty Wand in exchange for a honest review. If you’d like one of you own click the love honey banner above.

Got a product suggestion for Wand Wars? Leave a comment our email us!


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Maia Porpora LED Bullet – Review

Porpora LED bullet by Maia

Today’s mini review will be brought to you by the letters B, L, A & H. Blah, a good word for the Maia Porpora LED bullet performance. Blah, if this bullet were a coworker, it’d be that quiet one who shows up and does only what’s expected of them and nothing more. Never looking to be the overachiever, you know the one. Not bad, not great… Just ok. Blah… Just blah.

Made of a body safe plastic, this waterproof LED bullet is body safe and easy to clean. A little bit of warm soapy water will do the trick. Make sure before getting it near water, that the battery compartment is screwed tightly shut. It’s small enough to make it great for travel, but with no storage bag included, keeping it clean may be a challenge.

With seven speed variations and patterns, this little LED bullet runs off of a single AAA battery, which means it’s easy on batteries but also means it’s underwhelming on power. The battery also powers the LED light that glows from the button while the bullet is on, a feature I don’t quite understand. I mean it’s kinda fun, but unnecessary. It’s actually kind of distracting if you have someone else using the bullet on you, and I’m pretty sure it should come with an epilepsy warning when used on some of the pattern modes. I would say cut the LED feature out, but I suppose it is useful if it were to say slip out of your hands in a dark room.



Like I said earlier, it’s very mediocre as far as power. However I will say, that based on the fact that it is listed for $15 at a few different websites, it’s just about where I would put it on price point. However, if it were me personally, I’d save up for something with a little more umph, but this as a beginner bullet is pretty solid. If you want a little more kick, stay tuned as very shortly we having a little something coming by rocks off that may fill that need! As far as you, Porpora LED bullet, we appreciate the attempt, but I think we should see other bullets.


Maia sent us the Porpora LED Bullet Vibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. If you like to buy this or any other Maia product, click the banner above and head on over to Lovehoney for a large selection of Maia toys!

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OVO F4 Review

OVO f4


F4 Silicone Vibrator From Ovo

Review sponsored by BondageBunnies


As most of our followers are aware we usually love our OVO toys, and this was absolutely no exception. Exceptionally made silicone devices with a reasonable power output and price point, how could we not? The F4 however, is not a rechargable unit. In a world where rechargable devices are becoming the standard, how did the F4 stand up? Is it the raging beast that the alphanumeric name suggests, or just a gust in the wind. (See what I did there? You’re welcome tornado enthusiasts!)

The Device

So on the subject of battery power it takes 2xAAA batteries. The battery compartment seals well so we didn’t find a lot of seepage into that area of cleaning fluids or lubricants, which was awesome. Since it is a silicone toy it is safe to clean with most cleaners as well as rubbed down with hot soapy water. Being it is a silicone toy we will go into our public service announcement to please use water based lubricant as silicone will slowly disintegrate your toy.

The F4 is around 8.4 inches with around 7 -8 inches of insertable length for your pleasure. It measures 1.5 inches in diameter so we found as far as width goes it was fairly comfortable to use. This is an average sized toy for those of you and me that don’t like anything way to big but like an average sized toy. We personally don’t like anything super sized. (Much to our friend Ned’s dismay.)

Where it comes to the controls they are fairly smooth to operate and vibrates at five different speeds. So there is definitely something there for anyone and everyone, we found that the batteries were definitely a downfall for us though. We prefer revving the motor up so it tended to wear out the batteries a little faster than it would if you didn’t use it on the highest level for a longer period of time.


Our Thoughts

All in all this was a great well made toy and exactly what we would expect from an OVO toy. We love that OVO is something that is high quality and really reasonably priced so if you can’t afford to spend a whole lot on a vibrator and don’t mind spending some in batteries then this is the perfect toy for you. OVO, you don’t disappoint, minor suggestion though…. Drop the need for flipping batteries!
The OVO F4 was provided to us in exchange for review by the awesome shop BondageBunnies. The get your own please use the banner above!

