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Lubespot: Nomi Tang Liquid Aqua Based

Lubespot: Nomi Tang Liquid Aqua Based

Hey readers, just wanted to let you all know about the latest addition in what seems to be our ever growing lube collection. This time we got out hand on some of Nomi Tangs branded water based lube. We really enjoyed it, it didn’t leave any sticky residue and needed to be applied very infrequently.

It claims to be super safe to use with condoms and compliments the natural female lubrication quite well. We thought it was great, and absolutely worth picking up next time you’re over at Nomi Tang picking up one of their great toys!



Nomi Tang sent us this product specifically to try out for our Lubespot segment. All opinions here are completely unbias.

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Heavenly Textured Vibrating Male Masturbator

Bondara Heavenly Textured Male Masturbator

Where do I begin with this device? If you absolutely love texture then this is definitely the thing for you. As well as being heavily textured it also vibrates which makes things very interesting for the party using it. It’s light weight enough to use solo or to use on your partner without feeling like your getting an insane arm workout.


A little Info

This male masturbator is made out of a high grade silicone and an ABS so it is quite body safe which as you all know is totally key for us. However it is not a waterproof toy Bondara classifies it as splash-proof, so be careful around water and with cleaning. With all silicone toys please be safe and use a water based lubricant.

About the length and size and all that good stuff, it has an insertable length of 3 inches and a full length of around 9.5 inches. So this means that it is not perfect for everyone just for a select few. The silicone nubs inside are the texture and are not flexible at all. So just be for warned that they do create a very strong amount of texture.

The vibration has around 7 settings with various speeds and settings to make things interesting for the user. Not the strongest toy we’ve ever encountered but certainly not the least. As any of our readers know if it vibrates we feel it should be rechargeable but you can’t win them all.





Okay so lets be honest, this thing looks like a small black baseball bat, I hate to be the one to say it but it’s oh so true. The inside has little nubs around the side in what curiously resembles the iron maiden torture device, but fear not, this device is crafted for pleasure not pain. The weight of it was definitely comfortable to use solo or on your partner.

The silicone is on the inside and is what provides the texture while the outside is ABS plastic, so please be careful with cleaning. Gently and carefully rinse out the inside with a warm soapy water and let air dry as silicone tends to gather fluff like no ones business.


Our thoughts

So what did we think? Well it looks like a baseball bat which isn’t a super turn on for us but it might be for someone out there. The texture was way to overwhelming for our liking. Way to much of it, way to non flexible it was almost to the point that it felt a tad scratchy which I must say does not bang my gong, so to speak. The vibration feature was honestly our favourite part, that and the weight. It was nice to not feel like you were getting a complete and utter upper arm workout whilst using it. So needless to say not our cup of tea BUT if you love serious texture and vibration then this is definitely the toy for you.


The Ratings

  • Texture 10/10
  • Design 7/10
  • Practical use 5/10
  • Desire to reuse 5/10
  • Vibration 8/10

So how did you do Bondara? 70% not bad but not for us, we look forward to trying again just not with this specific product.







We received this item in exchange for a honest review, to get your own please use the banner above.

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Iroha Minamo by Tenga

Iroha Minamo by Tenga

If you have ever fantasized about having sex with a long vibrating marshmallow, do we have a treat for you! Today we look at the Minamo from Iroha, which is a division of Tenga. The Minamo is very unique in providing a super soft insertable vibe that just seems odd at first, but the more we used it the more we liked it. Theres something to be said when a sex toy design displays this much out of the box thinking, and Iroha does an excellent job in this.



The Minamo’s case is a thing of brilliance. It comes with a storage case that is very plain, doesn’t scream sex toy, and could easily be looked over on a shelf. This is important because the Minamo can be placed inside the box and plugged in to charge, making this one of the most discreet toys to charge we have ever seen. It even has an indicator light on the outside of the box to let you know when its charging and when it is ready for use. We left it out, in plain sight and the kid nor houseguests ever batted an eye at it. Brilliant.




So the Minamo is about 7 inches long with about 5 inches of insertable length, nothing too big. It has a distinct soft wave style pattern down the inside end to enhance pleasure for those of us who like textured toys. It does also bends slightly, but not really enough to make much of a difference. Its not an intimidating shape or size, so what does make this vibe so unique.

