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Jopen Vr4

Jopen Vr4


This is a unique vibrator, with a contoured shape made to fit to most women’s bodies, it seems to be a great idea. Made out of a premium quality silicone, it like most silicone toys, is completely waterproof. However this also means that you have to be very picky when it comes to picking the proper lubrication for use with this toy. Please always be cautious when you learn it is a silicone toy and use a water based lubricant, as a silicone based lubricant can warp and harm the toy. Since it is a silicone toy that makes clean up extremely simple, just use hot soapy water and clean off the toy. However be careful to store it in a bag away from other silicone toys, the bag also protects from any hair as silicone tends to attract hairs like they are going out of style.
This toy comes with dual motors, and hi tech features that make the toy react to squeezing or allow you to have the control. All in all the motors and the vibration functions were fantastic we loved the strength and the variety it had when it came to vibrating. This was surprising as we don’t usually except a great vibration from a lot of the toys we receive. However this one definitely did exceed our expectations and did exactly what it claimed to do.
Rechargeable… Do I really need to say more? I do? Are you Sure? Well I suppose I should probably go into detail about this one. The Jopen Vr4 has a lithium ion battery it comes with a recharging cord for ease of charge. As with most lithium ion batteries we have come across it has a life of about 2-4 hours depending upon how high of vibration and how vigorously you are using it. What we love about it is that you can charge it for a couple hours and then once you are done with it put it away and still be able to use it the next week. No batteries required, no midnight runs to the gas station hoping and praying that they have the right kind of batteries. Nope no more of that for us, since we love the rechargeable feature.
Travel lock, this is a feature we don’t get in to as much as we probably should since we are avid travellers and we know lots of other people out there are as well. We have been lucky enough to never have anything start buzzing as we go through baggage claim, or security at the airport but can’t imagine how awful that would have to be. So this one comes with a travel lock, a feature that locks the toy so that it will not turn on if it pushes against something or someone accidentally hits it. We love this feature just for the ease and for the lack of embarrassment, i’m pretty sure Mrs Tease would go bright red if something like that ever happened in an airport. So thus we are quite happy with the Travel lock feature.



Our Opinion

Well we have to admit that we liked a lot of the features in the Jopen Vr4, but there was one that just didn’t work for our body type. That was the shape, yep it was totally the wrong shape for this body, and was rather uncomfortable to use. The vibration was solid and enjoyable but the insertable portion of it was just not shaped right and rubbed in all the wrong places. We loved it so much  that it was sad to find out that the shape just didn’t work for us. It is just flat out was uncomfortable, making it a no go for us. The insertable part hit the wrong spots, missing the g-spot and instead giving the pelvic bone a good rumble, ouch! But just because it didn’t work for us doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, everyone’s  body is different and if you like the looks and are looking for good vibration please definitely give this one a try it’s totally worth it.


The Ratings Game


  • Desire to Reuse 6/10
  • Design                 8/10
  • Vibration            9/10
  • Power                  9/10
  • Shape.                 6/10


Well how did it shape up? 74% well it’s a pass but not the best rating we’ve ever given something, most of this did however have to do with the fact that it just wasn’t right for our body shape.

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We recieved the Jopen Vr4 from LoveDreamer in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own please click the banner above.