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Sqweel 2 – The Review

Sqweel 2

Little back ground here. As long as We have known about the Sqweel, we have wanted one. However we were always put off by the reviews, with it having about a 50-50 love it or hate it kind of following. I’ve seen reviews that say it’s an improvement on the human tongue itself, and reviews that said it felt like a belt sander. Although, when our friends over at Lovehoney offered to send us one to see what WE thought, we jumped all over the chance. Defying all the bad reviews, we are actually very happy we jumped at this chance. The Sqweel 2

Packaging & Storage

The Sqweel 2 comes in a standard display box with a plastic front, forgoing any fancy box in order to proudly display the easily recognizable product. It didn’t not come with a storage bag, which always makes us a little sad. This is probably because the product itself has a plastic clip in cover that keeps the tongues and insides dust free and ready to use at a moments notice. Also, don’t be fooled by the lock/unlock slider, it is not a travel lock. When traveling ,are sure you remove the batteries, there are raised buttons on the Sqweel 2 and it is easy to accidentally set it off. While it is fairly quiet, you really don’t want this thing revving up while going through airport security or any other public place really.


The Product & Cleaning

The Sqweel has 10 licking tongues on a wheel that spins at an adjustable rate. There is a low, medium, and high setting as well as a reverse mode or a flicking tongue mode.
The speed settings are where we spent most of our time with this product, we’re not pattern vibration kind of toy people, and the reverse was just not our thing. Using this product is highly HIGHLY recommended with copious amounts of water based lube (as the tongues are silicone). We followed as Lovehoney suggested and put a glob of lube on the back of our hand so we could lap it up with the tongues on a slow speed, giving the entire 10 tongues a generous coating.

Aside from the wheel of tongues being a quality silicone, the rest of the product is made of a body safe, non-porous ABS plastic. You can disassemble the toy for cleaning via the sliding lock on the front of the toy. While the cover, front panel and tongue wheel can all be cleaned with warm water and soap, it is highly recommended not to get the main portion of this toy wet. Instead, just take a damp warm cloth and wipe it thoroughly. Be sure to let your Sqweel air dry fully before reassembly and storage.

Our experience

We thought the Sqweel 2 was pretty great. We did like that it felt just as good off genetalia as it did on. We would start it up, send it across each other’s hot spots and use it as a big part of our tease play. This thing is a beast as a clitoral stimulator, and although a bit bulky, even shined on my male parts as well as the anus. Just to reiterate what we said earlier, make sure this item is fairly well coated in a quality water based lube.

Realistically, there’s very little for us to complain about. I didn’t like the fact it wasn’t rechargeable, wished there was an actual travel lock, and felt like it would benefit from a slightly smaller size. Oh wait… this IS available, in the Sqweel GO. So see, there is a Sqweel for everyone!

The Verdict

So let’s have a look how the Sqweel 2 made out:

  • Clitoral stimulator. 4/5
  • Weapon of mass teasing 5/5
  • Upkeep and Storage. 3.5/5
  • Re usability 4.5/5

85%, not too shabby Sqweel. To anyone looking at a Sqweel 2, I’d say it’s worth every penny of Lovehoney’s $60 USD asking price, just consider yourself warned that there are a fair share or people out there who disagree with my assessment. Try it for yourself and be sure to let us know what YOU thought of it!


We received our Sqweel 2 from Lovehoney In exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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Sliquid H2O Water Based Lube Review

As many of you know, we have been running a water based lube battle royale of sorts, and we think it’s time for a new challenger. Sliquid H2O.

Sliquid, your reputation preceded you. A LOT of trusted fellow bloggers likes to tout you as the be all end all, creme del la creme of water based lube. Looking at these boats by Sliquid themselves it’s easy to see why. Below was taken directly from

Sliquid Naturals H2O Ingredients:

Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

  • Purified water based formula
  • 100% Vegan friendly
  • Water soluble and easy to clean up
  • Glycerin free and paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Non-staining, unflavored and unscented
  • Uniquely blended to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication
  • pH balanced neutral

I believe it is also gluten free, peanut free, free range, helps old ladies cross the street AND volunteers down at the local soup kitchen on weekends. Seriously, overachiever much?
Well, we’re glad you are!