Well, the material is where this toy stands out so much. Its made of an incredibly soft silicone, but so soft that its squishy. You can easily push a finger in the side of it, make an indent, then watch it go back to its original shape once you remove pressure. So its basically a vibrator with the consistency of a memory foam mattress. Sounds odd, right? Well, the cool thing about this material is it will slightly form to fit your body, making it a truly unique experience.

Being made out of silicone though means it is body safe, non-porous, non-toxic and phthalate free. It is also waterproof up to a foot and a half, which really helps with cleanup. Just spray the Minamo down with your favourite toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and rinse with warm water. The Minamo also boasts that this product is lint and dust resistant, which is a really nice thing to with silicone, especially for those of us with pets!



Our Thoughts

We actually were very pleased with the Mimano, the toy is incredibly well designed. From the decent power it features to the soft supple consistency, we thought this product delivered. Really, I don’t think theres anything to complain about here, as long as you like soft thiner insertable, this toy is definitely a hidden gem! Good show, Iroha/Tenga, good show.



So lets just jump right in and see how it did, shall we?

  • Design 9/10
  • Quality 10/10
  • Vibrations 8/10
  • Reuse Potential. 10/10
  • Innovation 10/10


94%!!! Way to go Minamo! Yea this one absolutely gets a recommendation from us. While not everyone is going to enjoy it as much as we did, if you have been mulling this product over it is a must try. If you’ve never hear of the Minamo before, it is truly a hidden gem!



We recieved this item in exchange for a honest review. To get your own, click the banner above!

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Mini review: Jo for women Shaving cream (harmony)

Readers, shavers, countrymen… Lend me your… Never mind. Hey all, just wanted to share a little thing I found yesterday at my local toy store. It’s Jo for women shaving cream, specifically the harmony one, and ITS FREAKIN AWESOME! Seriously it’s the nicest shave down there and the closest I’ve ever come to waxing. No stubble, no itching, I’m in love. I picked it up for under $10, so not a real huge expense either. It smells sooooooooooo good, too. It has an almost citrus smell to it.
Anywho, it gets my seal of approval, and if you are looking for a new shaving cream, check it out. Until next time, ciao!

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Water based lube mini review: JO women H2O

Oh man, Jo H2O water based lube…. Where did we go wrong? I wanted to love you so much and I have been looking for a product to be my new go to lubrication. I mean we just reviewed the shaving cream and I loved it so much. Why why did you have to go so wrong. I mean you even say, “meet your new best friend” on the bottle, but you ended up being more like that friend who borrows money and never paid you back.

That’s right another water based lube dud, I had really high hopes with this one. We’ve been looking for a water based lube spot of our new favourite and we bought this the same time we bought the shaving cream. This one just didn’t deliver, it left a funny residue that some lubes make and it left us sticky afterward. If there’s one thing that we really really hate, it’s that awful sticky feeling afterward. I mean, it did its job, but no… It did not live up to expectation.

When we bought this product we picked it up like I said at the same time that the shave cream was bought. It comes in a bottle that is 2.5 ounces or 75 mL. It cost about $10 and for that size it wasn’t a bad deal. I just wish it would’ve worked a hell of a lot better, but I guess if you like feeling sticky afterward then this might be the product for you.

So alas I continue our search for the perfect water based lube but to each their own, this one is just not for us. JO, I forgive you for this one, as that shave cream is so near and dear to me now. I put you on a scale of 1 to 5 you would end up being somewhere around 2.5, not awful, not really good, I probably won’t buy you again.

Next up, Sliquid!

I bought and paid for this item, and have in no way been compensated for it. My review would never be dishonest even I had been. As always, find me on Twitter @teasefortwo

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Introducing the all new Lelo Hugo, Bruno and Loki!

New lelo

Introducing the New Lelo Prostate Massagers

Come One Come All 


We have the most exciting news coming in from our good friends over at Lelo, an exclusive look at their newest of the new. Yes you heard us right Lelo is coming out with some brand new goodies and we are here to tell you a little bit about them. We can’t express how excited we are to have gotten a glimpse at these, it’s like seeing a unicorn.

