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Lelo Alia

Lelo Alia


Is it an egg? or a Disc? Whatever could this little device be?



As always Lelo outdoes themselves on their packaging with the Lelo Alia, elegant and absolutely beautiful. It comes with a little satin bag and feels like your opening a christmas present when it gets there. Satin lined boxes and the sleek clean design make you feel like you should be opening a box from Tiffany’s. We love that it always comes with everything you could possibly need to use it. A charger, batteries whatever it may be Lelo includes it in their packaging. These have to be Mrs. Tease’s favourite boxes to receive just because of their appearance alone. They always out do themselves when it comes to the simplest thing… Packing.




Lelo products are almost always made out of a body safe ABS plastic and a medical grade silicone. This one is no exception, and this of course makes it waterproof for all those fun places you want to get wet. However with all other silicone based toys please be safe and use a water based lubricant. We can’t stress enough that silicone lubricants will cause the silicone to warp and discolour and can cause serious problems to the toy itself. So please be smart pick out your favourite water based lubricant with this one.
This little vibrator comes with six count them six settings so you can pick your favourite or try them all out. The sky is totally the limit when it comes to what you want to do with this little guy. The shape is super unique and because of it you can do a lot of interesting things with it. You can use it like your normal bullet vibrator, you can loop your fingers through the hole, you can tease your partner with it by placing the hole around things such as nipples etc. The controls are super easy to use and on the exterior of the toy so you can find them and it makes usage so simple.
Anyone who has read any of our previous posts knows that this is something we absolutely love, it’s rechargeable. We love the rechargeable toys, it cuts out the need for batteries or replacing batteries or bringing it out and it being dead and having to scramble for batteries. You can tell we don’t really love the batteries now can’t you? Since it is rechargeable it has a life of around 4 hours of constant use. I don’t know what you could possibly be doing with it for four hours but that is what i am told. It also has a shelf life of around 90 days, so you could have it fully charged and put it in your drawer and not have to worry about it being dead the next time you bring it out. We love love love this as a feature. Since we have a few toys they don’t all get used all the time so being able to bring it out to play and knowing it will still work is super.




Our Opinion

As always we need to include what we thought. Well little Lelo Alia our new little friend, we did enjoy you.  We loved the different uses we could find for you and look forward to finding as many more as possible.

We loved that this was discreet as well, to be totally honest  it got left in the shower one day and no one noticed, not visitors not the child no one. So again well done Lelo you have done it again. We didn’t love that it didn’t have a lot of variables when it came to vibration. Mrs Tease is a bit of a vibration snob so it takes a bit for her to totally love the vibration of something. However if you compared this to a normal bullet it would totally take the cake.


The Ratings Game

  • Design:                  9/10
  • Desire to Reuse:  9/10
  • Vibration:             8/10
  • Power:                  10/10
  • Discreetness:        9/10

So how did it stack up? 90%! Not bad at all. All in all we did enjoy this toy, and as with all Lelo products it made a definite impression.







We recieved or Lelo Alia in exchange for a honest review from the wonderful folks at Trystology, if you want to try your very own please use the banner above!