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Fleshlight Girls (Lisa Ann) Review

Lisa Ann Fleshlight

When it comes to male toys, there’s one name that has become a pretty common household name. Hell, I bet you $10 your dear old granny has heard of the Fleshlight. Seriously, go ask her if you don’t believe me. Who can blame her though, they boast themselves to be ‘the worlds most popular male sex toy’, and honestly, I’d believe it. Who would have thought sticking your penis in a flashlight would have been such a novel idea? Well, someone did, and because I love you all so much I thought, “Well, I guess for my readers I’ll stick my dick in a flashlight.” (Warning: I in no way advocate you stick your penis into an ACTUAL flashlight!)

Intro to the toy

For this review I tested the Fleshlight girls: Lisa Ann model, mostly because I liked the inside design featured on the box. Most standard Fleshlight cases are the same size, all except the Fleshlight blade I believe. The standard case is approx 10 inches long, 4 inches across at the wider area, and 2.5 inches down the handle. Unless I’m mistaken, all the different inserts (non-blade) are universally interchangeable, which is very nice due to the amount of options there is. You can pick up everything from standard model to stamina trainers, vaginas to mouths to anuses, pornstar models to their “freaks” line with the likes of cyborg, alien, vampire, zombie and more. The insert is composed of a phthalate free combination of mineral oil and rubber polymers. The exact recipe is a closely guarded company secret, affectionately dubbed “SuperSkin”. The outside case is a hard plastic, and comes in a variety of different colour options, such as black, blue, white, pearl, silver and even clear (for those narcissistic masturbators). There are accessories you can purchase like shower mounts, iPad adapters, sleeve warmers etc that I did not test out in this review. The weight of the Fleshlight isn’t bad considering size and shape.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight
Lisa Ann Fleshlight


What I liked about the Lisa Ann fleshlight

So, the good? Let’s start there. The first time, and subsequently every time after that I opened this bad boy up, I noticed something very distinct. The smell! That’s right, this thing smells so good, the material they use is awesome to the touch, but AMAZING to the nose. Every single time I open this thing up, I spend at least a few minutes marvelling at the awesome aroma of this thing ( and I don’t care if that makes me weird!) I really wish all toys smelled this good.

When It comes to male stroker toys, I’m a texture kinda guy, and the more the better. The standard model, personally wouldn’t have been my thing texture wise, so I opted for this heavier involved insert. I’m actually quite glad I chose this model cause it works and works very well. It’s probably one of if not the best male strokers I have found yet. It’s insanely detailed, feels amazing, and really really works. I slipped this bad boy on and before I knew it, it was over. I’m not a hard guy to please, but there have been a lot of strokers that i could have easily fallen asleep while trying to get off. Not this one, this had me going, going, going and gone before I knew what hit me. Also, I can’t get over how well sculpted the outside vagina is, small touch, but I love the attention to detail.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight side view
Lisa Ann Fleshlight side view


What I didn’t like about the toy

It’s not all super peaches and roses in Fleshlight land though, but most all of my complaints are easily forgivable. First off, this thing gets cold, real cold. Knowing how much I do like this device, I will probably be ordering the warmer to go with it. If you don’t want to shell out the money though, a good bit of advice is to take the insert out and run it under hot water prior to use. If not, you will turn yourself junk into a penis-sicle. Please use warm water, and make sure you never boil or microwave this product, use your head guys! I also found I had to use a more than copious amount of a good water based lube, but that’s not a huge problem. After use, you can easily clean the Fleshlight with warm to hot water, no soap. The insert can easily be flushed, and if you absolutely need to give it a deep clean, a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol will do the trick. Fleshlight also makes their own cleaner, fleshwater, that can be use in cleaning and care. Make sure you allow it to air dry afterward! While Fleshlight claims the material to be body safe, not knowing exactly the contents of the material could mean it could potentially be porous or even harbour mold… So please use every precaution and keep your toys clean! I would NOT RECOMMEND sharing this toy without a condom.

My only other real complaint with it is the insert I got, the texture part really doesn’t start right away, it’s very smooth and flat for the first bit before it moves on to the textured cavity. While this isn’t a huge problem, it would have been nice to see the texture come closer to the entrance of the toy.

My only other complaint was a personal one, having only seen the option to buy this model with a white case… But I guess it’s not a big deal. I just feel kinda of like I’m fucking a giant marshmallow flashlight, and I would have preferred black.

