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The Game of Sex – Review

From drinking to awkward positions. Laugh out loud questions to many many baseball references. This time up to the plate is The Game of Sex, an adult theme board game. Will it strike out or be a home run, let’s see!

The Company

These guys were exceptionally nice, they reached out to us and offered us the chance to review their game. After reading SluttyGirlProblems review of it, we jumped at the chance to check it out ourselves. We have had sex themed board games in the past, and loving those we were anxiously awaiting our mail lady person to drop off this box in particular. As we understand, this is all run by a couple, not a big business. So while not everything is streamlined, it’s easier to forgive certain things. We, however, were asked to give our opinion, the good and bad, so here we go…

The packaging and setup

We liked the thought that went into designing the storage of The Game of Sex, it is a very unassuming box that would fit in perfectly with your other board games. In fact, except for the title ‘The Game of sex’ printed on the box, you could easily mistake it for any other board game on your shelf. Trivial pursuit ain’t never been nothin’ like this, though!

Inside the box, it’s all nicely and neatly set out, which makes storage a breeze. The cards have their place, the pieces and dice their own, and the board site nicely on top of everything to make sure that nothing shifts too much. Putting away you game after use is a breeze, which is appreciated seeing as what this game eventually leads up to.
I mean, who wants to do much cleaning after sex? Not us!

Setup was simple, and after the first time I was easily able to set it up again in under a few minutes, no complicated mousetraps to build here. We do have one major complaint about the colour scheme. Black background with green and purple is NOT sexy in the least. The words in green were not the easiest thing to read and it came off as more ‘cheap looking’ than elegant. This is more of a personal preference, but I would have loved it to have been lighter colours, black and lime green…. Little bit of a mood killer.

The Rules, spaces and Cards

The basic rules of The Game of Sex are quite simple, set up the board, roll the dice and move counterclockwise. Depending on which ” base” you are headed to, you draw a card corresponding to that then read the category of the space you’ve landed on from the card. As an example, if you just started for first base, roll and land on “single” space, you would grab a 1st base card and read the “single” section off then card? It’s easy to figure out.

As for the cards, there are four sets. They are 1st base, 2nd, 3rd and home plate. Each category kicks it up a notch from 1st bases’ mild teasing and kissing, to home plates’ follow along with a porno movie and full on sexual position suggestions. 3rd base offers some oral positions as well, some of which make this game very interesting.

Our experience, the good and bad

Gonna start with the good here. The Game of Sex made us laugh, it helped us learn new things about each other, and if you throw you inhibitions out the window, it makes for a fun time. Like I said, it was easy to set up and deconstruct. It can be modified it a million different ways to make it more interesting. If you ever wanted to be instructed on what to do to each other from an outside source, or have any interest in playing a sex themed, board style drinking game… You might just be their target audience!

However, we are not

We are not really drinkers, not really amused with the cheeky baseball references, we were very put off on the colour scheme, amount of additional props and we are most certainly NOT master yogis!

The Game of Sex wants you to use a LOT of props. Cuffs, floggers, booze, sauces, syrups, fruit, vibrators, porn magazines, porn movies…… just to name a few! Granted, you are advised that you can alter this in any which way to make the game your own, this is still a hefty list of recommended outside items. We would liked it better had it only required items included with the game itself.

Towards the end of the game, the 3rd base and home plate cards start having a “try this position” spot. Illustrated by what appeared to be multiple artists, sometimes the sleek silhouettes seem to grow facial features, appear like they are trying to grab something, or are spreading their fingers or toes in the V Spock hand gesture from Star Trek. With the 3rd base being oral, mostly, I think and… home plate being intercourse, the positions are pretty straight forward, while some of them are pretty far reaching. Although it did make for a good laugh, I refuse to even try standing on my head while receiving oral! Sorry, not gonna happen.

So if not for us, then who would we recommend this to?

If someone asked me to pay $30 for  The Game of Sex now that I’ve played it, I probably wouldn’t. Doesn’t mean it an awful game, they have reviews and award nominations that says it’s not. Just mean it’s not for us. I’d buy this game for newer couples looking to learn more about their partner, and even older couples looking to reignite. This game WILL teach you a lot about each other…. including just how flexible you really are!

We were sent The Game of Sex in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. If you would like to pick up you own copy, just click the picture above!

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Special thanks to SluttyGirlProblems for the permission to link to their site, check out more from them here!