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Fleshlight Girls (Lisa Ann) Review

Lisa Ann Fleshlight

When it comes to male toys, there’s one name that has become a pretty common household name. Hell, I bet you $10 your dear old granny has heard of the Fleshlight. Seriously, go ask her if you don’t believe me. Who can blame her though, they boast themselves to be ‘the worlds most popular male sex toy’, and honestly, I’d believe it. Who would have thought sticking your penis in a flashlight would have been such a novel idea? Well, someone did, and because I love you all so much I thought, “Well, I guess for my readers I’ll stick my dick in a flashlight.” (Warning: I in no way advocate you stick your penis into an ACTUAL flashlight!)

Intro to the toy

For this review I tested the Fleshlight girls: Lisa Ann model, mostly because I liked the inside design featured on the box. Most standard Fleshlight cases are the same size, all except the Fleshlight blade I believe. The standard case is approx 10 inches long, 4 inches across at the wider area, and 2.5 inches down the handle. Unless I’m mistaken, all the different inserts (non-blade) are universally interchangeable, which is very nice due to the amount of options there is. You can pick up everything from standard model to stamina trainers, vaginas to mouths to anuses, pornstar models to their “freaks” line with the likes of cyborg, alien, vampire, zombie and more. The insert is composed of a phthalate free combination of mineral oil and rubber polymers. The exact recipe is a closely guarded company secret, affectionately dubbed “SuperSkin”. The outside case is a hard plastic, and comes in a variety of different colour options, such as black, blue, white, pearl, silver and even clear (for those narcissistic masturbators). There are accessories you can purchase like shower mounts, iPad adapters, sleeve warmers etc that I did not test out in this review. The weight of the Fleshlight isn’t bad considering size and shape.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight
Lisa Ann Fleshlight


What I liked about the Lisa Ann fleshlight

So, the good? Let’s start there. The first time, and subsequently every time after that I opened this bad boy up, I noticed something very distinct. The smell! That’s right, this thing smells so good, the material they use is awesome to the touch, but AMAZING to the nose. Every single time I open this thing up, I spend at least a few minutes marvelling at the awesome aroma of this thing ( and I don’t care if that makes me weird!) I really wish all toys smelled this good.

When It comes to male stroker toys, I’m a texture kinda guy, and the more the better. The standard model, personally wouldn’t have been my thing texture wise, so I opted for this heavier involved insert. I’m actually quite glad I chose this model cause it works and works very well. It’s probably one of if not the best male strokers I have found yet. It’s insanely detailed, feels amazing, and really really works. I slipped this bad boy on and before I knew it, it was over. I’m not a hard guy to please, but there have been a lot of strokers that i could have easily fallen asleep while trying to get off. Not this one, this had me going, going, going and gone before I knew what hit me. Also, I can’t get over how well sculpted the outside vagina is, small touch, but I love the attention to detail.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight side view
Lisa Ann Fleshlight side view


What I didn’t like about the toy

It’s not all super peaches and roses in Fleshlight land though, but most all of my complaints are easily forgivable. First off, this thing gets cold, real cold. Knowing how much I do like this device, I will probably be ordering the warmer to go with it. If you don’t want to shell out the money though, a good bit of advice is to take the insert out and run it under hot water prior to use. If not, you will turn yourself junk into a penis-sicle. Please use warm water, and make sure you never boil or microwave this product, use your head guys! I also found I had to use a more than copious amount of a good water based lube, but that’s not a huge problem. After use, you can easily clean the Fleshlight with warm to hot water, no soap. The insert can easily be flushed, and if you absolutely need to give it a deep clean, a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol will do the trick. Fleshlight also makes their own cleaner, fleshwater, that can be use in cleaning and care. Make sure you allow it to air dry afterward! While Fleshlight claims the material to be body safe, not knowing exactly the contents of the material could mean it could potentially be porous or even harbour mold… So please use every precaution and keep your toys clean! I would NOT RECOMMEND sharing this toy without a condom.

My only other real complaint with it is the insert I got, the texture part really doesn’t start right away, it’s very smooth and flat for the first bit before it moves on to the textured cavity. While this isn’t a huge problem, it would have been nice to see the texture come closer to the entrance of the toy.

My only other complaint was a personal one, having only seen the option to buy this model with a white case… But I guess it’s not a big deal. I just feel kinda of like I’m fucking a giant marshmallow flashlight, and I would have preferred black.

Price wise, i spent about $70 on mine, which I figure is a pretty good deal. I think I got more than my money’s worth, and would have been comfortable paying over $100 for it. I bought this item out of pocket, and if it mysteriously vanished, I probably would shell out the cash to pick up another.


So Fleshlight, how did we rank you? For texture I’d say 4/5, for price 5/5, for effectiveness 4/5, for marshmallowness 11/5, bulkiness 2/5, and for care and longevity 4/5. You did well, giant marshmallow fuckable flashlight, very well. I think I’ll keep you around. If you are looking for a good stroker, and you have the extra funds, I do recommend giving this one a shot. After all, how often can you say you fucked a pornstars flashlight vagina? Guess I can now.

I bought and paid for this item, and have in no way been compensated for it. My review would never be dishonest even I had been. As always, find me on Twitter @teasefortwo