Price wise, i spent about $70 on mine, which I figure is a pretty good deal. I think I got more than my money’s worth, and would have been comfortable paying over $100 for it. I bought this item out of pocket, and if it mysteriously vanished, I probably would shell out the cash to pick up another.


So Fleshlight, how did we rank you? For texture I’d say 4/5, for price 5/5, for effectiveness 4/5, for marshmallowness 11/5, bulkiness 2/5, and for care and longevity 4/5. You did well, giant marshmallow fuckable flashlight, very well. I think I’ll keep you around. If you are looking for a good stroker, and you have the extra funds, I do recommend giving this one a shot. After all, how often can you say you fucked a pornstars flashlight vagina? Guess I can now.

I bought and paid for this item, and have in no way been compensated for it. My review would never be dishonest even I had been. As always, find me on Twitter @teasefortwo

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Mini Review: Fleshlight Warmer Review

Fleshlight warmer review

Fleshlight Warmer Review

Mini Review Sponsored by Fleshlight

We have done a couple Fleshlight reviews now for those of you that have seen and if not take a look, we’ve reviewed the Lisa Ann and Alien Duo. We have always said that it is clammy and kind of icky when you use it cold. So Fleshlight suggests running it under warm water, if you have that kind of time, or you could get the Warmer that they sell as an added feature.

This is pretty straight forward so there isn’t a whole lot to tell about it, it is a phallic shaped thin piece of a plastic covered metal, so it won’t damage your Fleshlight in the least. It also has a safety shut off feature so that if you do happen to accidentally leave it on it will shut off and not damage anything. That being said however this is not meant to be left plugged in for long periods of time. It comes with all the accessories that you need, including the wall charger and usb cable, and is a dandy way to warm up your Fleshlight before use.

Our experience with this was great, it didn’t get overly boiling stinking hot so that you couldn’t touch it but it was nice and warm. We liked this a lot better than running the whole thing under hot water, and it took less time to heat up and held the heat better. We agree with Fleshlight that their product is best used warm and would definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone with a Fleshlight. It’s actually a reasonably good price at around 35 dollars, or you can get it in a bundle on the Fleshlight site.

We would definitely recommend this to everyone we know that has a Fleshlight, this thing is the bees knees and we have yet to find any real down falls in it. We enjoyed it and we think that others with a Fleshlight would probably enjoy it too.

We recieved this product is an exchange for a honest review, to get your own please use the banner above.

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The Fluffer by Primal Hardwere

The Fluffer

by Primal Hardwere 


Have to admit, we like the exotic shapes, and we aren’t super overly fond of the classic penis shaped dildo. We love texture, and love it when a sex toy is also a work of art. This time we look at something with both those qualities, the Fluffer by Primal Hardwere.



So this is a simply stated dildo that is designed to be similar to that of a fox penis. This is perfect for anyone who is into unique shapes, designs or into role play furryism or any of that. We love love loved this exotic dildo. These are a premium made high quality silicone dildo, so as we all should know by now please only use water based lubricant with it. A water based lubricant goes a long way when it comes to silicone toys and most importantly won’t warp the toy. Since this is made with a high quality silicone it is super easy to clean with hot soapy water, dry with a lint free towel, because silicone attracts lint and furry things like you wouldn’t believe ( Trust us we have cats and dogs EEEEK).


We love that these come in a variety of firmness’s so you can pick whatever one you like. We are not a huge fan of anything super duper hard so we chose to go with a medium firmness and have to say that it’s almost perfect. Like they say not to hard, not to soft, but juuuuuuuuuust right. They also come in a variety of colours so no matter whether you like something more natural or something more out there they have the perfect one for you. We love something thats more out there and love that they can accommodate almost anyone.



Okay for all of you that may be wondering exactly what the specs are on this well we are more than happy to provide them for you.

  • Total Length: 8.25″
  • Usable Length: 7″
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.67″
  • Shaft Circumference: 5.25″
  • Knot Diameter:2.5″
  • Knot Circumference: 7.125″

As you may know we aren’t super into size around these parts, however this one was quite comfortable to use and didn’t stretch anything to much.


