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Nuru Massage Review – Mr Nori’s Magic Gel

Slick, slippery, gooey and everything awesome in the universe, we had quite an awesome time with Mr Nori’s Magic Gel Nuru Massage Oil/Gel substance. I have a hard time calling it anything other than gel, maybe super sexy slime. Needless to say, ever since we first heard about this stuff, we’ve been aching to do a Nuru massage review! So strip down, gel up, and prepare for the ultimate sexy slip n slide experience, cause this time it is the Mr Nori’s Magic Gel Nuru Massage Review, and if that isn’t a mouthful, we don’t know what is!


Composed of nori seaweed, grape seed extract, aloe vera and chamomile, Nuru gel is an all natural, super slippery massage oil. It is non-toxic, body safe, tasteless, oderless and safe for internal use. That means, whenever you’ve had enough slip sliding all over each other and can’t hold yourselves back any longer, you can feel at ease about oral and intercourse. It also means it leaves your skin feeling very smooth and refreshed.

The massage

Mr Nori’s was kind enough to pass along a few tips that make a world of difference, so for this Nuru massage review, I’m gonna let you in on the secret to a successful massage. First thing you’re gonna wanna do it put down a plastic sheet and get some towels, this stuff is fun as hell but it IS MESSY. That is part of the point, after all. Next sit your container of gel in some warm water for 20 mins or so to bring it up to temperature while in the container. While you’re doing this, have a steamy shower together and pat dry each other, don’t fully dry off as this will help the massage down the road! Mixing equal parts warm water and gel, have your partner lay down while you coat yourself in the gel mixture. Now the fun begins! Use your slick body to rub all over your partners, applying more gel as needed… And have fun! Mr Nori’s also suggest using bone like elbows on soft tissue, like the bum and vice versa. The sky’s the limit, so just have some slip slidey fun!

Our experience

Awesome, pure awesome! This IS the adult version of the Slip N Slide! (Remember those?) As long as you follow the directions, this stuff is amazing, and amazingly sensual. We had an incredible time with this product multiple times, and we are looking forward to many more times the fun. (Mr Nori’s also makes a inflatable wrestling ring were thing about getting… Rawr) We both highly recommend this product, and if you have never heard tried it, what the heck are you waiting for? If you are like us and a fan of massage or other forms of sensual play, please go get some of this! If nothing else, just to try once, we cannot stress how much fun this is!

The Verdict

So Mr Nori’s mouthful Magic gel, how did ya hold up? Let’s see:

  • Sensuality 6.5/5
  • Fun 8/5
  • Fun messiness 16/5
  • Slip sliminess 100/5

Yea, surprise, we LOVED it, so much so that after writing this Nuru massage review… We so want to go play again! So get your ass out there, try this stuff, we hope you love it as much as we do!


We received Mr Nori’s Magic Gel in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. We hope you like our Nuru Massage Review, and to get your own, click the logo above!

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