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Review: Tenga Egg

Ok, so recently we saw a video posted for the Tenga egg and it most certainly peaked our interest. I could go into a long blah blah blah describing the video, but I’d rather you all see it for yourselves. Keep a sharp eye out, see if you can spot the not so subtle “wow” moment that lead us to picking up a few of these.

No No, we don’t mind waiting, we’ll be here when you get back.

Did you see it? Holy crap, right? Is that not one of the coolest things you’ve seen in recent memory? Ok, for those that are totally confused, watch it again. At about :40 the pull the egg up on slide it down their penis stand-in in a display that had both of us saying “that is SO freaking cool!”. However that small clip in that video really shows off the best part of this product.

What’s the best part, you ask? Why it’s the material this bad boy is made of. Elastomer, a material becoming more popular with toys like this, is a super stretchy material that’s also hypoallergenic. So there’s no need to shy away, those with sensitive skin, grab an egg and have some fun. Oh yea, it’s worth mentioning that the manufacturer claims it is a one time use product, and is not recommended for reuse.

The egg itself, is quite literally the size of a chicken egg. In case you’ve never seen a chicken egg that’s roughly 5cm (just over 2 inches) x 4.5cm (about 2 inches). It’s nice and small, easily able to be thrown in a bag for travel. It fits snug inside the plastic container it comes in and is “nearly” as much fun to just play with in your hands as it is to actually use.  I’m not sure the starting hole size, but this thing is supposedly stretchy enough to cover a 500ml bottle. As seen in the video, the egg can stretch over the penis up to a whopping “18 inches”. So no matter what, you will be well covered. It comes in over a dozen different patterns, easily identified by the inside pattern being also printed on the labels. We tried the “cloudy” model first for example, and the cloud pattern on the label was representing of the cloud pattern inside the egg.

Then, of course, there’s the lube that comes with it. They should bottle and sell this stuff… Oh wait, they do! I loved loved loved the water based lube that came with it, so much so I will be picking up a bottle or two for other uses. It’s nice, it’s slick, isn’t sticky and didn’t dry up like other lubricants. My favourite part about this lube though, was how incredibly easy it was to clean up, colour me impressed. I didn’t need to stand in the shower scrubbing for an hour and a half, trying to get all the lube off, and I appreciate that.

By now I’m sure you’re thinking “is there anything this little egg can’t do”? Short answer, yes. This product isn’t without some downfalls. For example, while the inside texture caused an incredible sensation while used slowly, I was disappointed how much of those sensations seemed lost when used at a more vigorous rate. Want to make him squirm? Slowly is the way to go. However, like I said, I’ve only tried a few of the plethora of designs this comes in, but so far no good. My only other slight issue was price point, but I always think single use items should be cheaper. I also consider the material quality and I feel it’s not as big of a complaint for what you’re getting. Tenga, if you’re reading this, make a reusable version and sign me up!

So, Tenga Egg, how did you fare? I’d give ya 5/5 for cuteness, 4/5 for quality, 3/5 for price, and 3/5 for use. I think there is better personal male toys on the market, that can reused more. There are two areas this egg shines. One, travel, it’s a very easy grab n go Item, that can be tucked away while you are abroad. Second, if you have a special man In your life, pick one of these up, tie him to the bed and use it slowly to tease the hell out him. That right there is where I recommend this product, couples. This thing was made to make a man squirm.

Last but not least, would I buy it again? You know what, I probably would. It’s nice and compact, gets the job done, and makes for a very interesting experience (putting an egg on your man parts). I will most likely keep trying the rest of the line in search of the one with the more intense texture.

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Have an egg-static day! (Had to get in one last egg pun)