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Mini Review: Fleshlight Warmer Review

Fleshlight warmer review

Fleshlight Warmer Review

Mini Review Sponsored by Fleshlight

We have done a couple Fleshlight reviews now for those of you that have seen and if not take a look, we’ve reviewed the Lisa Ann and Alien Duo. We have always said that it is clammy and kind of icky when you use it cold. So Fleshlight suggests running it under warm water, if you have that kind of time, or you could get the Warmer that they sell as an added feature.

This is pretty straight forward so there isn’t a whole lot to tell about it, it is a phallic shaped thin piece of a plastic covered metal, so it won’t damage your Fleshlight in the least. It also has a safety shut off feature so that if you do happen to accidentally leave it on it will shut off and not damage anything. That being said however this is not meant to be left plugged in for long periods of time. It comes with all the accessories that you need, including the wall charger and usb cable, and is a dandy way to warm up your Fleshlight before use.

Our experience with this was great, it didn’t get overly boiling stinking hot so that you couldn’t touch it but it was nice and warm. We liked this a lot better than running the whole thing under hot water, and it took less time to heat up and held the heat better. We agree with Fleshlight that their product is best used warm and would definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone with a Fleshlight. It’s actually a reasonably good price at around 35 dollars, or you can get it in a bundle on the Fleshlight site.

We would definitely recommend this to everyone we know that has a Fleshlight, this thing is the bees knees and we have yet to find any real down falls in it. We enjoyed it and we think that others with a Fleshlight would probably enjoy it too.

We recieved this product is an exchange for a honest review, to get your own please use the banner above.