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Introducing the Lily 2

lelo lily 2


Introducing  the Lelo Lily 2

So again we have the pleasure and privledge to get a new peek at something coming from Lelo, an upgrade to the Lily, the all new Lelo Lily 2. The Lelo Lily 2 is meant to be a more innovative twist on the original product. It has been made more powerful, is waterproof, and did we mention that it’s scent infused? Yep it is which might we say is a very interesting thing to behold.

The Lily 2 comes in three different colours all of which have a corresponding scent that accompanies them. They are not perfumed but scented in a specific way of adding hot and cold to the silicone when it is being made. We think this is a pretty inventive idea. We were concerned when we heard the word scented, but the scent is so mild it’s not a big deal for us at all. They come in Bordeaux and chocolate, Lavender and Honey, and Rose and Wisteria. We have only gotten the one scent so far and it is not overly obtrusive. While there has been quite a bit of chatter around the old water cooler about the purpose of the addition of a scent, Lelo says it like lighting a candle to enhance the mood, that the Lily 2 is just meant to enhance.

lelo lily 2

Lelo seems to have embraced the idea of open-faced packaging, similar to what we saw with the Loki.

Lelo is such a fun and inventive company that they keep coming out with new concepts and designs and making the older designs they have better. We love that they are made with body safe materials and are specially designed to not only work well but look beautiful too. We look forward to anything new that Lelo comes out with, with a Christmas morning-esque anticipation.

With that we will leave you to think about the Lily 2 and let you know that our review of it will be coming up soon. In the meantime, check out this video prepared by Lelo.