Our Opinion

So what did we think? We thoroughly enjoyed this dildo, it had just enough texture to rub all the right spots properly and not scratch the pelvic bone or anything icky like the problems we have had in the past. We loved that this was not a super hard super firm silicone and that it did have some give to it. It made for a much more comfortable orgasm when you can squeeze and have something give a little with your body as opposed to not really moving at all. All in all we have to say that our experience with the Fluffer was a totally awesome one and we would recommend it to anyone and everyone, so if you’ll excuse me it’s time to go run up and down the street waving my Fluffer in the air!


The Ratings Game

  • Design : 9/10
  • Firmness: 10/10
  • Length: 9/10
  • Colour: 10/10
  • Desire to Reuse: 9/10

So how did it stack up? 94% pretty darn good if we do say so ourselves, yay Primal Hardwere.





We we recieved or Fluffer in exchange for a honest review, to get one of your own or to check out Primal Hardwere’s other awesome toys, please use the banner above

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The Game of Sex – Review

From drinking to awkward positions. Laugh out loud questions to many many baseball references. This time up to the plate is The Game of Sex, an adult theme board game. Will it strike out or be a home run, let’s see!

The Company

These guys were exceptionally nice, they reached out to us and offered us the chance to review their game. After reading SluttyGirlProblems review of it, we jumped at the chance to check it out ourselves. We have had sex themed board games in the past, and loving those we were anxiously awaiting our mail lady person to drop off this box in particular. As we understand, this is all run by a couple, not a big business. So while not everything is streamlined, it’s easier to forgive certain things. We, however, were asked to give our opinion, the good and bad, so here we go…

The packaging and setup

We liked the thought that went into designing the storage of The Game of Sex, it is a very unassuming box that would fit in perfectly with your other board games. In fact, except for the title ‘The Game of sex’ printed on the box, you could easily mistake it for any other board game on your shelf. Trivial pursuit ain’t never been nothin’ like this, though!

Inside the box, it’s all nicely and neatly set out, which makes storage a breeze. The cards have their place, the pieces and dice their own, and the board site nicely on top of everything to make sure that nothing shifts too much. Putting away you game after use is a breeze, which is appreciated seeing as what this game eventually leads up to.
I mean, who wants to do much cleaning after sex? Not us!

Setup was simple, and after the first time I was easily able to set it up again in under a few minutes, no complicated mousetraps to build here. We do have one major complaint about the colour scheme. Black background with green and purple is NOT sexy in the least. The words in green were not the easiest thing to read and it came off as more ‘cheap looking’ than elegant. This is more of a personal preference, but I would have loved it to have been lighter colours, black and lime green…. Little bit of a mood killer.

The Rules, spaces and Cards

The basic rules of The Game of Sex are quite simple, set up the board, roll the dice and move counterclockwise. Depending on which ” base” you are headed to, you draw a card corresponding to that then read the category of the space you’ve landed on from the card. As an example, if you just started for first base, roll and land on “single” space, you would grab a 1st base card and read the “single” section off then card? It’s easy to figure out.

As for the cards, there are four sets. They are 1st base, 2nd, 3rd and home plate. Each category kicks it up a notch from 1st bases’ mild teasing and kissing, to home plates’ follow along with a porno movie and full on sexual position suggestions. 3rd base offers some oral positions as well, some of which make this game very interesting.

Our experience, the good and bad

Gonna start with the good here. The Game of Sex made us laugh, it helped us learn new things about each other, and if you throw you inhibitions out the window, it makes for a fun time. Like I said, it was easy to set up and deconstruct. It can be modified it a million different ways to make it more interesting. If you ever wanted to be instructed on what to do to each other from an outside source, or have any interest in playing a sex themed, board style drinking game… You might just be their target audience!

However, we are not

We are not really drinkers, not really amused with the cheeky baseball references, we were very put off on the colour scheme, amount of additional props and we are most certainly NOT master yogis!

The Game of Sex wants you to use a LOT of props. Cuffs, floggers, booze, sauces, syrups, fruit, vibrators, porn magazines, porn movies…… just to name a few! Granted, you are advised that you can alter this in any which way to make the game your own, this is still a hefty list of recommended outside items. We would liked it better had it only required items included with the game itself.

Towards the end of the game, the 3rd base and home plate cards start having a “try this position” spot. Illustrated by what appeared to be multiple artists, sometimes the sleek silhouettes seem to grow facial features, appear like they are trying to grab something, or are spreading their fingers or toes in the V Spock hand gesture from Star Trek. With the 3rd base being oral, mostly, I think and… home plate being intercourse, the positions are pretty straight forward, while some of them are pretty far reaching. Although it did make for a good laugh, I refuse to even try standing on my head while receiving oral! Sorry, not gonna happen.

