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Heavenly Textured Vibrating Male Masturbator

Bondara Heavenly Textured Male Masturbator

Where do I begin with this device? If you absolutely love texture then this is definitely the thing for you. As well as being heavily textured it also vibrates which makes things very interesting for the party using it. It’s light weight enough to use solo or to use on your partner without feeling like your getting an insane arm workout.


A little Info

This male masturbator is made out of a high grade silicone and an ABS so it is quite body safe which as you all know is totally key for us. However it is not a waterproof toy Bondara classifies it as splash-proof, so be careful around water and with cleaning. With all silicone toys please be safe and use a water based lubricant.

About the length and size and all that good stuff, it has an insertable length of 3 inches and a full length of around 9.5 inches. So this means that it is not perfect for everyone just for a select few. The silicone nubs inside are the texture and are not flexible at all. So just be for warned that they do create a very strong amount of texture.

The vibration has around 7 settings with various speeds and settings to make things interesting for the user. Not the strongest toy we’ve ever encountered but certainly not the least. As any of our readers know if it vibrates we feel it should be rechargeable but you can’t win them all.





Okay so lets be honest, this thing looks like a small black baseball bat, I hate to be the one to say it but it’s oh so true. The inside has little nubs around the side in what curiously resembles the iron maiden torture device, but fear not, this device is crafted for pleasure not pain. The weight of it was definitely comfortable to use solo or on your partner.

The silicone is on the inside and is what provides the texture while the outside is ABS plastic, so please be careful with cleaning. Gently and carefully rinse out the inside with a warm soapy water and let air dry as silicone tends to gather fluff like no ones business.


Our thoughts

So what did we think? Well it looks like a baseball bat which isn’t a super turn on for us but it might be for someone out there. The texture was way to overwhelming for our liking. Way to much of it, way to non flexible it was almost to the point that it felt a tad scratchy which I must say does not bang my gong, so to speak. The vibration feature was honestly our favourite part, that and the weight. It was nice to not feel like you were getting a complete and utter upper arm workout whilst using it. So needless to say not our cup of tea BUT if you love serious texture and vibration then this is definitely the toy for you.


The Ratings

  • Texture 10/10
  • Design 7/10
  • Practical use 5/10
  • Desire to reuse 5/10
  • Vibration 8/10

So how did you do Bondara? 70% not bad but not for us, we look forward to trying again just not with this specific product.







We received this item in exchange for a honest review, to get your own please use the banner above.