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Crystal Delights Detachable ponytail butt plug

Ponytail butt plug



Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tails

Review Sponsored by Crystal Delights


Have you ever wanted to be a my little pony? Well that was certainly on our must try list. When Mrs Tease saw that these beautiful glass creations came in a pastel five colour tail she had to have it. We have a love for wigs and beautiful things and this definitely combined both those passions. Yep, a ponytail butt plug, how freakin awesome is that?!


So lets start with a little bit about the company shall we? Crystal Delights is a glass sex toy manufacturer, thus no two toys are exactly alike. They like to consider their products “Adult glass art”, which we have to admit is probably a good things to call them. After all, all of these pieces are one of a kind and differ slightly from each one made, we love the individuality of it.

The Pony Tail we got is a plug, a glass plug, with a tail that can be attached if so desired for those wild ride em cowboy/cowgirl kind of moments. Since this is a glass made toy it is totally body safe. Also another added bonus of it being a glass toy is that you can use whatever lubricant you want. You don’t have to endure our usual public service announcement about using water based lube with silicone toys. Use whatever lubricant you want to use with this one and apply liberally.

Since it is glass however it is beautifully smooth and doesn’t require to much lubricant at least in our experience.
The Pony tail portion of the plug is removable, and can be customized to whatever you so desire. They are not currently carrying them but promise to be bringing out extra tails that you can buy singlely as to mix and match and keep the plug portion. We found this to be an added step in the individualizing process and loved the idea of it and will probably buy different tails when possible.

This size of the plug itself is not extremely intimidating at all at 1.3 inches in diameter around the bulb and 2.8 inches insertable. This is a great toy for those of our readers that are looking to begin experimenting with anal plugs. We didn’t find any problems with the size and the fact that it was glass added an extra pleasure sensor being heat/cold. The tail portion measures in at around 15.5 inches in total so it looks great and if your into taking pictures please do you won’t be disappointed at all.

Clean up of this plug was really quite easy as it is glass, as we keep saying and glass is easy to wash with hot soapy water. We ever figure that if you so desire like your silicone toys you can run it through the dishwasher on the top rack and be perfectly okay. We tend to clean ours after every use though so we just take it and use hot soap and water or our favourite toy cleaner. This keeps it look shiny pristine and brand spanking new longer.

Our Opinion

Mrs Tease is not one that really likes super big anal plugs, she keeps trying but keeps not liking it. So this was almost perfect it fit comfortably and since it was glass with a bit of lube it slid in quite easily. We loved the tail and how it fell and felt, it’s a little nicer than some of Mrs Teases wigs she has at home here. The glass because it keeps to whatever temperature where your keeping it is is a nice surprise when it is cold and warms up quickly. That is one of our favourite thing about glass toys is that the temperature stays a tad cooler and we find that an added pleasure sensory thing. If you’ve never tried glass but you want to we highly suggest it.

Also if you have never tried a glass plug, as we had, we highly suggest it as well. Mrs Tease found it far more smooth and comfortable than any other plugs we have tried in the past. Even though it was reasonably small we found it didn’t slide out or shift at all really. No matter how much squirming and writhing there was it stayed in place, would we recommend walking around with it in? No probably not we doubt it would stay and think that the tail would probably add weight and pull it out if you were standing.

The Ratings Game

Material 10/10
Size 9/10
Shape 9/10
Versatility 10/10
Comfort 10/10

We have to say at 96% we loved this beautifully designed plug and would highly recommend it to any of our readers.




We received this item in exchange a honest review, to get your own, please use the banner above.

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Sneaky Sack Review

Sneaky Sack

I don’t know about everyone else, but we sometimes have a hard time finding somewhere to store our toys, especially having a small curious child in the house. We’ve tried just about everything, but sometimes you need just a little more than just the old underwear drawer. That’s why the Sneaky Sack comes in so handy. I’d actually been recommended the Sneaky Sack before, and wasn’t too sure if it was for us. Now that we’ve actually tried it out, my only complaint is we don’t have 5 more.