This is a whole new avenue for us at least, and we are still relatively new to prostate play.  So lucky us to have a new group of male prostate toys with the excellent quality we have come to expect from Lelo. There will be three of these boys coming to us, the Loki, the Bruno and the Hugo, we have to say that we love the names. Like all of the toys we have ever received that have the Lelo name to them these come with the same phenomenal quality. All high grade silicone so they are waterproof and super silky smooth. Easy to operate controls and even a higher version in the Hugo that has the remote. So lets take a closer in depth look at everything shall we?


The Loki

New lelo

Let us start with the Loki, beautiful and elegant with all the same features we have come to expect from the other Lelo vibrators we have received. Fully rechargeable,waterproof and has an amazing 6 variable settings. With the settings all on the handle you can easily use it yourself or hand it over to your partner and let them take control. We only fear that the controls might be an issue for solo play, but that’s for our upcoming review. Stay tuned on that one.




The Bruno


The Bruno, is a sleek sophisticated toy with clean lines and beautiful soft silicone covering it. It and the Hugo (same toy with the Hugo having a remote control feature), boast themselves as the most powerful prostate massager in the world. No kidding, I turned it on and my hand went numb from holding it, so get ready for one wild ride!

The Hugo

New lelo

The Hugo, as mentioned, is the same toy as the Bruno with an added feature. This beauty comes with a moveable remote that we saw use in when we used the Oden II .This makes for great fun when it comes to allowing your partner to take control over the settings. If it is anything like what we have used in the past the remote vibrates as well and this makes for great couples play, which is what we are all about.



So now you know a little about what Lelo is bringing out but what about Lelo itself? We would love to tell you a little about the company, a Swedish company based around high end luxury products. We must admit they never fail to impress us, from their packaging to the smallest detail. Lelo always makes you feel like you are the most important customer in the world. We love dealing with them and we absolutely love using their pleasure products.



We are super excited to be able to review these new upcoming   toys, and look forward to telling everyone our thoughts and feelings. Head over to to check out these wonderful new Lelo toys. Thank you Lelo for the chance to take a sneak peek.


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Nuru Massage Review – Mr Nori’s Magic Gel

Slick, slippery, gooey and everything awesome in the universe, we had quite an awesome time with Mr Nori’s Magic Gel Nuru Massage Oil/Gel substance. I have a hard time calling it anything other than gel, maybe super sexy slime. Needless to say, ever since we first heard about this stuff, we’ve been aching to do a Nuru massage review! So strip down, gel up, and prepare for the ultimate sexy slip n slide experience, cause this time it is the Mr Nori’s Magic Gel Nuru Massage Review, and if that isn’t a mouthful, we don’t know what is!


Composed of nori seaweed, grape seed extract, aloe vera and chamomile, Nuru gel is an all natural, super slippery massage oil. It is non-toxic, body safe, tasteless, oderless and safe for internal use. That means, whenever you’ve had enough slip sliding all over each other and can’t hold yourselves back any longer, you can feel at ease about oral and intercourse. It also means it leaves your skin feeling very smooth and refreshed.

The massage

Mr Nori’s was kind enough to pass along a few tips that make a world of difference, so for this Nuru massage review, I’m gonna let you in on the secret to a successful massage. First thing you’re gonna wanna do it put down a plastic sheet and get some towels, this stuff is fun as hell but it IS MESSY. That is part of the point, after all. Next sit your container of gel in some warm water for 20 mins or so to bring it up to temperature while in the container. While you’re doing this, have a steamy shower together and pat dry each other, don’t fully dry off as this will help the massage down the road! Mixing equal parts warm water and gel, have your partner lay down while you coat yourself in the gel mixture. Now the fun begins! Use your slick body to rub all over your partners, applying more gel as needed… And have fun! Mr Nori’s also suggest using bone like elbows on soft tissue, like the bum and vice versa. The sky’s the limit, so just have some slip slidey fun!

Our experience

Awesome, pure awesome! This IS the adult version of the Slip N Slide! (Remember those?) As long as you follow the directions, this stuff is amazing, and amazingly sensual. We had an incredible time with this product multiple times, and we are looking forward to many more times the fun. (Mr Nori’s also makes a inflatable wrestling ring were thing about getting… Rawr) We both highly recommend this product, and if you have never heard tried it, what the heck are you waiting for? If you are like us and a fan of massage or other forms of sensual play, please go get some of this! If nothing else, just to try once, we cannot stress how much fun this is!