The review

That’s right, sexfans! We really, really liked it. It didn’t stink, it didn’t need to be reapplied at all, and no sticky feelings afterwards! (We really really fucking hate the after sticky feeling!)

It went on nice and easy, with a little bit going a long way. We overdid it a little, and it made no difference. Cleanup was a breeze, it washed right off, and Mrs Tease commented that it left her feeling very soft. (In her daytime job, she deals with skin care on a daily basis and wanted me to note that the ph balanced formula was insanely appreciated.) I always feel compulsed to shower after using lube (see: not so desirable lubes) and all it took with this one was a little warm water for it to completely dissipate.

No one wants to scrub their nether regions with a brillio pad, and for helping us avoid that, Sliquid H2O we salute you!

The verdict?
We love it! Sliquid H2O gets to wear the crown now as our new favourite water based lube. Enjoy it, while it lasts, cause being at the top I sure you will get your fair share of challengers trying to steal your crown!


We were provided Sliquid H2O water based lube from our friends at Sexy Time Toys in exchange for an honest review!

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Review: I like it doggie style strap by Sportsheets

I like it doggie style strap by Sportsheets

Review sponsored by Lovedreamer

We are always about trying new things to get a better position or to gain deeper penetration. So when the opportunity came up for us to try this positioning strap from Lovedreamer we were all about the chance to try it out. Not everyone likes a strap to help with better positioning. However if you have never tried a positioning strap we highly recommend trying it.


The strap itself was a soft almost neoprene like padded material, which made sure it was comfortable for both parties involved. It held up a good amount of weight without being uncomfortable and definitely helped achieve better positioning. So all the things this product says it will do it definitely did. It was easily washed we just put it in a delicate cycle and it came out nicely. The last thing you want is it to get lubricant, massage oil, or any other fluids on it and put it away that way.

If you have never tried a positioning strap or piece of equipment we definitely suggest giving it a go. If you are looking to spice things up or try something a little new this is definitely worth a starting point if you’ve never used anything before. Great for beginners or anyone for that matter. We enjoyed it and think you would too.

We’ve loved working with lovedreamer and they are an awesome Canadian based company which isn’t always the easiest to find. Since we are based in Canada we love to support our fellow Canadian adult toy stores and companies. Their shipping was fast and reliable and their site is easy to navigate. So if you are in (or outside) Canada and want to shop within the country we highly suggest lovedreamer.


Love dreamer



We recieved the I like it doggie style strap from LoveDreamer in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own please click the banner above.

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Ovo E6 Review

Ovo E6

Review Sponsored by OVO

Get yours at SheVibe

A new rabbit vibrator? It’s almost like christmas except were pretty sure Santa wouldn’t leave this one in my stocking for all to see. It’s the Ovo E6, and it is sexy as hell!


So as you already know this is a rabbit vibrator from our lovely friends over at OVO. It’s made out of a silicone body safe material, because of this it means that it is waterproof. Also because it is made out of silicone it means that you must and we repeat must use a water based lubricant. We always say this in our reviews but it’s a very important fact. Silicone based lubricants will cause the silicone of the toy to warp and distort. So please just don’t do it, find a spectacular water based lubricant that you love, we can recommend some if need be and use that. However since it is silicone that means that you can comfortably wash it in hot soapy water or throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

We here at Tease For Two are all about our rechargeable toys, if they weren’t we are pretty sure we would spend a small fortune in batteries a year. This rabbit comes with a usb recharger and stays charged for at least 2 hours of full use in our experience and probably will stay charged for about a month before needing a full recharge again. But in our experience always charge up your toys before you use them because the worst thing that can happen is that you run out of juice right at the worst moment or best moment depends how you look at it.