So the sneaky sack is a simple yet pretty ingenious idea. It is basically a pocketed bag that you fill, hang on a hanger and cover with an article of clothing. Simple, right? Told ya. Such a great idea that it almost makes me wonder how I didn’t think of this before, kudos sneaky sack.

With a deep main pocket and two extra pockets, you can also store different types of toys or whatever you choose separately. Put your vibes in one, dildos in another, lube in the third… or vibes and dildos (please make sure your toys are also stored in their own individual cases) in one, lube in one, and bdsm items in the third. Thats the great thing about this, theres plenty of room for tons of different items.

It’s also got a million and one uses, not just sex toys. You could hide just about anything in the Sneaky Sack, from cash to jewelry to important paperwork to self-defence items. Anything you need hidden really, I mean… Who thinks to go through your clothes when looking for valuables. Genius.

Oh one more good feature, it can be locked with a standard luggage lock, for added privacy for whats hidden inside.


Dimensions :

Exterior: 17.5″height X 13.5″ Width
Main Compartment: 17.25″ height X 12.5″ width
Back Pocket: 13″ height X 12.25 width
Front Pocket: 12″ height X 12″ width
Straps: 4″ length X1.5″ width


While the design might be simple, the materials used are quite complex, and well thought out. Its not just standard cotton or vinyl… theres some real quality materials that were chosen for the Sneaky Sack.

First off, the exterior is consisted of a cotton like material called Lustre. It feels great in your hands and is not abrasive enough to damage any clothing used to cover the item. It’s also double layered, to keep it super strong. I’ve had my nearly jammed back since I first got it, and as of yet it shows absolutely no sign of wearing.

The interior, however, is a material called SoFlux. Its a breathable, fluid proof, waterproof, resistant to bacterial growth powerhouse that finds itself frequently used in hospitals. But unlike other vinyl-like materials, it wont crack and wear out nearly as fast.

Just incase your lube or anything else inside the Sneaky Sack accidentally spills, the sneaky sack is machine washable. Just make sure to use cold water, and hang it up to dry afterward.




Our Thoughts:

Seriously, I think our only complaint is that now we are going to have to order a few more. I mean, it’s a great idea executed very well, with very little room for improvement.
It is $40, and at first glance I’d think it would be better at somewhere near $20 for this kind of thing, but honestly what you are paying for is the quality of the materials used. If you are going to store multiple vibrators or dildos together, make sure you pick up a few of these sugar sacks to keep your toys safe.

The Verdict:

Well, Sneaky Sack, we know you did well, let’s have a look at just how well.

Quality 5/5

Toughness 5/5

Design 4/5

Upkeep & Cleaning 5/5

Practical Use. 5/5

96% near perfect. The only real thing we could have asked for on design would have been another smaller possibly removable pocket for smaller items, and of course more size. Not a huge complaint by any means, just a suggestion. Sneaky Sack, we love you.






We we received the Sneaky Sack in exchange for a honest review. To get your own, click the Banner above!

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Petite Pink Ribbon by Natural Contours

Mon Ami

Petite Pink Ribbon By Natural Contours

This is a personal massager that is curved as are all natural contours products to be ergonomically designed. This is basically a well made ergonomic bullet for your private parts. In our opinion way better shaped than a bullet and provides a nice broad pressure.

So we’ve seen some all out bells and whistles packaging before, satin lined boxes and fluff. However I have to admit I was blown away by the simplistic stylizing of the packaging of this product. The frosted casing of the outer box allows you a slight peek to what the product looks like with the Natural Contours logo and breast cancer ribbon on the front. Oh I totally have to mention that for every one of these sold they donate ten percent of it to the breast cancer society. I absolutely love the colour as well, but I am a sucker for pretty pink things.





