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Introducing the all new Lelo Hugo, Bruno and Loki!

New lelo

Introducing the New Lelo Prostate Massagers

Come One Come All 


We have the most exciting news coming in from our good friends over at Lelo, an exclusive look at their newest of the new. Yes you heard us right Lelo is coming out with some brand new goodies and we are here to tell you a little bit about them. We can’t express how excited we are to have gotten a glimpse at these, it’s like seeing a unicorn.

This is a whole new avenue for us at least, and we are still relatively new to prostate play.  So lucky us to have a new group of male prostate toys with the excellent quality we have come to expect from Lelo. There will be three of these boys coming to us, the Loki, the Bruno and the Hugo, we have to say that we love the names. Like all of the toys we have ever received that have the Lelo name to them these come with the same phenomenal quality. All high grade silicone so they are waterproof and super silky smooth. Easy to operate controls and even a higher version in the Hugo that has the remote. So lets take a closer in depth look at everything shall we?


The Loki

New lelo

Let us start with the Loki, beautiful and elegant with all the same features we have come to expect from the other Lelo vibrators we have received. Fully rechargeable,waterproof and has an amazing 6 variable settings. With the settings all on the handle you can easily use it yourself or hand it over to your partner and let them take control. We only fear that the controls might be an issue for solo play, but that’s for our upcoming review. Stay tuned on that one.




The Bruno


The Bruno, is a sleek sophisticated toy with clean lines and beautiful soft silicone covering it. It and the Hugo (same toy with the Hugo having a remote control feature), boast themselves as the most powerful prostate massager in the world. No kidding, I turned it on and my hand went numb from holding it, so get ready for one wild ride!

The Hugo

New lelo

The Hugo, as mentioned, is the same toy as the Bruno with an added feature. This beauty comes with a moveable remote that we saw use in when we used the Oden II .This makes for great fun when it comes to allowing your partner to take control over the settings. If it is anything like what we have used in the past the remote vibrates as well and this makes for great couples play, which is what we are all about.



So now you know a little about what Lelo is bringing out but what about Lelo itself? We would love to tell you a little about the company, a Swedish company based around high end luxury products. We must admit they never fail to impress us, from their packaging to the smallest detail. Lelo always makes you feel like you are the most important customer in the world. We love dealing with them and we absolutely love using their pleasure products.



We are super excited to be able to review these new upcoming   toys, and look forward to telling everyone our thoughts and feelings. Head over to to check out these wonderful new Lelo toys. Thank you Lelo for the chance to take a sneak peek.