So if not for us, then who would we recommend this to?

If someone asked me to pay $30 for  The Game of Sex now that I’ve played it, I probably wouldn’t. Doesn’t mean it an awful game, they have reviews and award nominations that says it’s not. Just mean it’s not for us. I’d buy this game for newer couples looking to learn more about their partner, and even older couples looking to reignite. This game WILL teach you a lot about each other…. including just how flexible you really are!

We were sent The Game of Sex in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. If you would like to pick up you own copy, just click the picture above!

As always, find us on Twitter @TeaseForTwo

Special thanks to SluttyGirlProblems for the permission to link to their site, check out more from them here!

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Nomi Tang Infiniti – The Review

Nomi Tang Infiniti

So as many of you know we recently did a review of Nomi Tangs Better Than Cocolate 2. Long story short, we were blown away with how much we liked such a little toy. So after this, we were ready to see what Nomi Tang could bring to the table when it came to a full-size vibrator. Well I’ll tell you what they brought, they brought their A-Game. After using the Nomi Tang Infiniti, we began to realize that Nomi Tang really was a top class contender, and also wondered why they weren’t nearly as much of a household name as some companies that release products that are twice as expensive. This company really knows what its doing, and we are so glad we’ve found them. Today we look at Nomi Tangs rabbit-style vibrator, the Infiniti.


While Nomi Tangs packaging may not be as high quality as some more expensive products, it is definitely top of its class within its price range. From the gorgeous both to the soft satin style bedding the toy rests on, we are almost not sad that the Infiniti doesn’t come with a storage bag. In packaging this nice, we are glad to store in its original box. That’s actually saying a lot.


The Infiniti is made of a body safe silicone, is rechargeable, waterproof, features two super power motors, multiple different modes, and has a nice smart handle that we found easy to hold onto.

Body safe FDA grade silicone, that means this toy is great quality, doesnt have any risk of phthalates, and is non-porous. It also means that when you go to use lube with this toy, make sure that it is a high quality water based lube (hint: get some from Nomi Tang when you pick up your Infiniti).

The rechargeable battery is said to last 1.5 hours and takes very little time to charge. I will admit it was a little odd to charge the first time because while the charging spot on the vibe was easy enough to find, it looked to be covered in silicone. I wasnt sure quite what to do until I finally gave in and just attempted to poke it through the silicone. It went in just fine, having what appears to be a flap that moves when the charger is inserted and back in place when taken out. I can only imagine this is for the waterproof aspect of the toy.


Another cool feature about the Infiniti. it has not one but two really powerful motors, on in the gspot insertable end, while the other is in the clitoral stimulator. This also means that each motor has separate controls and can independently run the featured 5 different modes. Do you like long steady vibrations on your gspot but a short pulses on your clitoris? No problem, Nomi Tang has you covered. I hate to say this is an underused feature on most vibrators, which is a shame because it is awesome.

Want to know just how badly Nomi Tang stands behind their product? They offer a 1 year warranty on the Infiniti, which to me says they have full confidence in their toy.


Being made of ultra safe silicone and being waterproof also makes this toy incredibly easy to clean. Just spray with your favourite toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and rinse with warm water. No fuss, just the way we like it.


Our Experience

So, if I was shipped off to a secluded island and was asked to pick a rabbit-style vibrator, the Infiniti would be in my top 3 with a strong consideration for the number one spot. There is very little not to like about this toy. Seriously, if you find something, let me know. I guess more than 5 speeds would be nice, but honestly we prefer the sustained vibrations and generally steer clear of the patterns, but on this one we even liked them. Different people like different vibrators, but we loved this one. It is most certainly going to be coming out to play often!

The Ruling

So Infiniti, you know we liked you, but how much exactly? Lets have a look:

  • Design 5/5
  • Power 5/5
  • Friendly design 4.5/5
  • Battery Life 4/5
  • Reusability 4.5/5

92%! Pretty Damn good if you ask me.This is an outstanding product, why are you not buying one yet?!

We recieved the Nomi Tang Infiniti in exchange for a honest review. To pick up yoursclick the banner above.

