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PicoBong Transformer


With the Transformer, PicoBong really set out to create a toy of pure greatness. I mean, this toy could be anything you wanted, from rabbit style vibe to cock ring. Quite literally the only limit of the transformer was your imagination. On paper this looks like greatest sex toy ever made, hell we loved the idea. However, once we received it and tried it out, we quickly began to realize that the final product just couldn’t live up to the idea. With the PicoBong transformer, we had to ask ourselves if a single design flaw can greatly bring down the appeal of a product. Sadly, when the design flaw is in the main feature of the product, then the answer is yes. We didn’t hate the transformer, but it just couldn’t live up to the hype.




The main thing that makes PicoBong’s Transformer so unique is the design, and its where a credit to the amount of innovation PicoBong is attempting is really really due. The Transformer is basically designed as two vibrating bulbs connected by a bendable, shapable cord connecting the two. The cord itself is over a foot long, with the idea that you are supposed to be able to shape it and contour it to fit your needs. Like I said, the only limit is your imagination, its for everyone and doesn’t pigeon hole itself into any specific role. What a thought, huh? I know, I know, after hearing all that we REALLY had to get our hands on this thing. Yea, keep reading.


The Transformer is made of a beautifully smooth and silky silicone. We really have to give it up to pico bong for bring that Lelo-esque quality into PicoBong. Its not just the transformer either, as we have received another thing at the same time that just blows us away in quality. Lelo really is, in our opinion, at the top of the food chain when it comes to quality vibrators, and it really did well staying true to that when releasing the more colourful, fun and inexpensive PicoBong.

Silicone, right. So this guy is made of silicone, which does make it easy to keep clean, and its only made easier by the fact that its waterproof as well. Spray it with your favourite toy cleaner, wash it with antibacterial soap, rinse it with warm water. Easy, thats why we love us some silicone. This toy is also incredibly safe, being hypoallergenic, phthalate free, non-toxic, and non-porous.

The Transformer features 10 unique vibration modes and runs dead silent. I had to strain to hear it across the room, which is pretty damn impressive. With a closed door there is virtually no way that this thing could possibly be heard outside the room. We loved that aspect of the Transformer, and it is quite a credit to what PicoBong can bring to the table.


As mentioned before, it is waterproof. We aren’t usually ones for toys in the bath, unless its a bathtub specific toy, but to each their own. Like i saids it does make cleanup quite a bit easier, not having to worry about where you can and cannot get water, and will the electronics get ruined or not. For some reason, it still does feel odd submerging an electronic toy in water, but like I said we aren’t really the type to take our bedroom toys into the bath.

The PicoBong Transformer is rechargeable, which does differ from other PicoBong items I believe. With this line they have kept away from rechargeable in what i believe is an attempt to keep quality up but prices down. We love our rechargeable toys, but it is nice that more people have access to great quality sex toys without breaking the bank. The one thing that wasn’t included was a storage bag, which I still think should be mandatory by law! I guess PicoBong is just doing their part in encouraging me to learn to sew. Ugh!


Our Opinion

So far the Transformer doesn’t sound all that bad, right? Weeeeeell….. its not all sunshine and Unicorn farts in Transformer Land. We found the one major flaw with this toy was in fact the cord. Im pretty sure its due to the thickness of the cord, it is nearly impossible to keep into a shape that you want, hands free is a near impossible task, and I don’t even know how this is expected to stay around a penis in a cock ring style. Its just doesn’t work very well in execution, and cant live up to the ‘on paper’ design hype. Ever have a bendy Gumby type toy as a kid? remember trying to get it to hold that perfect pose? Yea, its about like that.

But fear not, dear readers. We think we have a suggestion for PicoBong. Its simple, just make the cord narrower. It will increase flexibility, and the added silicone girth the big one has wont force it out of shape as easily. Also, add a damn storage bag!!! Call it Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen….. that hasn’t been done yet, right? (Oh come on, you knew i was gonna make a Transformers reference in here somewhere.) Pro tip PicoBong: keep Michael Bay away from the design floor… no one wants a sex toy that tells you a bad story then explodes. BAM!! Im on a roll today, huh?

I do want to give PicoBong some credit here, they really did aim and really succeeded in making the world first real gender-free toy. Its a huge step that we hope other companies will attempt as well. Great job there PicoBong, we love it when companies can not only think outside the box, but also step outside the norm and throw the box away. We love the forward thinking of this product and challenge all the other companies to do the same. Even though we were super duper thrilled with the PicoBong Transformer, we can’t badmouth PicoBong for stepping outside their comfort zone and really paving the way for a new medium in the industry. Good on you, PicoBong, good show!


Currently the PicoBong Transformer is listed on PicoBongs online store at $149, which providing it lived up to expectations, is about where we would think it should be. We probably wouldn’t buy it in its current form, and would recommend waiting for a sale to pick one of these guys up.



Judgement Time

PicoBong Transformer, you stand facing accusation of the crime of not including a freaking storage bag, how to you plea. Lets have a look at exactly how the PicoBong Transformer did:

  • Quality 8/10
  • Innovation 9/10
  • Design 7/10
  • Practical Use 6/10
  • Willing to Reuse 6/10

72%, seems about right. We didn’t hate it, but we didn’t love it. Its major downfall was the inability to live up to its own hype. If only it was better at doing that, it would of made a mediocre toy extraordinary. It actually makes us kind of sad to have the Transformer receive this rating, because we really really love Lelo and PicoBong’s other products. I guess the question has been answered, a flaw in the toys major feature can in fact drag the entire product down. I will say this, we did not hate the Transformer, it is indeed a fun toy. So if you are interested in one, check them out. You might find you like it better than we did.




We received the PicoBong Transformer in exchange for a honest review. If you would like to check it out for yourself, you can find it at PicoBong’s website by clicking the banner above.