Oh how we love the motors that they make in Germany, and this is no exception to this rule. It’s a super quiet vibrator that has more power than lots of others we have seen. It has 7 different program settings so you can find that perfect fit for whatever you like. Oh and did we mention the best part? Not only does that rabbit portion vibrate but the handle portion can also vibrate. So it is a multi use tool, use it as a rabbit or just use it as a vibrating wand and use the handle the options and nearly limitless.

There is one last thing we absolutely have to mention because not all companies have this kind of policy. The OVO E6 has a 15 year warranty on it, so if something happens to it you are totally covered and won’t lose your favourite toy. We love when companies offer warranties then if anything happens you know you are totally covered and that the company has your back.

Our Thoughts

We love rabbit vibrators with a deep and almost unnatural passion, but finding the perfect one has been a challenge. This one definitely had it’s positives, it didn’t curve to much so there wasn’t really a lot of pelvic scraping, which has been a problem in the past. However the problem we came across with this rabbit is one we find quite common at least for Mrs Tease’s body, is that the part that is supposed to vibrate against the clit doesn’t hit it properly. It has to be jammed all the way in for the rabbit portion to vibrate against her clit. Now this is just a personal body issue that we continue to have and continue to look to fix. We loved that the handle vibrated as well though because that made it multi use and we love when we can use things for multiple purposes.

The Ratings Game

Design 8/10
Vibration 9/10
Shape 8/10
Usability 10/10
Desire to Reuse 9/10

So even though the rabbit part wasn’t perfect it stacked up pretty well, at a 86% it didn’t do to bad at all. We enjoyed the versatility it brought to the table.


We recieved our Ovo E6 in exchange for a honest review from Ovo, but you can get your very own from our good friends at SheVibe, just use the banner above!

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Lelo Hugo Review

When Lelo announces they are coming out with exciting new products, more often than not we tend to expect grand beautiful things. Lelo has recently released an all new line of  high quality prostate massagers and we have to say that we weren’t disappointed at all when it came to the all new Lelo Hugo. This thing is sexy as hell, coupled with the quality that we have come to love with Lelo products. Is your prostate looking for a new friend? Well, let me introduce you to the Lelo Hugo.

Packaging of the Hugo


Like everything we have ever received from Lelo, the Hugo is absolutely no exception to the beauty and detail they put into every little thing. We are huge suckers when it comes to packaging, if it comes in a beautifully packed box we are generally going to think a little more about it. Lelo has beautiful clean lines in their boxing, and makes it look like the most beautiful gift you have ever received.


Well we have to admit we were new to the whole male prostate massager area, but we are glad that the Lelo Hugo was one of our first. Since it is not super big it’s not overwhelming to those of you new to the whole prostate massager scene. Made out of a body safe silicone, it’s a perfect waterproof toy for all parties to enjoy. As with all silicone based toys we have to drive in our point, please use a water based lubricant. This is a thing of beauty and you don’t want to ruin it by using a silicone based lubricant with it. It also comes with a warranty that can be voided if you use an inappropriate lubricant. So please just use your favourite water based lubricant, or we have some of our own lube suggestions.

Two, not one but TWO vibrating motors add double to the pleasure that you experience when you are using this toy. Not to mention the remote that vibrates as well so I guess that Lelo gave us three vibrators at once. As always we love the power that they bring to the table. The Remote? We have had issues with remotes before, as far as distance and not working as well as we think they should. This is not true when it comes to the Hugo, we loved the motion controls, as well as the range and vibration of the remote itself. Remotes are a hard one because generally the range is not that great but ours worked fine from across the room.