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Introducing the Lily 2

lelo lily 2


Introducing  the Lelo Lily 2

So again we have the pleasure and privledge to get a new peek at something coming from Lelo, an upgrade to the Lily, the all new Lelo Lily 2. The Lelo Lily 2 is meant to be a more innovative twist on the original product. It has been made more powerful, is waterproof, and did we mention that it’s scent infused? Yep it is which might we say is a very interesting thing to behold.

The Lily 2 comes in three different colours all of which have a corresponding scent that accompanies them. They are not perfumed but scented in a specific way of adding hot and cold to the silicone when it is being made. We think this is a pretty inventive idea. We were concerned when we heard the word scented, but the scent is so mild it’s not a big deal for us at all. They come in Bordeaux and chocolate, Lavender and Honey, and Rose and Wisteria. We have only gotten the one scent so far and it is not overly obtrusive. While there has been quite a bit of chatter around the old water cooler about the purpose of the addition of a scent, Lelo says it like lighting a candle to enhance the mood, that the Lily 2 is just meant to enhance.

lelo lily 2

Lelo seems to have embraced the idea of open-faced packaging, similar to what we saw with the Loki.

Lelo is such a fun and inventive company that they keep coming out with new concepts and designs and making the older designs they have better. We love that they are made with body safe materials and are specially designed to not only work well but look beautiful too. We look forward to anything new that Lelo comes out with, with a Christmas morning-esque anticipation.

With that we will leave you to think about the Lily 2 and let you know that our review of it will be coming up soon. In the meantime, check out this video prepared by Lelo.


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Jopen Vr4

Jopen Vr4


This is a unique vibrator, with a contoured shape made to fit to most women’s bodies, it seems to be a great idea. Made out of a premium quality silicone, it like most silicone toys, is completely waterproof. However this also means that you have to be very picky when it comes to picking the proper lubrication for use with this toy. Please always be cautious when you learn it is a silicone toy and use a water based lubricant, as a silicone based lubricant can warp and harm the toy. Since it is a silicone toy that makes clean up extremely simple, just use hot soapy water and clean off the toy. However be careful to store it in a bag away from other silicone toys, the bag also protects from any hair as silicone tends to attract hairs like they are going out of style.
This toy comes with dual motors, and hi tech features that make the toy react to squeezing or allow you to have the control. All in all the motors and the vibration functions were fantastic we loved the strength and the variety it had when it came to vibrating. This was surprising as we don’t usually except a great vibration from a lot of the toys we receive. However this one definitely did exceed our expectations and did exactly what it claimed to do.
Rechargeable… Do I really need to say more? I do? Are you Sure? Well I suppose I should probably go into detail about this one. The Jopen Vr4 has a lithium ion battery it comes with a recharging cord for ease of charge. As with most lithium ion batteries we have come across it has a life of about 2-4 hours depending upon how high of vibration and how vigorously you are using it. What we love about it is that you can charge it for a couple hours and then once you are done with it put it away and still be able to use it the next week. No batteries required, no midnight runs to the gas station hoping and praying that they have the right kind of batteries. Nope no more of that for us, since we love the rechargeable feature.
Travel lock, this is a feature we don’t get in to as much as we probably should since we are avid travellers and we know lots of other people out there are as well. We have been lucky enough to never have anything start buzzing as we go through baggage claim, or security at the airport but can’t imagine how awful that would have to be. So this one comes with a travel lock, a feature that locks the toy so that it will not turn on if it pushes against something or someone accidentally hits it. We love this feature just for the ease and for the lack of embarrassment, i’m pretty sure Mrs Tease would go bright red if something like that ever happened in an airport. So thus we are quite happy with the Travel lock feature.



Our Opinion

Well we have to admit that we liked a lot of the features in the Jopen Vr4, but there was one that just didn’t work for our body type. That was the shape, yep it was totally the wrong shape for this body, and was rather uncomfortable to use. The vibration was solid and enjoyable but the insertable portion of it was just not shaped right and rubbed in all the wrong places. We loved it so much  that it was sad to find out that the shape just didn’t work for us. It is just flat out was uncomfortable, making it a no go for us. The insertable part hit the wrong spots, missing the g-spot and instead giving the pelvic bone a good rumble, ouch! But just because it didn’t work for us doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, everyone’s  body is different and if you like the looks and are looking for good vibration please definitely give this one a try it’s totally worth it.


