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Nomi Tang Infiniti – The Review

Nomi Tang Infiniti

So as many of you know we recently did a review of Nomi Tangs Better Than Cocolate 2. Long story short, we were blown away with how much we liked such a little toy. So after this, we were ready to see what Nomi Tang could bring to the table when it came to a full-size vibrator. Well I’ll tell you what they brought, they brought their A-Game. After using the Nomi Tang Infiniti, we began to realize that Nomi Tang really was a top class contender, and also wondered why they weren’t nearly as much of a household name as some companies that release products that are twice as expensive. This company really knows what its doing, and we are so glad we’ve found them. Today we look at Nomi Tangs rabbit-style vibrator, the Infiniti.


While Nomi Tangs packaging may not be as high quality as some more expensive products, it is definitely top of its class within its price range. From the gorgeous both to the soft satin style bedding the toy rests on, we are almost not sad that the Infiniti doesn’t come with a storage bag. In packaging this nice, we are glad to store in its original box. That’s actually saying a lot.


The Infiniti is made of a body safe silicone, is rechargeable, waterproof, features two super power motors, multiple different modes, and has a nice smart handle that we found easy to hold onto.

Body safe FDA grade silicone, that means this toy is great quality, doesnt have any risk of phthalates, and is non-porous. It also means that when you go to use lube with this toy, make sure that it is a high quality water based lube (hint: get some from Nomi Tang when you pick up your Infiniti).

The rechargeable battery is said to last 1.5 hours and takes very little time to charge. I will admit it was a little odd to charge the first time because while the charging spot on the vibe was easy enough to find, it looked to be covered in silicone. I wasnt sure quite what to do until I finally gave in and just attempted to poke it through the silicone. It went in just fine, having what appears to be a flap that moves when the charger is inserted and back in place when taken out. I can only imagine this is for the waterproof aspect of the toy.


Another cool feature about the Infiniti. it has not one but two really powerful motors, on in the gspot insertable end, while the other is in the clitoral stimulator. This also means that each motor has separate controls and can independently run the featured 5 different modes. Do you like long steady vibrations on your gspot but a short pulses on your clitoris? No problem, Nomi Tang has you covered. I hate to say this is an underused feature on most vibrators, which is a shame because it is awesome.

Want to know just how badly Nomi Tang stands behind their product? They offer a 1 year warranty on the Infiniti, which to me says they have full confidence in their toy.


Being made of ultra safe silicone and being waterproof also makes this toy incredibly easy to clean. Just spray with your favourite toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and rinse with warm water. No fuss, just the way we like it.


Our Experience

So, if I was shipped off to a secluded island and was asked to pick a rabbit-style vibrator, the Infiniti would be in my top 3 with a strong consideration for the number one spot. There is very little not to like about this toy. Seriously, if you find something, let me know. I guess more than 5 speeds would be nice, but honestly we prefer the sustained vibrations and generally steer clear of the patterns, but on this one we even liked them. Different people like different vibrators, but we loved this one. It is most certainly going to be coming out to play often!

The Ruling

So Infiniti, you know we liked you, but how much exactly? Lets have a look:

  • Design 5/5
  • Power 5/5
  • Friendly design 4.5/5
  • Battery Life 4/5
  • Reusability 4.5/5

92%! Pretty Damn good if you ask me.This is an outstanding product, why are you not buying one yet?!

We recieved the Nomi Tang Infiniti in exchange for a honest review. To pick up yoursclick the banner above.