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Ovo E6 Review

Ovo E6

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A new rabbit vibrator? It’s almost like christmas except were pretty sure Santa wouldn’t leave this one in my stocking for all to see. It’s the Ovo E6, and it is sexy as hell!


So as you already know this is a rabbit vibrator from our lovely friends over at OVO. It’s made out of a silicone body safe material, because of this it means that it is waterproof. Also because it is made out of silicone it means that you must and we repeat must use a water based lubricant. We always say this in our reviews but it’s a very important fact. Silicone based lubricants will cause the silicone of the toy to warp and distort. So please just don’t do it, find a spectacular water based lubricant that you love, we can recommend some if need be and use that. However since it is silicone that means that you can comfortably wash it in hot soapy water or throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

We here at Tease For Two are all about our rechargeable toys, if they weren’t we are pretty sure we would spend a small fortune in batteries a year. This rabbit comes with a usb recharger and stays charged for at least 2 hours of full use in our experience and probably will stay charged for about a month before needing a full recharge again. But in our experience always charge up your toys before you use them because the worst thing that can happen is that you run out of juice right at the worst moment or best moment depends how you look at it.

Oh how we love the motors that they make in Germany, and this is no exception to this rule. It’s a super quiet vibrator that has more power than lots of others we have seen. It has 7 different program settings so you can find that perfect fit for whatever you like. Oh and did we mention the best part? Not only does that rabbit portion vibrate but the handle portion can also vibrate. So it is a multi use tool, use it as a rabbit or just use it as a vibrating wand and use the handle the options and nearly limitless.

There is one last thing we absolutely have to mention because not all companies have this kind of policy. The OVO E6 has a 15 year warranty on it, so if something happens to it you are totally covered and won’t lose your favourite toy. We love when companies offer warranties then if anything happens you know you are totally covered and that the company has your back.

Our Thoughts

We love rabbit vibrators with a deep and almost unnatural passion, but finding the perfect one has been a challenge. This one definitely had it’s positives, it didn’t curve to much so there wasn’t really a lot of pelvic scraping, which has been a problem in the past. However the problem we came across with this rabbit is one we find quite common at least for Mrs Tease’s body, is that the part that is supposed to vibrate against the clit doesn’t hit it properly. It has to be jammed all the way in for the rabbit portion to vibrate against her clit. Now this is just a personal body issue that we continue to have and continue to look to fix. We loved that the handle vibrated as well though because that made it multi use and we love when we can use things for multiple purposes.

The Ratings Game

Design 8/10
Vibration 9/10
Shape 8/10
Usability 10/10
Desire to Reuse 9/10

So even though the rabbit part wasn’t perfect it stacked up pretty well, at a 86% it didn’t do to bad at all. We enjoyed the versatility it brought to the table.


We recieved our Ovo E6 in exchange for a honest review from Ovo, but you can get your very own from our good friends at SheVibe, just use the banner above!