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The Fluffer by Primal Hardwere

The Fluffer

by Primal Hardwere 


Have to admit, we like the exotic shapes, and we aren’t super overly fond of the classic penis shaped dildo. We love texture, and love it when a sex toy is also a work of art. This time we look at something with both those qualities, the Fluffer by Primal Hardwere.



So this is a simply stated dildo that is designed to be similar to that of a fox penis. This is perfect for anyone who is into unique shapes, designs or into role play furryism or any of that. We love love loved this exotic dildo. These are a premium made high quality silicone dildo, so as we all should know by now please only use water based lubricant with it. A water based lubricant goes a long way when it comes to silicone toys and most importantly won’t warp the toy. Since this is made with a high quality silicone it is super easy to clean with hot soapy water, dry with a lint free towel, because silicone attracts lint and furry things like you wouldn’t believe ( Trust us we have cats and dogs EEEEK).


We love that these come in a variety of firmness’s so you can pick whatever one you like. We are not a huge fan of anything super duper hard so we chose to go with a medium firmness and have to say that it’s almost perfect. Like they say not to hard, not to soft, but juuuuuuuuuust right. They also come in a variety of colours so no matter whether you like something more natural or something more out there they have the perfect one for you. We love something thats more out there and love that they can accommodate almost anyone.



Okay for all of you that may be wondering exactly what the specs are on this well we are more than happy to provide them for you.

  • Total Length: 8.25″
  • Usable Length: 7″
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.67″
  • Shaft Circumference: 5.25″
  • Knot Diameter:2.5″
  • Knot Circumference: 7.125″

As you may know we aren’t super into size around these parts, however this one was quite comfortable to use and didn’t stretch anything to much.


Our Opinion

So what did we think? We thoroughly enjoyed this dildo, it had just enough texture to rub all the right spots properly and not scratch the pelvic bone or anything icky like the problems we have had in the past. We loved that this was not a super hard super firm silicone and that it did have some give to it. It made for a much more comfortable orgasm when you can squeeze and have something give a little with your body as opposed to not really moving at all. All in all we have to say that our experience with the Fluffer was a totally awesome one and we would recommend it to anyone and everyone, so if you’ll excuse me it’s time to go run up and down the street waving my Fluffer in the air!


The Ratings Game

  • Design : 9/10
  • Firmness: 10/10
  • Length: 9/10
  • Colour: 10/10
  • Desire to Reuse: 9/10

So how did it stack up? 94% pretty darn good if we do say so ourselves, yay Primal Hardwere.





We we recieved or Fluffer in exchange for a honest review, to get one of your own or to check out Primal Hardwere’s other awesome toys, please use the banner above