The Ratings Game


  • Desire to Reuse 6/10
  • Design                 8/10
  • Vibration            9/10
  • Power                  9/10
  • Shape.                 6/10


Well how did it shape up? 74% well it’s a pass but not the best rating we’ve ever given something, most of this did however have to do with the fact that it just wasn’t right for our body shape.

Love dreamer



We recieved the Jopen Vr4 from LoveDreamer in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own please click the banner above.

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Lelo Alia

Lelo Alia


Is it an egg? or a Disc? Whatever could this little device be?



As always Lelo outdoes themselves on their packaging with the Lelo Alia, elegant and absolutely beautiful. It comes with a little satin bag and feels like your opening a christmas present when it gets there. Satin lined boxes and the sleek clean design make you feel like you should be opening a box from Tiffany’s. We love that it always comes with everything you could possibly need to use it. A charger, batteries whatever it may be Lelo includes it in their packaging. These have to be Mrs. Tease’s favourite boxes to receive just because of their appearance alone. They always out do themselves when it comes to the simplest thing… Packing.




Lelo products are almost always made out of a body safe ABS plastic and a medical grade silicone. This one is no exception, and this of course makes it waterproof for all those fun places you want to get wet. However with all other silicone based toys please be safe and use a water based lubricant. We can’t stress enough that silicone lubricants will cause the silicone to warp and discolour and can cause serious problems to the toy itself. So please be smart pick out your favourite water based lubricant with this one.
This little vibrator comes with six count them six settings so you can pick your favourite or try them all out. The sky is totally the limit when it comes to what you want to do with this little guy. The shape is super unique and because of it you can do a lot of interesting things with it. You can use it like your normal bullet vibrator, you can loop your fingers through the hole, you can tease your partner with it by placing the hole around things such as nipples etc. The controls are super easy to use and on the exterior of the toy so you can find them and it makes usage so simple.
Anyone who has read any of our previous posts knows that this is something we absolutely love, it’s rechargeable. We love the rechargeable toys, it cuts out the need for batteries or replacing batteries or bringing it out and it being dead and having to scramble for batteries. You can tell we don’t really love the batteries now can’t you? Since it is rechargeable it has a life of around 4 hours of constant use. I don’t know what you could possibly be doing with it for four hours but that is what i am told. It also has a shelf life of around 90 days, so you could have it fully charged and put it in your drawer and not have to worry about it being dead the next time you bring it out. We love love love this as a feature. Since we have a few toys they don’t all get used all the time so being able to bring it out to play and knowing it will still work is super.




Our Opinion

As always we need to include what we thought. Well little Lelo Alia our new little friend, we did enjoy you.  We loved the different uses we could find for you and look forward to finding as many more as possible.

We loved that this was discreet as well, to be totally honest  it got left in the shower one day and no one noticed, not visitors not the child no one. So again well done Lelo you have done it again. We didn’t love that it didn’t have a lot of variables when it came to vibration. Mrs Tease is a bit of a vibration snob so it takes a bit for her to totally love the vibration of something. However if you compared this to a normal bullet it would totally take the cake.


The Ratings Game

  • Design:                  9/10
  • Desire to Reuse:  9/10
  • Vibration:             8/10
  • Power:                  10/10
  • Discreetness:        9/10

So how did it stack up? 90%! Not bad at all. All in all we did enjoy this toy, and as with all Lelo products it made a definite impression.







We recieved or Lelo Alia in exchange for a honest review from the wonderful folks at Trystology, if you want to try your very own please use the banner above!

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Lelo Oden 2: the ultimate sex toy for couples?

Two things we can safely say about Lelo’s Oden 2. Number one, it is the nicest cock ring we have ever seen. Number two, this is by far the coolest sex toy we have EVER had, and we do have a decent size collection! This is not just some cock ring with a little bullet stuck inside, this is a real luxury sex toy! Lelo knocked it out of the park with this one. Out of the park, across the street, through a few windows, into another park and then out of that park! From the packaging, to the material, to those rumbly rumbles, we are in love with the Oden 2.

Now, the Oden 2 is a very unique toy, or set of toys, or toy plus usable toy remote or whatever. See what we mean? As such, this review is going to have to be broken down just a little bit more than usual. By the way, that’s right, this thing is indeed a remote-controlled sex toy! We also know that a lot of people have nicknamed this toy the Jedi Mind Trick (see below), but playing with this thing, we kept thinking this HAS to be the kind of sex toy invention that Q would have cooked up for James Bond. Seriously, this thing just gets more and more amazing as we go along!


