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Iroha Minamo by Tenga

Iroha Minamo by Tenga

If you have ever fantasized about having sex with a long vibrating marshmallow, do we have a treat for you! Today we look at the Minamo from Iroha, which is a division of Tenga. The Minamo is very unique in providing a super soft insertable vibe that just seems odd at first, but the more we used it the more we liked it. Theres something to be said when a sex toy design displays this much out of the box thinking, and Iroha does an excellent job in this.



The Minamo’s case is a thing of brilliance. It comes with a storage case that is very plain, doesn’t scream sex toy, and could easily be looked over on a shelf. This is important because the Minamo can be placed inside the box and plugged in to charge, making this one of the most discreet toys to charge we have ever seen. It even has an indicator light on the outside of the box to let you know when its charging and when it is ready for use. We left it out, in plain sight and the kid nor houseguests ever batted an eye at it. Brilliant.




So the Minamo is about 7 inches long with about 5 inches of insertable length, nothing too big. It has a distinct soft wave style pattern down the inside end to enhance pleasure for those of us who like textured toys. It does also bends slightly, but not really enough to make much of a difference. Its not an intimidating shape or size, so what does make this vibe so unique.

Well, the material is where this toy stands out so much. Its made of an incredibly soft silicone, but so soft that its squishy. You can easily push a finger in the side of it, make an indent, then watch it go back to its original shape once you remove pressure. So its basically a vibrator with the consistency of a memory foam mattress. Sounds odd, right? Well, the cool thing about this material is it will slightly form to fit your body, making it a truly unique experience.

Being made out of silicone though means it is body safe, non-porous, non-toxic and phthalate free. It is also waterproof up to a foot and a half, which really helps with cleanup. Just spray the Minamo down with your favourite toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and rinse with warm water. The Minamo also boasts that this product is lint and dust resistant, which is a really nice thing to with silicone, especially for those of us with pets!



Our Thoughts

We actually were very pleased with the Mimano, the toy is incredibly well designed. From the decent power it features to the soft supple consistency, we thought this product delivered. Really, I don’t think theres anything to complain about here, as long as you like soft thiner insertable, this toy is definitely a hidden gem! Good show, Iroha/Tenga, good show.



So lets just jump right in and see how it did, shall we?

  • Design 9/10
  • Quality 10/10
  • Vibrations 8/10
  • Reuse Potential. 10/10
  • Innovation 10/10


94%!!! Way to go Minamo! Yea this one absolutely gets a recommendation from us. While not everyone is going to enjoy it as much as we did, if you have been mulling this product over it is a must try. If you’ve never hear of the Minamo before, it is truly a hidden gem!



We recieved this item in exchange for a honest review. To get your own, click the banner above!