Did we mention our love for all things rechargeable? Man we love our rechargeable toys. The Hugo comes with a charging cord as well as batteries for the remote. If we could change anything we would make the remote rechargeable as well, but not everything can be perfect. The charging time is normal around 4 hours for a completely full charge. It lasts for a few weeks at least before dying a little bit, but as always we recommend you charge it before use so it doesn’t die on you while using.

Lelo adds all the little features that we have come to love and adore, as well as this little one. This may seem a simple thing for most people but we love that they come with their own satin bag. It makes storing it when you have multiple silicone toys a lot easier. You can also sleep safely knowing that it won’t be ruined by rubbing up against any of your other silicone toys. This is perfect for us as we love to be somewhat organized, and we always know the silk black bags contain Lelo things.


Our Opinions

Well Lelo says that it can increase the size and intensity of the male orgasm by around 33%. We went into this whole thing trying to test that theory and we must say we came up with some intense answers. As we are relatively new to the whole male prostate massager world, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. However when it got here our minds were put to ease because it wasn’t nearly that big and Mrs Tease honestly has plugs bigger and scarier than the Hugo. With enough lubricant it slid in easily, and we loved the dual motors. Mrs Tease really loved being able to use the remote as a remote as well as a vibrator.  If you’re looking for something different check out my Lelo Loki review.

The vibrations were amazing and we were not expecting that we would enjoy Hugo as much as we did. But man did it completely and utterly convert us over to male prostate massagers. We found it did everything it promised, it made our orgasm bigger and stronger, and neither of us had to do much work.

The Review Game

  • Vibration.      10/10
  • Design.            9/10
  • Size.                10/10
  • Shape.              9/10
  • Intensity.        10/10


96% it didn’t shape up to badly, we would make the remote rechargeable, and that’s our only real complaint. This is an excellent toy for both the novice and the experienced in anal/prostate massagers. We love Lelo and look forward to more new things coming from them.






Lelo sent us the Hugo in exchange for a honest review, to get one (and you should!) please use the banner above.

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Tantus Splash – The Review

The Splash! By Tantus

The Tantus Splash has to be one of my new favourite silicone dildos ever! It’s made well, it feels outstanding and there’s almost nothing NOT to love about this thing. If you love texture, go buy one now! You won’t regret it! End of review.

…oh, you want to know more? Well, ok then.

Tantus Splash: the dildo itself

With around 6 inches of insertiable length, and a massive head that’s about 5 inches around (by my measurements), the Splash can be a bit of a beast to use for those who don’t like larger thinker dildos. With a little bit of warm up and some good lube, it worked just fine. So much so that I had a nice “full feeling”, and could really hit my g-spot without crushing my cervix. The larger size also meant the texture could really shine and boy howdy, did it ever! I’m pretty sure my next move will be getting a Splish to compare.
Like the awesome manufacturer Tantus is, they’ve made the splash with their coveted ultra-premium silicone. This means while it is on the firmer side, it still has a little give to it and it is super easy to keep clean. Steering away from you standard penis shaped dildo, the Splash (and it’s smaller counterpart Splish) basically have a design that resembles more of a melting, dripping rod of fuckability. The prominent drip marks running down the side make for an amazing texture that had me coming back for more and more.

Side note: for all our readers who love their harnesses, yes it will work nicely.

Material & Cleaning

Like I’ve already mentioned, the Tantus Splash is made of 100% Ultra-premium silicone. Tantus is pretty much the head of the pack when it comes to body safe silicone, and we love them for that. This high grade silicone means it’s not porous, can be boiled, bleached, washed with an antibacterial soap or put on the top rack of the dishwasher and sanitized. It also means it collects pet hair like like a magnet, so be sure to always keep it clean and stored somewhere the fluff and dust can’t get into. Properly taken care of, this toy will last a very long time.

(Always remember to use water based lubricant with this or any other silicone toy, never EVER use silicone lube with a silicone toy.)

Did we like it?

