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Lelo Hugo Review

When Lelo announces they are coming out with exciting new products, more often than not we tend to expect grand beautiful things. Lelo has recently released an all new line of  high quality prostate massagers and we have to say that we weren’t disappointed at all when it came to the all new Lelo Hugo. This thing is sexy as hell, coupled with the quality that we have come to love with Lelo products. Is your prostate looking for a new friend? Well, let me introduce you to the Lelo Hugo.

Packaging of the Hugo


Like everything we have ever received from Lelo, the Hugo is absolutely no exception to the beauty and detail they put into every little thing. We are huge suckers when it comes to packaging, if it comes in a beautifully packed box we are generally going to think a little more about it. Lelo has beautiful clean lines in their boxing, and makes it look like the most beautiful gift you have ever received.


Well we have to admit we were new to the whole male prostate massager area, but we are glad that the Lelo Hugo was one of our first. Since it is not super big it’s not overwhelming to those of you new to the whole prostate massager scene. Made out of a body safe silicone, it’s a perfect waterproof toy for all parties to enjoy. As with all silicone based toys we have to drive in our point, please use a water based lubricant. This is a thing of beauty and you don’t want to ruin it by using a silicone based lubricant with it. It also comes with a warranty that can be voided if you use an inappropriate lubricant. So please just use your favourite water based lubricant, or we have some of our own lube suggestions.

Two, not one but TWO vibrating motors add double to the pleasure that you experience when you are using this toy. Not to mention the remote that vibrates as well so I guess that Lelo gave us three vibrators at once. As always we love the power that they bring to the table. The Remote? We have had issues with remotes before, as far as distance and not working as well as we think they should. This is not true when it comes to the Hugo, we loved the motion controls, as well as the range and vibration of the remote itself. Remotes are a hard one because generally the range is not that great but ours worked fine from across the room.

Did we mention our love for all things rechargeable? Man we love our rechargeable toys. The Hugo comes with a charging cord as well as batteries for the remote. If we could change anything we would make the remote rechargeable as well, but not everything can be perfect. The charging time is normal around 4 hours for a completely full charge. It lasts for a few weeks at least before dying a little bit, but as always we recommend you charge it before use so it doesn’t die on you while using.

Lelo adds all the little features that we have come to love and adore, as well as this little one. This may seem a simple thing for most people but we love that they come with their own satin bag. It makes storing it when you have multiple silicone toys a lot easier. You can also sleep safely knowing that it won’t be ruined by rubbing up against any of your other silicone toys. This is perfect for us as we love to be somewhat organized, and we always know the silk black bags contain Lelo things.


Our Opinions

Well Lelo says that it can increase the size and intensity of the male orgasm by around 33%. We went into this whole thing trying to test that theory and we must say we came up with some intense answers. As we are relatively new to the whole male prostate massager world, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. However when it got here our minds were put to ease because it wasn’t nearly that big and Mrs Tease honestly has plugs bigger and scarier than the Hugo. With enough lubricant it slid in easily, and we loved the dual motors. Mrs Tease really loved being able to use the remote as a remote as well as a vibrator.  If you’re looking for something different check out my Lelo Loki review.

The vibrations were amazing and we were not expecting that we would enjoy Hugo as much as we did. But man did it completely and utterly convert us over to male prostate massagers. We found it did everything it promised, it made our orgasm bigger and stronger, and neither of us had to do much work.

The Review Game

  • Vibration.      10/10
  • Design.            9/10
  • Size.                10/10
  • Shape.              9/10
  • Intensity.        10/10


96% it didn’t shape up to badly, we would make the remote rechargeable, and that’s our only real complaint. This is an excellent toy for both the novice and the experienced in anal/prostate massagers. We love Lelo and look forward to more new things coming from them.






Lelo sent us the Hugo in exchange for a honest review, to get one (and you should!) please use the banner above.