The Verdict

So Mr Nori’s mouthful Magic gel, how did ya hold up? Let’s see:

  • Sensuality 6.5/5
  • Fun 8/5
  • Fun messiness 16/5
  • Slip sliminess 100/5

Yea, surprise, we LOVED it, so much so that after writing this Nuru massage review… We so want to go play again! So get your ass out there, try this stuff, we hope you love it as much as we do!


We received Mr Nori’s Magic Gel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. We hope you like our Nuru Massage Review, and to get your own, click the logo above!

As always, find us on Twitter @TeaseForTwo

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Review: Tenga Egg

Ok, so recently we saw a video posted for the Tenga egg and it most certainly peaked our interest. I could go into a long blah blah blah describing the video, but I’d rather you all see it for yourselves. Keep a sharp eye out, see if you can spot the not so subtle “wow” moment that lead us to picking up a few of these.

No No, we don’t mind waiting, we’ll be here when you get back.

Did you see it? Holy crap, right? Is that not one of the coolest things you’ve seen in recent memory? Ok, for those that are totally confused, watch it again. At about :40 the pull the egg up on slide it down their penis stand-in in a display that had both of us saying “that is SO freaking cool!”. However that small clip in that video really shows off the best part of this product.

What’s the best part, you ask? Why it’s the material this bad boy is made of. Elastomer, a material becoming more popular with toys like this, is a super stretchy material that’s also hypoallergenic. So there’s no need to shy away, those with sensitive skin, grab an egg and have some fun. Oh yea, it’s worth mentioning that the manufacturer claims it is a one time use product, and is not recommended for reuse.

The egg itself, is quite literally the size of a chicken egg. In case you’ve never seen a chicken egg that’s roughly 5cm (just over 2 inches) x 4.5cm (about 2 inches). It’s nice and small, easily able to be thrown in a bag for travel. It fits snug inside the plastic container it comes in and is “nearly” as much fun to just play with in your hands as it is to actually use.  I’m not sure the starting hole size, but this thing is supposedly stretchy enough to cover a 500ml bottle. As seen in the video, the egg can stretch over the penis up to a whopping “18 inches”. So no matter what, you will be well covered. It comes in over a dozen different patterns, easily identified by the inside pattern being also printed on the labels. We tried the “cloudy” model first for example, and the cloud pattern on the label was representing of the cloud pattern inside the egg.

Then, of course, there’s the lube that comes with it. They should bottle and sell this stuff… Oh wait, they do! I loved loved loved the water based lube that came with it, so much so I will be picking up a bottle or two for other uses. It’s nice, it’s slick, isn’t sticky and didn’t dry up like other lubricants. My favourite part about this lube though, was how incredibly easy it was to clean up, colour me impressed. I didn’t need to stand in the shower scrubbing for an hour and a half, trying to get all the lube off, and I appreciate that.

By now I’m sure you’re thinking “is there anything this little egg can’t do”? Short answer, yes. This product isn’t without some downfalls. For example, while the inside texture caused an incredible sensation while used slowly, I was disappointed how much of those sensations seemed lost when used at a more vigorous rate. Want to make him squirm? Slowly is the way to go. However, like I said, I’ve only tried a few of the plethora of designs this comes in, but so far no good. My only other slight issue was price point, but I always think single use items should be cheaper. I also consider the material quality and I feel it’s not as big of a complaint for what you’re getting. Tenga, if you’re reading this, make a reusable version and sign me up!

So, Tenga Egg, how did you fare? I’d give ya 5/5 for cuteness, 4/5 for quality, 3/5 for price, and 3/5 for use. I think there is better personal male toys on the market, that can reused more. There are two areas this egg shines. One, travel, it’s a very easy grab n go Item, that can be tucked away while you are abroad. Second, if you have a special man In your life, pick one of these up, tie him to the bed and use it slowly to tease the hell out him. That right there is where I recommend this product, couples. This thing was made to make a man squirm.