The Oden 2 is part of Lelo’s Insignia Line, and if you haven’t heard of it before, it basically just means that unless you are wearing a tuxedo, you are bound to feel underdressed when you open up the box. Sleek and stylish, the little black box opens up to two form fitted slots holding the vibrating ring and the remote. To the side of that is a raised cardboard flap that unveils a hidden compartment, housing the extra open faced ring attachment, the charging cord and a nice little storage bag for travel. We personally like to keep the products in their packaging between uses, but we will no doubt be using this bag for travel a fair bit. The packaging is very fitting of the treasures inside, really hitting the nail on the head that this truly is a best of the best sex toy for couples.



So, like I said earlier, the Oden 2 comes in two pieces. I’m gonna break down each one, then we will talk about them as a unit.

First up, the men’s ring. There is actually two rings included, a closed normal style cock ring and an slightly open ring that better resembles the letter “C” than the formers more standard letter “O” shape. The open ring allows a little more freedom of adjustability and comfort for those of us who don’t prefer to have the life strangled out of our penis’. Screwing onto your chosen ring is the rechargeable vibrating bulb of sorts. Unscrewed you can look on the inside of the threading you can see where the charging cord plugs in. (Side note: the cord is misleading in that it doesn’t seem to plug in all the way, don’t force it, it works fine). Both pieces are made of or coated with an unbelievably soft silicone.

That brings us to the disk, or the remote, or the whatever. Basically the remote is a little disk that can be used to control the ring, but more on that later. The disk once turned on, shares the same vibration pattern as the ring, and can be easily be used as a standalone clitoral stimulator. The disk, oh the disk. The disk is honestly where my few complaints about the Oden 2 stem from. First, it’s loud, especially when compared to the ring. I would venture to say it’s about 50% louder than the ring, and while it’s not a huge deal, it could possibly be heard through a bedroom door in a quiet house. My other complaint is the disc/remote is battery operated. That’s right, half of this toy is rechargeable and the other half will have you reaching for your AAA’s (the ones that Lelo is nice enough to provide you). The battery compartment is behind a plastic backing on the disc that must be twisted off using either a key provided or the palm of your hand. I never knew if I was putting it on right or not and maybe this was the source of the added noise. Lelo, you’re so close, make an identical Oden 3 and make the disc fully covered in silicone, with the battery being rechargeable via inductive charging. Hell, make both pieces this way, and you have the perfect sex toy for couples.

That brings us to the Jedi Mind Trick I was referring to earlier. You see, the standard setting on the ring allows for the remote to control the vibration intensity by turning the remote from a flat 0 degree to 90 degree angle. That’s right, he who has the remote controls the one ring, brings a whole new meaning to Lord (or Lady) of the rings! Both pieces are completely waterproof so either piece could be used in the shower or bath. It’s just that damned plastic backing on the remote that left us holding our breath when we put it in water the first time. (Seriously Lelo, get on it, then send us one so I can say that I have the perfect couples sex toy!)

Cleaning & Upkeep

Silicone. We love silicone. Easy to keep clean, just a little bit of toy cleaner and/or warm water and anti-bacterial soap and you are good to go. This is a safe clean toy, non-porous, phthalate free and hypoallergenic, what’s not to love about a good quality product? The only downside to silicone is you have to be careful or dust and hair, it’s very much a magnet for it. Lelo also recommends after cleaning to pat it dry with a lint free towel, and to absolutely NEVER boil it. Being silicone, you also want to make sure you use a good quality water based lube, and never ever use silicone lube. Keep it out of direct sunlight, don’t feed it after midnight, all the common sense stuff.

His thoughts

“I love this thing! I’ve used it in couples play, to enhance masturbation, I’ve even tried it in the shower. This is the only cock ring I can say I’ve done that with. It feels great, I really appreciate the open ring, it’s just what I’ve been looking for in a cock ring! This also has to be one of, if not the best sex toy for couples that I have ever seen!”

Her  thoughts

”Plastic backing aside, I love this toy! For a ‘remote’ the disc definitely has some rumble to it. It is one of the best clitoral stimulators I’ve had in recent memory. For couples play it’s amazing, even without the disc I can still feel a large big of the vibrations that come off of his ring. This is going near the top of our favourites list!”

