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Fleshlight Alien Review

Fleshlight Alien

fleshlight alien review



We happened to be lucky enough to get a duo of things from our friends over at Fleshlight. They sent us exactly what we could have dreamed of the Freaks Alien addition of the Fleshlight and the matching Dildo. An eerie blue glow comes from these two and for good reason, they are out of this world.

Details of the combo package

Fleshlight Alien
Fleshlight alien review

This is made of Fleshlights patented super skin material it feels very realistic, not that we know what sex with aliens is like. Fleshlight also recommends a water-based lubricant with their products. We say why the heck not? Some of our absolute favourite lubricants are water based and since we don’t know what silicone lubricant would do we would rather not risk it. We love the fact that the super skin feels super realistic. They recommend using their cleaning product and please don’t use soap as this will cause deterioration of the fleshlight. They also sell a restoring powder which we can’t say we have tried but sounds interesting.

The sleeve design with the controllable suction, we love this feature you can adjust however amount of suction as you desire. Since this one came reasonably well textured we have to say a little more suction worked well for it and you could feel the texture better at least in our opinion. It is a tad oddly weighted just because of what it is but thats not a bad thing at all.

The design of the alien was awesome and we have to say it was one of our favourite things but the Alien doesn’t rank as one my favorite fleshlights. A bright blue, triangularly shaped vulva was a perfect entrance to a whole new world of texture. We love when companies think outside the box and this was no exception. The texture inside was a perfect compliment and unlike the last one we had tried you could feel the texture almost immediately.

Dildo Alien

Fleshlight alien review

So as a set we got the Alien dildo as well, which from Mrs Teases perspective was absolutely huge. Made out of platinum grade silicone this toy is a lot of fun, with a double head for a more interesting experience. Since it is made out of silicone we have to say for you to please use a water based lubricant. A silicone based lubricant will cause warping and damage over time and thats no fun. Since it is silicone as well you can use hot soapy water to wash it or use the top of your dishwasher, it works wonders.

This is a relatively large toy at least for our experiences, however it is also highly ridged. We have had issues with things being ridged and the ridges being exceedingly hard and firm this was not the case with this Alien Dildo. It was not an overly firm silicone so it made the ridges comfortable and pleasurable. Its appearance of a split head made for an unique time, like we said a little large for our liking but still super enjoyable.

Our Opinions

So what did we think? Well lets start with where we left off with the Dildo, Mrs Tease found if you warmed up to it it wasn’t bad. It was still exceptionally large for her at least but the texture made for an out of this world experience.

What can we say for Fleshlight? The actual Fleshlight was amazing as we have come to expect from them. The weirdest part, other than the bright blue alienness of it all, is that it smells great. We don’t know if this is from what the super skin is made of or what but we love it. We also found that unlike the other Fleshlight products we have tried that the texture of this one started almost immediately. This is a great thing for us as we are total texture people and that was the main problem we had with the last one we tried. We also used the warmer from fleshlight before use, and we have to say that if you don’t h ave one yet get one. This makes the experience so much more pleasurable to let it sit on the warmer for a few minutes before use, it’s like sliding into a nice hot wet pussy.


Well we would recommend the Fleshlight to anyone that is looking to jump outside the normal looking and try something different. If you like plain looking Fleshlights or masturabator’s then this is definitely not for you.

The Dildo we would recommend to anyone that is into size and texture as you will totally get that from this giant Alien. If you are not into size or are just trying things out or don’t like texture than this is probably not for you.


We we received the Fleshlight Freaks! Alien in exchange for review, to get one or both of these awesome toys please click this link. Thanks again for reading our Fleshlight Alien Review!  If you’re looking for something a little more mainstream check out my Fleshlight Lisa Ann review.