Last but not least, would I buy it again? You know what, I probably would. It’s nice and compact, gets the job done, and makes for a very interesting experience (putting an egg on your man parts). I will most likely keep trying the rest of the line in search of the one with the more intense texture.

Speaking of which, if you like this review, have comments or suggestions please look us up on Twitter @TeaseForTwo

Have an egg-static day! (Had to get in one last egg pun)

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WeVibe 4 Review

So here’s the thing, the we vibe 4 and I have this odd love/hate relationship going on. I mean, I want to love, I really really want to love it. I really want to hate it for multiple reasons, but I just can’t. I had never used a wevibe previous generation, thinking it was too bulky, not liking the material and have never really paid much mind to ‘couples vibrators’. Once the wevibe 4(+) came out, however, I jumped on board hoping most of my suspicions had been cured by a major overhaul in design, and it kind of did but kind of it didn’t.

First off, let’s talk about the vibe itself. The wevibe 4 has two motors and 6 settings, including low, medium, high constant vibration, as well as a pulse, wave and very interesting echo. The echo cycles back and forth in pulses alternating from the g-spot stimulator pad to the clitoral stimulator. It’s a very nice soft silicone that can easily washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. With an almost v-shaped g-spot pad, and the new redesign is not only less bulky, it does well to keep the product from constantly falling out. The neck the bends around in a C shape to tightly hug your pelvic bone ending in a clitoral stimulator on top. There’s a button on the top to turn the motors on, cycle through settings, and turn it off. It also comes with a remote that can be used to change modes and intensities. No battieries are required, as it is rechargeable through a docking station. Battery life is just about and hour, dependant on how hard you push the intensity.

For solo play, I found the wevibe 4 pretty good. I really enjoyed the echo setting, and it had a just okay amount of rumble. I kept finding myself pushing it down into my clit for that added boost of intensity that it just wasn’t giving me. Having to hold it down to my clit was a two fold problem, not only did I do it for more intensity, but also because for the life of me I could NOT keep this thing on my clit. I’m guessing it has less to do with design and more to do with my body shape, but it really did ruin the ‘hands free experience’ for me. So basically once I got it in place, and pushed it in my clit like my life depended on it, I started to get why people were raving about it. It’s fun, and it works, I just don’t think my vagina and this product were ever destined to be soul mates.

As for couples play, that was a whole other set of follies. Want a tip? USE LUBE, and lots of it. Even with a good water based lube, my husband struggled to share space with this toy. Once again, it may be a body type problem, but we were so glad we never bought the bigger previous models. Although, with a little bit of perseverance and a boatload of laughter, he was able to ‘mostly’ squeeze inside me. He noted quite a bit of drag and discomfort though. From that moment on, it was very gentle movements or him just parking inside me, which helped keep it on my clit…. Making my first true hands free experience with this toy. If you like slow to no movement at all, here’s the toy for you! That’s not the case for us though, usually opting for a bit more of a wild ride. It actually got to the point we had to abandon it and go on sans wevibe 4. (Note: this was the first of 3 times we did this, with no positive results).

I’d like to say, this is a product that needs to be charging when not in use! Like I said earlier, you got about one hour, and we had it die leaving it off the charger overnight after only 30 mins of use. I’d also like to point out that even though we bought the wevibe 4+ model, we did not try out the phone app. I do think it’s an awesome idea for couples play when you can’t be together, though. I just had no idea why they would go through such lengths to have someone control your vibe from across the world when they can’t even perfect a remote that works from across the bed. That’s right, the remote is crap, too. Well let’s just say you have to make sure your pointing it at the vibrator, pressing the remote up against it, in order for it to work. Ok ok, that’s an exaggeration, but we couldn’t get it to work reliably if it was more than two feet away.

It’s not all bad, though. Hold the hate mail until I’m done. I loved the material, it’s nice and soft (not the greatest to rub you penis up against), and feels comfortable inside you and against you clit. The docking station is awesome, and I think the infused battery idea is stellar. I hate having to line up nodes to charge anything rechargeable, set it and forget it here. I also loved the different modes, can’t rave enough about echo mode! We got ours in purple, with an alternate colour choice of pink, which suits me just fine. Lastly, it’s fun, it’s different, and we had a good laugh messing around with it. The idea of it is solid, It’s just not quite there for me, yet. (Maybe the wevibe 7 or 8). All in all, I’m torn between how much I like it, how much I wanna like it, and how much I want to burn the little fucker.