A little about this lovely little creation, it is made of a super soft ABS material meaning it is non toxic and non porous. We had our reservations when we learnt it was made out of a complete ABS plastic however these were quickly put to rest when we opened it up. The seams are minor to be put mildly and we found it very easy to clean with a soapy cloth.
Because it is made from a plastic you can use pretty much whatever lubricant you so desire with it. As always we prefer a water based lubricant however with this one we would definitely try it out with a silicone lubricant. Check out our Lube Spot to see which ones we like.
As for size it is around the size of a normal bullet and contains similar functions, it only has 3 speeds. Which we cannot fault it for because the motor is super strong and super quiet. This little pinky was super simple to operate put batteries in ( which it came with might i say) and use the button on the front. One click is a solid vibration the second is a stronger vibration and the third is a pulsation.



Our Opinions
Well what can we say about this that hasn’t been said before? Mrs Tease is all about the ergonomics and this is where natural contours shines. We loved the shaped of it and the broader pressure it provided as compared to a normal bullet. The vibration and motor were super silent which again provides another plus for us. We were surprised over and over again but the Petite Pink Ribbon exceeded every expectation we had.


The Rating Game

Quality: 10/10
Design: 9/10
Power: 9/10
Desire to Reuse: 9/10
Shape: 10/10

So how did you shape up Petite Pink Ribbon???? 87% not to shabby at all we look forward to reviewing more of the natural contours line.






We received our Petite Pink Ribbon in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own please click the link above.

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Rant: Do sex toys have a place with couples?

I was asked recently, “what do sex toys have to do with couples sex, isn’t it for masturbation?” Well, yes and no. You know, since I’ve started writing on this topic I’ve heard more than a few stories about how the introduction of toys saved couples’ sex lives. I’m not just talking about the old ‘spice it up’ either, but real couples that have had genuine problems. Be it medical, infidelity or even the one gentleman who just plain wanted to please his wife after a car accident took half of his body movement away from him.

Seriously though, every time I recall being asked that question, I always come up with the same answer. “Why the hell not?” Why shouldn’t the toy box or nightstand drawer open up when you’re not alone? Why wouldn’t you want to use a vibrator, dildo or plug on your partner? Hell, it’s sexy enough to just watch sometimes. I’m actually at a point where I don’t get NOT including toys in our bedroom adventures. Honestly, if you don’t get off by trying to give your partner the absolute most amount of pleasure possible, maybe you should be going at it solo!

Why the heck is it so taboo to own a sex toy that it has to remain locked away, hidden until there’s no one home and you’re left all alone? Just for the record though, we do have a kid, so ours do stay locked up. But I can’t remember the last time either of us have bought a toy separately, or used a toy alone. I think it’s dumb to keep all the extra fun away from your partner. I’ve got a new question for every, “why not?!”

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Sqweel 2 – The Review

Sqweel 2

Little back ground here. As long as We have known about the Sqweel, we have wanted one. However we were always put off by the reviews, with it having about a 50-50 love it or hate it kind of following. I’ve seen reviews that say it’s an improvement on the human tongue itself, and reviews that said it felt like a belt sander. Although, when our friends over at Lovehoney offered to send us one to see what WE thought, we jumped all over the chance. Defying all the bad reviews, we are actually very happy we jumped at this chance. The Sqweel 2

Packaging & Storage

The Sqweel 2 comes in a standard display box with a plastic front, forgoing any fancy box in order to proudly display the easily recognizable product. It didn’t not come with a storage bag, which always makes us a little sad. This is probably because the product itself has a plastic clip in cover that keeps the tongues and insides dust free and ready to use at a moments notice. Also, don’t be fooled by the lock/unlock slider, it is not a travel lock. When traveling ,are sure you remove the batteries, there are raised buttons on the Sqweel 2 and it is easy to accidentally set it off. While it is fairly quiet, you really don’t want this thing revving up while going through airport security or any other public place really.


