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Iroha Fuji Lemon

It’s not a Lemon!

Iroha Fuji Lemon Designed By Tenga

It is a strong little lemon that doesn’t make you pucker, the Iroha Fuji Lemon is a mini massager. It boasts a full 5 hours of strong vibrations and we must admit that these vibrations certainly are strong.


With only one setting you would think that we wouldn’t love this little massager as much as we do. There are no thrill chills or added benefits just a super strong vibration feature. Mrs Tease is more than willing to admit that she loves a strong vibration, leave that weak stuff at home, preferably someone else’s home.
Since this little guy is made out of a satiny smooth silicone material it is waterproof. Tenga recommends washing it with mild soap and water, and only using water based lubricants as other lubricants may cause the silicone to deform. Waterproofing is actually one of our favourite features and this one makes no exception because of its size its small and discreet enough to sneak away with you for a quick shower.

The shape of it was definitely based upon the shape of a lemon, but it fits in the palm of your hand. Size is definitely convenient for those of us that like to travel, and this will be adding itself to our travel kit. With the need for only one triple a battery you can keep at least a couple spares for whenever you need them, without them taking up to much room. It’s a unique shaped mini form of your favourite bullet, no special attachments no extra thrills .


Our Take

This is one of the Mrs. favourite bullets of all time at the current point in time at least. The power definitely did not disappoint and the fact that it is so discreet is definitely a bonus for us. We are frequent travellers and are often off and about in the world and this is the perfect size for us to take away with us. I am aware it’s already been said that this is a no frills mini vibrator, but let me say thats one of the things we loved about it. You didn’t have to click through a million different settings to find one that tickled your fancy. It was super simple to operate and that it one of the major reasons we loved it.


The Ratings Game

Size: 9/10
Shape: 8/10
Power: 10/10
Desire to Reuse: 10/10
Travel Capability: 10/10

So how did it stack up? 94 % pretty good for such a little toy it packed a super punch and we highly recommend it.


We received this item in exchange for a honest review. To get your own, click the banner above!