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Lelo Loki Review

Lelo Loki

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The Lelo Loki was the second of the two items in our goody bag from Lelo for their new line of prostate massagers and we must say it did not disappoint. With the usual Lelo beauty and flair, the Loki a beautiful toy in a beautifully wrapped package. Welcome to the Lelo Loki Review.

Details of the Lelo Loki

So lets first start with what it’s made out of? The insertable portion of the Loki is made out of high quality body safe silicone, and the handle is made out of an ABS plastic. This makes it body safe as well as completely waterproof, so it is good for whatever adventures and mischief you wish to get into. However since it is silicone when using this product please be sure to use a water based lubricant. A water based lubricant will not cause the silicone to warp or change in any way where a silicone based lubricant would. We can’t emphasize the importance of knowing what your toys are made out of and what kinds of lubricants to use with them.

This is a rechargeable toy, one of our favourite kinds, it comes with a USB recharger cord. It stays fully charged for around an hour give or take a few minutes depending on how high you have it set up. The Loki takes 2 hours to charge straight out of the box, please follow this one, if you don’t charge it fully you won’t get the full use out of it and that could be sad if your using it and it dies. It also has a standby mode of around 90 days so it should stay charged for quite awhile. However we always like to recharge it at least for a little while before use to make sure it has it’s full potential when we use it.

Wow, what can we say about the shape of it though? It was perfectly designed with a slight curve to hit the prostate and a stability ring at the base to stop any unnecessary wriggling. It is about 1.5 inches in diameter making it not super huge by any stretch, and has around 5- 7 inches of insertable length depending on how daring you are wishing to be at that time.

As with all Lelo products it comes with these beautiful little touches like our absolute favourite, the silk bag. Since silicone toys attract hairs and if they are near another silicone toy can cause warping we can’t begin to explain how much we appreciate the bag. It keeps it clean for one, so once you are done washing it in hot soapy water or in the top rack of the dishwasher you have somewhere safe to put it where it won’t attract hair. You can also sleep safely knowing that it won’t rub or warp itself or any of your other toys around it. It seems like a really simple touch but we and Lelo seem to know the huge importance of this. Lelo seem to prove time and time again they can dish out some of the best sex toys around.

Lelo Loki in blue
Lelo Loki in blue

Our Opinions of the Loki

So we are still relatively new to prostate play as stated in our Hugo review, where we didn’t have problems with the Hugo we had a few size issues with the Loki. It was a little large for Mr Teases liking and thus it wasn’t as effective as we know it totally could be. We did play with all six of the various settings and found that you can start out slow or ease yourself up to high and have the most amazing orgasm of your life. However one slight downside. The controls on the handle make solo play a little harder.

We have to say that like most Lelo products it was super quiet, and you couldn’t hear it if you weren’t listening for it. This is by far one of the strongest vibrating toys we have yet to see from Lelo and we didn’t think they could get to much stronger. But as usual we were pleasantly surprised by Lelo and there ever evolving motors. The curve of the Loki was not to immense and thus made it quite easy to hit the right spot of the prostate. All in all if you are not super new to prostate play or anxious about size,we can’t imagine anything better than the Lelo Loki to get yourself into some mischief.


Who we would recommend the Loki to:

  • Experienced users of these type of toys.
  • Couples who like to use toys on each other.
  • Anyone who seeks quality.


Who we would NOT recommend the Loki to:

  • People looking for a first toy of this kind (due to size get a Hugo or Bruno)
  • People looking for a hands free experience (again, get a Hugo)




Lelo sent us the Loki in exchange for a honest review, to get one please use the banner above.

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