The Product & Cleaning

The Sqweel has 10 licking tongues on a wheel that spins at an adjustable rate. There is a low, medium, and high setting as well as a reverse mode or a flicking tongue mode.
The speed settings are where we spent most of our time with this product, we’re not pattern vibration kind of toy people, and the reverse was just not our thing. Using this product is highly HIGHLY recommended with copious amounts of water based lube (as the tongues are silicone). We followed as Lovehoney suggested and put a glob of lube on the back of our hand so we could lap it up with the tongues on a slow speed, giving the entire 10 tongues a generous coating.

Aside from the wheel of tongues being a quality silicone, the rest of the product is made of a body safe, non-porous ABS plastic. You can disassemble the toy for cleaning via the sliding lock on the front of the toy. While the cover, front panel and tongue wheel can all be cleaned with warm water and soap, it is highly recommended not to get the main portion of this toy wet. Instead, just take a damp warm cloth and wipe it thoroughly. Be sure to let your Sqweel air dry fully before reassembly and storage.

Our experience

We thought the Sqweel 2 was pretty great. We did like that it felt just as good off genetalia as it did on. We would start it up, send it across each other’s hot spots and use it as a big part of our tease play. This thing is a beast as a clitoral stimulator, and although a bit bulky, even shined on my male parts as well as the anus. Just to reiterate what we said earlier, make sure this item is fairly well coated in a quality water based lube.

Realistically, there’s very little for us to complain about. I didn’t like the fact it wasn’t rechargeable, wished there was an actual travel lock, and felt like it would benefit from a slightly smaller size. Oh wait… this IS available, in the Sqweel GO. So see, there is a Sqweel for everyone!

The Verdict

So let’s have a look how the Sqweel 2 made out:

  • Clitoral stimulator. 4/5
  • Weapon of mass teasing 5/5
  • Upkeep and Storage. 3.5/5
  • Re usability 4.5/5

85%, not too shabby Sqweel. To anyone looking at a Sqweel 2, I’d say it’s worth every penny of Lovehoney’s $60 USD asking price, just consider yourself warned that there are a fair share or people out there who disagree with my assessment. Try it for yourself and be sure to let us know what YOU thought of it!


We received our Sqweel 2 from Lovehoney In exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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Sliquid H2O Water Based Lube Review

As many of you know, we have been running a water based lube battle royale of sorts, and we think it’s time for a new challenger. Sliquid H2O.

Sliquid, your reputation preceded you. A LOT of trusted fellow bloggers likes to tout you as the be all end all, creme del la creme of water based lube. Looking at these boats by Sliquid themselves it’s easy to see why. Below was taken directly from

Sliquid Naturals H2O Ingredients:

Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

  • Purified water based formula
  • 100% Vegan friendly
  • Water soluble and easy to clean up
  • Glycerin free and paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Non-staining, unflavored and unscented
  • Uniquely blended to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication
  • pH balanced neutral

I believe it is also gluten free, peanut free, free range, helps old ladies cross the street AND volunteers down at the local soup kitchen on weekends. Seriously, overachiever much?
Well, we’re glad you are!

The review

That’s right, sexfans! We really, really liked it. It didn’t stink, it didn’t need to be reapplied at all, and no sticky feelings afterwards! (We really really fucking hate the after sticky feeling!)

It went on nice and easy, with a little bit going a long way. We overdid it a little, and it made no difference. Cleanup was a breeze, it washed right off, and Mrs Tease commented that it left her feeling very soft. (In her daytime job, she deals with skin care on a daily basis and wanted me to note that the ph balanced formula was insanely appreciated.) I always feel compulsed to shower after using lube (see: not so desirable lubes) and all it took with this one was a little warm water for it to completely dissipate.

No one wants to scrub their nether regions with a brillio pad, and for helping us avoid that, Sliquid H2O we salute you!

The verdict?
We love it! Sliquid H2O gets to wear the crown now as our new favourite water based lube. Enjoy it, while it lasts, cause being at the top I sure you will get your fair share of challengers trying to steal your crown!


We were provided Sliquid H2O water based lube from our friends at Sexy Time Toys in exchange for an honest review!