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Tantus Splash – The Review

The Splash! By Tantus

The Tantus Splash has to be one of my new favourite silicone dildos ever! It’s made well, it feels outstanding and there’s almost nothing NOT to love about this thing. If you love texture, go buy one now! You won’t regret it! End of review.

…oh, you want to know more? Well, ok then.

Tantus Splash: the dildo itself

With around 6 inches of insertiable length, and a massive head that’s about 5 inches around (by my measurements), the Splash can be a bit of a beast to use for those who don’t like larger thinker dildos. With a little bit of warm up and some good lube, it worked just fine. So much so that I had a nice “full feeling”, and could really hit my g-spot without crushing my cervix. The larger size also meant the texture could really shine and boy howdy, did it ever! I’m pretty sure my next move will be getting a Splish to compare.
Like the awesome manufacturer Tantus is, they’ve made the splash with their coveted ultra-premium silicone. This means while it is on the firmer side, it still has a little give to it and it is super easy to keep clean. Steering away from you standard penis shaped dildo, the Splash (and it’s smaller counterpart Splish) basically have a design that resembles more of a melting, dripping rod of fuckability. The prominent drip marks running down the side make for an amazing texture that had me coming back for more and more.

Side note: for all our readers who love their harnesses, yes it will work nicely.

Material & Cleaning

Like I’ve already mentioned, the Tantus Splash is made of 100% Ultra-premium silicone. Tantus is pretty much the head of the pack when it comes to body safe silicone, and we love them for that. This high grade silicone means it’s not porous, can be boiled, bleached, washed with an antibacterial soap or put on the top rack of the dishwasher and sanitized. It also means it collects pet hair like like a magnet, so be sure to always keep it clean and stored somewhere the fluff and dust can’t get into. Properly taken care of, this toy will last a very long time.

(Always remember to use water based lubricant with this or any other silicone toy, never EVER use silicone lube with a silicone toy.)

Did we like it?

Really.. You can’t tell yet? WE LOVED IT. I’ll admit when we opened it up at first, I was like “will that fit?!”, but it did with a little warm up first. This could be the closest to dildo perfection we have ever seen and I say that BEFORE I even get my hands on the more size friendly Splish. The Splash is well worth the $80 price tag, and with the option, we’d buy it over and over again. Verdict time!

Splash let’s see how you rank!

  • 5/5 for style
  • 5/5 for material
  • 4.5/5 for fun design
  • 4/5 for texture lovers
  • 4/5 for size (you’re such an overachiever, Splash!)

Why do you not own one of these yet?! Why are you not buying one RIGHT NOW?!
Here, here’s a link, gogogo!

I received the Tantus Splash in exchange for an honest review.

written by Mr Tease with the use of Mrs Teases notes!