So, as always, wevibe 4…. How did you do? I’d give you a 4/5 for innovation, a 3/5 for solo play, a 1/5 for couples play, a 2/5 for battery life and remote viability, a 5/5 for cuteness and a 1/5 for compatibility with me. Honestly, it’s not for us, results may very and I can see how why so many people would love it. Hell. I love it, and hate it, but I love it. I personally wouldn’t buy this model again, maybe in the future we will see what changes have been made. That’s not saying I won’t get curious and try it again, cause I never learn. Just want to say this is MY opinion and MY experience, you results may vary. We all have what works for us, this just wasn’t a good match for us, which is a shame, as we love the companies other products.

We paid for the WeVibe 4 out of pocket, and in no way have we been compensated for it. Even if we had, it would not alter our ability to write an HONEST review. To see more reviews or to get ahold of us, you can always find us on Twitter @TeaseForTwo

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The Rock Chick by Rocks Off

Rocks Off Rock Chick

While recently talking to Rocks Off toys, we inquired about a dual stimulation rabbit style vibrator. Well, Rocks Off told me to release the rabbit and start rocking, then offered to send us the Rock Chick. Curious, we accepted their offer knowing full well that while we love dual stimulating vibes, we are also hit and miss when it comes to them. After having issues with similar designs with products such as the WeVibe 4, we were a little wary. However, the Rock Chick did not disappoint, and left us with restored faith for the C-shaped dual stimulator design. So let’s have a look at the Rock Chick by Rocks Off, shall we?


Rocks Off has taken their 7 speed RO-80 bullet and added it a formed C-shape clitoral and Gspot silicone form. It consists of a very body safe platinum silicone, which is non toxic, phthalate free and non-porous.


The Rock Chick features a c-shaped which when coupled with the extremely pliable silicone means it will adjust to fit your body. That means unlike our problem with the WeVibe 4, this toy becomes a lot more forgiving to more body types. The insertable side features a sharp hook for Gspot stimulation, and the clitoral are has ridges mounted in the backside of an easy to hold handle. While this toy excels at hands free play, we found it really shines when you grab the handle and “rock” it slightly. Many a orgasm was had by doing this, and has become our preferred method of use.

Being silicone means clean up is a breeze. Use your favourite toy cleaner spray or antibacterial soap and warm water and voila, super clean and ready to go again. We love silicone, as it is silky smooth and one of the best, hypoallergenic materials that a sex toy can be made out of.

However, because it’s made of silicone also means you will want to stick to a high quality water based lube. Other lubes, such as silicone lube can potentially damage the integrity of the toy or cause all sorts of issues. You will also want to store this toy individually and not up against other silicone toys, not that silicone toys will necessarily break down when stored touching, but better to be safe than sorry. As always we could only wish that toys like these would come with their own storage bag, but unfortunately the Rock Chick does not.


Our Thoughts

We are always on the search for great, high quality toys at affordable prices. It seems everywhere we turn though, the Rocks Off name keeps popping up everywhere. They are constantly impressing us with toys that we would easily value at well over twice the asking price. has the Rock Chick listed at $49, and they constantly have deals going on over there. Such as pick up your Rock Chick, grab something us from their awesome selection worth about $25 and you qualify for free US shipping.

We were super happy with the Rock Chick by Rocks Off, and are glad we’ve finally found a c-shaped vibe that could do what even the most pricey and popular types could not. There’s no other way to say it, the Rock Chick rocks!

The judging

Well, let’s see how well exactly the Rock Chick holds up:

  • Quality 4/5
  • Power 4/5
  • Flexibility 5/5
  • O-factor 5/5
  • Features 3/5

84% is not too shabby, the major drawback we found was the lack of storage options and while an excellent toy, it felt like it could have used a few more bells and whistles. It’s still a pretty damn good toy and we highly recommend anyone who was unhappy with the WeVibe check this Chick out! She rocks!




Rocks Off Sent us the Rock Chick in exchange for a honest review, to buy one of your own click the banner above!