Really.. You can’t tell yet? WE LOVED IT. I’ll admit when we opened it up at first, I was like “will that fit?!”, but it did with a little warm up first. This could be the closest to dildo perfection we have ever seen and I say that BEFORE I even get my hands on the more size friendly Splish. The Splash is well worth the $80 price tag, and with the option, we’d buy it over and over again. Verdict time!

Splash let’s see how you rank!

  • 5/5 for style
  • 5/5 for material
  • 4.5/5 for fun design
  • 4/5 for texture lovers
  • 4/5 for size (you’re such an overachiever, Splash!)

Why do you not own one of these yet?! Why are you not buying one RIGHT NOW?!
Here, here’s a link, gogogo!

I received the Tantus Splash in exchange for an honest review.

written by Mr Tease with the use of Mrs Teases notes!

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Why do we review sex toys?

Why DO we review sex toys? Why DO we review sex toys? WHY DO WE REVIEW SEX TOYS?! Well, I’ll tell you why we review sex toys!

I was asked this question today by a good friend. (no, I’m not shy about what we are doing!) Well, to understand, let’s go back. We have been married for a few years now, and together a lot longer. Having both always been not ashamed of our toys collection, naturally it was only a matter of time before they came out more and more during our sexual encounters. The more they did come out, the more we grew together.

Now when I say we love sex toys, I mean we LOVE sex toys.

No seriously, to the point where we would stop by our local shops AT LEAST once a week, to see if there was anything that struck us. We were young, dumb, and uneducated to what body safe materials we should have known about. I guess it was pure assumption that these large toy companies would never make anything that could go mouldy, harbour bacteria, or even cause infection. Immense, why would store sell them, why would companies do something so unethical? Money that’s why, it’s cheap. Cheap to make, cheap to sell, cheap on batteries… Mostly because it would break within the first use. There’s nothing wrong with the fact we believed everything was safe, like I said, uneducated. I’m not the first to believe it, I’m just trying to do my bit to be the last! In retrospect, that $20 vibrator wasn’t worth it, we should have spent more and got more. That $20 vibe is now gone, thrown away like the “cheap, broken, never should come in contact with human skin let alone be INSIDE one” piece of garbage that it is. If only we knew what we know now, I wouldn’t have spent all that money on dangerous toys, I would have bought more expensive, safer, more reliable models that give BETTER RESULTS anyway.

Newsflash people: as in most products, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

So, we set out on our quest to learn more about what is and isn’t safe to insert in our bodies, rub on our genitalia, consume, etc. Along the way, we added in my love to write, my love to socialize, and my need for a hobby… And voila, TeaseForTwo was born!

One thing we didn’t expect, we we started out to review sex toys, was how much closer it brings the two of us together. We’re closer now than the day we got married, and we have sex toys to thank for it. We have this site, our new friends, the companies we’ve been working with and most importantly, we have you to thank for it. We love doing this, and we love everything about doing this, but what really keeps us going is each other. This is fun, I mean, we get to play with all kinds of fun toys! Our love for this, though, is only surpassed by our love for each other. Find someone to love if you can, find similar interests (even if it’s dildos) and have fun, life’s too short not to…


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About Us

Hi there, and welcome to our site! We are a married Canadian couple living in British Columbia, we’re a young couple still in our very early thirties. We currently have one son who is under the age of ten and we are trying to teach other couples that you still can have a healthy happy sex life after marriage. We currently are celebrating our second year of ma and almost sixth year of being together. We are living breathing proof that no matter who you are you still have a great sex life.

we hope you enjoy our site.

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Iroha Fuji Lemon

It’s not a Lemon!

Iroha Fuji Lemon Designed By Tenga

It is a strong little lemon that doesn’t make you pucker, the Iroha Fuji Lemon is a mini massager. It boasts a full 5 hours of strong vibrations and we must admit that these vibrations certainly are strong.