The Verdict

So, Lelo Oden 2, you delivered. With the exception of a few minor design complaints, you are one the the best sex toys we have ever had. Let’s see how ya scored.

  • Innovation 5/5
  • Execution 5/5
  • Design 4.7/5
  • James Bondness 11/5
  • Fun 5/5
  • “O” Factor 4/5

Hot damn, Oden 2, you rock! Although at a hedty price tag of $200, you may be asking yourself if it’s really worth it. The answer? Yes it is, pamper yourself, pamper your partner. Put on your best tux or black dress and have a martini. We recommend you try this if your a fan or cock rings, and we only hope you enjoy it half as much as us!



We received the Oden 2 from Lelo in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. If you would like your own, click the picture above!

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Lelo Loki Review

Lelo Loki

New lelo

The Lelo Loki was the second of the two items in our goody bag from Lelo for their new line of prostate massagers and we must say it did not disappoint. With the usual Lelo beauty and flair, the Loki a beautiful toy in a beautifully wrapped package. Welcome to the Lelo Loki Review.

Details of the Lelo Loki

So lets first start with what it’s made out of? The insertable portion of the Loki is made out of high quality body safe silicone, and the handle is made out of an ABS plastic. This makes it body safe as well as completely waterproof, so it is good for whatever adventures and mischief you wish to get into. However since it is silicone when using this product please be sure to use a water based lubricant. A water based lubricant will not cause the silicone to warp or change in any way where a silicone based lubricant would. We can’t emphasize the importance of knowing what your toys are made out of and what kinds of lubricants to use with them.

This is a rechargeable toy, one of our favourite kinds, it comes with a USB recharger cord. It stays fully charged for around an hour give or take a few minutes depending on how high you have it set up. The Loki takes 2 hours to charge straight out of the box, please follow this one, if you don’t charge it fully you won’t get the full use out of it and that could be sad if your using it and it dies. It also has a standby mode of around 90 days so it should stay charged for quite awhile. However we always like to recharge it at least for a little while before use to make sure it has it’s full potential when we use it.

Wow, what can we say about the shape of it though? It was perfectly designed with a slight curve to hit the prostate and a stability ring at the base to stop any unnecessary wriggling. It is about 1.5 inches in diameter making it not super huge by any stretch, and has around 5- 7 inches of insertable length depending on how daring you are wishing to be at that time.

As with all Lelo products it comes with these beautiful little touches like our absolute favourite, the silk bag. Since silicone toys attract hairs and if they are near another silicone toy can cause warping we can’t begin to explain how much we appreciate the bag. It keeps it clean for one, so once you are done washing it in hot soapy water or in the top rack of the dishwasher you have somewhere safe to put it where it won’t attract hair. You can also sleep safely knowing that it won’t rub or warp itself or any of your other toys around it. It seems like a really simple touch but we and Lelo seem to know the huge importance of this. Lelo seem to prove time and time again they can dish out some of the best sex toys around.

Lelo Loki in blue
Lelo Loki in blue

Our Opinions of the Loki

So we are still relatively new to prostate play as stated in our Hugo review, where we didn’t have problems with the Hugo we had a few size issues with the Loki. It was a little large for Mr Teases liking and thus it wasn’t as effective as we know it totally could be. We did play with all six of the various settings and found that you can start out slow or ease yourself up to high and have the most amazing orgasm of your life. However one slight downside. The controls on the handle make solo play a little harder.

We have to say that like most Lelo products it was super quiet, and you couldn’t hear it if you weren’t listening for it. This is by far one of the strongest vibrating toys we have yet to see from Lelo and we didn’t think they could get to much stronger. But as usual we were pleasantly surprised by Lelo and there ever evolving motors. The curve of the Loki was not to immense and thus made it quite easy to hit the right spot of the prostate. All in all if you are not super new to prostate play or anxious about size,we can’t imagine anything better than the Lelo Loki to get yourself into some mischief.


Who we would recommend the Loki to:

  • Experienced users of these type of toys.
  • Couples who like to use toys on each other.
  • Anyone who seeks quality.


Who we would NOT recommend the Loki to:

  • People looking for a first toy of this kind (due to size get a Hugo or Bruno)
  • People looking for a hands free experience (again, get a Hugo)




Lelo sent us the Loki in exchange for a honest review, to get one please use the banner above.

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