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Water based lube mini review: JO women H2O

Oh man, Jo H2O water based lube…. Where did we go wrong? I wanted to love you so much and I have been looking for a product to be my new go to lubrication. I mean we just reviewed the shaving cream and I loved it so much. Why why did you have to go so wrong. I mean you even say, “meet your new best friend” on the bottle, but you ended up being more like that friend who borrows money and never paid you back.

That’s right another water based lube dud, I had really high hopes with this one. We’ve been looking for a water based lube spot of our new favourite and we bought this the same time we bought the shaving cream. This one just didn’t deliver, it left a funny residue that some lubes make and it left us sticky afterward. If there’s one thing that we really really hate, it’s that awful sticky feeling afterward. I mean, it did its job, but no… It did not live up to expectation.

When we bought this product we picked it up like I said at the same time that the shave cream was bought. It comes in a bottle that is 2.5 ounces or 75 mL. It cost about $10 and for that size it wasn’t a bad deal. I just wish it would’ve worked a hell of a lot better, but I guess if you like feeling sticky afterward then this might be the product for you.

So alas I continue our search for the perfect water based lube but to each their own, this one is just not for us. JO, I forgive you for this one, as that shave cream is so near and dear to me now. I put you on a scale of 1 to 5 you would end up being somewhere around 2.5, not awful, not really good, I probably won’t buy you again.

Next up, Sliquid!

I bought and paid for this item, and have in no way been compensated for it. My review would never be dishonest even I had been. As always, find me on Twitter @teasefortwo