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Lelo Oden 2: the ultimate sex toy for couples?

Two things we can safely say about Lelo’s Oden 2. Number one, it is the nicest cock ring we have ever seen. Number two, this is by far the coolest sex toy we have EVER had, and we do have a decent size collection! This is not just some cock ring with a little bullet stuck inside, this is a real luxury sex toy! Lelo knocked it out of the park with this one. Out of the park, across the street, through a few windows, into another park and then out of that park! From the packaging, to the material, to those rumbly rumbles, we are in love with the Oden 2.

Now, the Oden 2 is a very unique toy, or set of toys, or toy plus usable toy remote or whatever. See what we mean? As such, this review is going to have to be broken down just a little bit more than usual. By the way, that’s right, this thing is indeed a remote-controlled sex toy! We also know that a lot of people have nicknamed this toy the Jedi Mind Trick (see below), but playing with this thing, we kept thinking this HAS to be the kind of sex toy invention that Q would have cooked up for James Bond. Seriously, this thing just gets more and more amazing as we go along!


The Oden 2 is part of Lelo’s Insignia Line, and if you haven’t heard of it before, it basically just means that unless you are wearing a tuxedo, you are bound to feel underdressed when you open up the box. Sleek and stylish, the little black box opens up to two form fitted slots holding the vibrating ring and the remote. To the side of that is a raised cardboard flap that unveils a hidden compartment, housing the extra open faced ring attachment, the charging cord and a nice little storage bag for travel. We personally like to keep the products in their packaging between uses, but we will no doubt be using this bag for travel a fair bit. The packaging is very fitting of the treasures inside, really hitting the nail on the head that this truly is a best of the best sex toy for couples.



So, like I said earlier, the Oden 2 comes in two pieces. I’m gonna break down each one, then we will talk about them as a unit.

First up, the men’s ring. There is actually two rings included, a closed normal style cock ring and an slightly open ring that better resembles the letter “C” than the formers more standard letter “O” shape. The open ring allows a little more freedom of adjustability and comfort for those of us who don’t prefer to have the life strangled out of our penis’. Screwing onto your chosen ring is the rechargeable vibrating bulb of sorts. Unscrewed you can look on the inside of the threading you can see where the charging cord plugs in. (Side note: the cord is misleading in that it doesn’t seem to plug in all the way, don’t force it, it works fine). Both pieces are made of or coated with an unbelievably soft silicone.

That brings us to the disk, or the remote, or the whatever. Basically the remote is a little disk that can be used to control the ring, but more on that later. The disk once turned on, shares the same vibration pattern as the ring, and can be easily be used as a standalone clitoral stimulator. The disk, oh the disk. The disk is honestly where my few complaints about the Oden 2 stem from. First, it’s loud, especially when compared to the ring. I would venture to say it’s about 50% louder than the ring, and while it’s not a huge deal, it could possibly be heard through a bedroom door in a quiet house. My other complaint is the disc/remote is battery operated. That’s right, half of this toy is rechargeable and the other half will have you reaching for your AAA’s (the ones that Lelo is nice enough to provide you). The battery compartment is behind a plastic backing on the disc that must be twisted off using either a key provided or the palm of your hand. I never knew if I was putting it on right or not and maybe this was the source of the added noise. Lelo, you’re so close, make an identical Oden 3 and make the disc fully covered in silicone, with the battery being rechargeable via inductive charging. Hell, make both pieces this way, and you have the perfect sex toy for couples.

That brings us to the Jedi Mind Trick I was referring to earlier. You see, the standard setting on the ring allows for the remote to control the vibration intensity by turning the remote from a flat 0 degree to 90 degree angle. That’s right, he who has the remote controls the one ring, brings a whole new meaning to Lord (or Lady) of the rings! Both pieces are completely waterproof so either piece could be used in the shower or bath. It’s just that damned plastic backing on the remote that left us holding our breath when we put it in water the first time. (Seriously Lelo, get on it, then send us one so I can say that I have the perfect couples sex toy!)

Cleaning & Upkeep

Silicone. We love silicone. Easy to keep clean, just a little bit of toy cleaner and/or warm water and anti-bacterial soap and you are good to go. This is a safe clean toy, non-porous, phthalate free and hypoallergenic, what’s not to love about a good quality product? The only downside to silicone is you have to be careful or dust and hair, it’s very much a magnet for it. Lelo also recommends after cleaning to pat it dry with a lint free towel, and to absolutely NEVER boil it. Being silicone, you also want to make sure you use a good quality water based lube, and never ever use silicone lube. Keep it out of direct sunlight, don’t feed it after midnight, all the common sense stuff.

His thoughts

“I love this thing! I’ve used it in couples play, to enhance masturbation, I’ve even tried it in the shower. This is the only cock ring I can say I’ve done that with. It feels great, I really appreciate the open ring, it’s just what I’ve been looking for in a cock ring! This also has to be one of, if not the best sex toy for couples that I have ever seen!”

Her  thoughts

”Plastic backing aside, I love this toy! For a ‘remote’ the disc definitely has some rumble to it. It is one of the best clitoral stimulators I’ve had in recent memory. For couples play it’s amazing, even without the disc I can still feel a large big of the vibrations that come off of his ring. This is going near the top of our favourites list!”

The Verdict

So, Lelo Oden 2, you delivered. With the exception of a few minor design complaints, you are one the the best sex toys we have ever had. Let’s see how ya scored.

  • Innovation 5/5
  • Execution 5/5
  • Design 4.7/5
  • James Bondness 11/5
  • Fun 5/5
  • “O” Factor 4/5

Hot damn, Oden 2, you rock! Although at a hedty price tag of $200, you may be asking yourself if it’s really worth it. The answer? Yes it is, pamper yourself, pamper your partner. Put on your best tux or black dress and have a martini. We recommend you try this if your a fan or cock rings, and we only hope you enjoy it half as much as us!



We received the Oden 2 from Lelo in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. If you would like your own, click the picture above!

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