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I Rub My Duckie Review

Rub my duckie


I Rub My Ducky

(Hoodie Kitty Edition)

Review Sponsored by Big Teaze Toys

Rub my ducky, or I can rub my own ducky. All that matters is I have a ducky for the tub and where ever else that no one will blink an eye at. A discreet travel size vibrating ducky that is waterproof and perfect to keep hanging around the bathroom. The I Rub My Ducky by Big Teaze Toys is not only cute, is quite possibly the most innocent looking sex toy we own.


So like we already said this is a travel size ducky, that is waterproof and has a vibration setting of one. Yep thats right folks we said it it only has one setting for you to use. However this is one of the quietest toys that we have come across, not the strongest as far as vibration goes but still a good buzz.

We got the Hoodie Kitty travel size ducky, and the hood is easily removable and washable as well. This is a phthalate, latex and heavy metal free, so it is a body safe toy. It is made out of a body safe ABS plastic which makes it waterproof because of the proofing they put in the seams. This is made for bathtub play but can be used for regular vibration, you can also use whatever lubricant you so desire since it is not a silicone based toy.

We have to say that these are totally cute definitely worth it as they come in various designs, all based around that of a rubber ducky. So thusly they are all duck shaped but can be different there are two sizes travel size as well as regular size. The travel size only has one vibration setting that is moderate at best but still good for clitoral play. However the regular size ducky has a total of three settings which is great for a little variety and has the button on the duckies back. Super ease of use if you want to change speeds when using a full size ducky.

This is the perfect gift for a girl friend, maid of honour or a sorority sister, they come in various designs that are perfect for almost anyones personality. As we said earlier we got the hooded kitty ducky, but there are normal yellow duckies, bondage duckies, a pirate ducky, and a ducky with a beautiful feather boa and swarovski crystal in the beak. So there is a ducky out there for almost anybody, and the glorious part about it that we absolutely loved is it looks like a duck. Yes thats right that was our favourite part, as we have a small child here at home hiding our toys is always a top priority but this one doesn’t need to be hidden. It just goes in with the rest of our duckies, which we do have a few, and no one asks any questions about it.

Our Opinion

Well we loved this little ducky for the novelty/cuteness factor but as far as a usable vibrator it fell a little short. Mrs Tease likes pretty intense strong vibration and this just did not provide that. However the shape of it was perfect for getting pinpoint accuracy of the clitorous. For the cost and what it is, it is an awesome item. Really super easy to use and the batteries are easily accessible while maintaining it’s waterproof appeal. This little ducky was super cute, I can’t say that enough! We loved that you could leave it in the tub or on the edge of the tub and no one would ask what it was. No one had any idea that it was a vibrator at all and for that it gets a win from us.


Who we would recommend this to:

  • Everyone who likes ‘cute’ toys.
  • People who like to masturbate in the tub.


Who I would not recommend this to:

  • The person looking for the be all end all sex toy
  • Anyone looking for lots of power out of their bathtime toys
  • People who hate rubber ducks


We recieved the I Rub My Duckie Hoodie Kitty edition from Big Teaze Toys in exchange for a honest review, to get you very own please use the banner above.