With only one setting you would think that we wouldn’t love this little massager as much as we do. There are no thrill chills or added benefits just a super strong vibration feature. Mrs Tease is more than willing to admit that she loves a strong vibration, leave that weak stuff at home, preferably someone else’s home.
Since this little guy is made out of a satiny smooth silicone material it is waterproof. Tenga recommends washing it with mild soap and water, and only using water based lubricants as other lubricants may cause the silicone to deform. Waterproofing is actually one of our favourite features and this one makes no exception because of its size its small and discreet enough to sneak away with you for a quick shower.

The shape of it was definitely based upon the shape of a lemon, but it fits in the palm of your hand. Size is definitely convenient for those of us that like to travel, and this will be adding itself to our travel kit. With the need for only one triple a battery you can keep at least a couple spares for whenever you need them, without them taking up to much room. It’s a unique shaped mini form of your favourite bullet, no special attachments no extra thrills .


Our Take

This is one of the Mrs. favourite bullets of all time at the current point in time at least. The power definitely did not disappoint and the fact that it is so discreet is definitely a bonus for us. We are frequent travellers and are often off and about in the world and this is the perfect size for us to take away with us. I am aware it’s already been said that this is a no frills mini vibrator, but let me say thats one of the things we loved about it. You didn’t have to click through a million different settings to find one that tickled your fancy. It was super simple to operate and that it one of the major reasons we loved it.


The Ratings Game

Size: 9/10
Shape: 8/10
Power: 10/10
Desire to Reuse: 10/10
Travel Capability: 10/10

So how did it stack up? 94 % pretty good for such a little toy it packed a super punch and we highly recommend it.


We received this item in exchange for a honest review. To get your own, click the banner above!

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Chakrubs Indigo Review

Indigo review


Review Sponsored by Chakrubs


When the opportunity to work with the people from Chakrubs, Mrs Tease was incredibly excited. We own multiple sets of chakra stones so this concept completely appealed to us. It also gave us the chance to review another stone dildo which we would never turn down. So, here we go, time to review ourselves a Chakra dildo!


We have some things to say about Blue Aventurine in particular, and since this is a company based around using chakras we would like to touch on some of the things that Blue Aventurine can we used for. Blue Aventurine is known to combine the elements of the wind and water, making it soothing and calming to the mind and muscles. It can help relax and calm fiery emotions caused by outside influences. We have personally found this to be quite accurate. The people at Chakrubs provide all the information you could possibly need on the side benefits of the certain stones that they sell.

Size, It is around 7 inches long and about 3 inches in circumference at the largest point. We liked this because it was slim and slender and perfect for our uses and needs. It weighs not quite a pound, and is perfectly smooth, every one is going to be a little different due to differences in the stone. It is also 100% natural and not treated with chemicals or anything not natural, they are all hand polished.

Chakra Points and What Blue Aventurine Can Help With:

Third Eye And Throat Chakras, good stimulator

Overcoming Habits that No Longer work

Supporting Change

Finding Clarity

Promoting Inner Strength

Enhancing Masculine Energies

We are more than aware that not everyone necessarily believes in the benefits of the chakra stones or working the chakras. That is perfectly okay with us, it is still a beautifully made stone product that is safe for all bodies. The fact that it works to help heal your chakras is just an added bonus.

Our Opinion

So Mr Tease is with A lot of you on the not believing in the powers of chakra stones, however he even noticed a difference with it. The weight is perfect and we actually loved the size of this one. Usually we find they are either to big or to small, well this one was just right and Chakrubs does sell various other sizes if that is what your after. This was perfect for us and we thoroughly enjoyed the stone aspect of it. It was cool but heated up to the touch and over time. Kind of like working with glass only this was much prettier and actually not as cold.


We would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more natural product that doesn’t have anything chemical or artificial to it.

If you are not interested in a perfectly smooth stone dildo then this is probably not for you, if you like the smoothness then please go ahead and give this a try.



We received our gorgeous Indigo from Chakrubs in exchange for a honest review. To get your very own, please use the banner above.