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Why do we review sex toys?

Why DO we review sex toys? Why DO we review sex toys? WHY DO WE REVIEW SEX TOYS?! Well, I’ll tell you why we review sex toys!

I was asked this question today by a good friend. (no, I’m not shy about what we are doing!) Well, to understand, let’s go back. We have been married for a few years now, and together a lot longer. Having both always been not ashamed of our toys collection, naturally it was only a matter of time before they came out more and more during our sexual encounters. The more they did come out, the more we grew together.

Now when I say we love sex toys, I mean we LOVE sex toys.

No seriously, to the point where we would stop by our local shops AT LEAST once a week, to see if there was anything that struck us. We were young, dumb, and uneducated to what body safe materials we should have known about. I guess it was pure assumption that these large toy companies would never make anything that could go mouldy, harbour bacteria, or even cause infection. Immense, why would store sell them, why would companies do something so unethical? Money that’s why, it’s cheap. Cheap to make, cheap to sell, cheap on batteries… Mostly because it would break within the first use. There’s nothing wrong with the fact we believed everything was safe, like I said, uneducated. I’m not the first to believe it, I’m just trying to do my bit to be the last! In retrospect, that $20 vibrator wasn’t worth it, we should have spent more and got more. That $20 vibe is now gone, thrown away like the “cheap, broken, never should come in contact with human skin let alone be INSIDE one” piece of garbage that it is. If only we knew what we know now, I wouldn’t have spent all that money on dangerous toys, I would have bought more expensive, safer, more reliable models that give BETTER RESULTS anyway.

Newsflash people: as in most products, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

So, we set out on our quest to learn more about what is and isn’t safe to insert in our bodies, rub on our genitalia, consume, etc. Along the way, we added in my love to write, my love to socialize, and my need for a hobby… And voila, TeaseForTwo was born!

One thing we didn’t expect, we we started out to review sex toys, was how much closer it brings the two of us together. We’re closer now than the day we got married, and we have sex toys to thank for it. We have this site, our new friends, the companies we’ve been working with and most importantly, we have you to thank for it. We love doing this, and we love everything about doing this, but what really keeps us going is each other. This is fun, I mean, we get to play with all kinds of fun toys! Our love for this, though, is only surpassed by our love for each other. Find someone to love if you can, find similar interests (even if it’s dildos) and have fun, life’s too short not to…