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Exxxtreme Sheets Review

Si Novelties Exxxtreme Sheets Review

I guess when we started reviewing sex toys we never imagined we would be reviewing bed sheets, but when we saw the Exxxtreme Sheets by Si Novelties we knew we had to try them out. Tough enough to play on, but soft enough to sleep on, the Exxxtreme Sheets were a huge hit with us. As a bit of a side note though, since we wet sent both the sheets and pillowcases, but they are so similar the review actually works for both. So let’s jump right in, shall we? Welcome to the Exxxtreme Sheets Review!


The Exxxtreme Sheets and Pillowcases are made of a black rubber with a fabric backing. This means they are great for keeping clean and 100% waterproof. Anything spilt on the fabric can be wiped away, even oil based lube. They are also machine washable,which is nice. Just wash with cold water and detergent and hang fabric side out to dry. The manufacturer advises against any kind of fabric softener of bleach.

We put these sheets to the yeast a number of times. Not only in use but also just intentionally spilling stuff on it to see what it could do. Massage oils, lubes of all kinds, Nuru Gel, even a full cup of water. I’m happy to say it easily holds up through all of those. These are some pretty cool sheets.

The other thing Exxxtreme Sheets claims is that they are soft enough to sleep on, so we figured we would try this out as well. It is surprising how comfortable these sheets are. They are less tacky then I thought they were, and that’s probably because I keep thinking they are a vinyl material. We could probably nap on them comfortably, but it is the middle of June, and I’ll stick with my Coolmax style sheets, thanks. Ultimately it doesn’t matter I suppose, as these sheets weren’t built for sleeping. They were built for the wettest, wildest sex you’ve ever had. The kind that once you’re done, you could sleep like a baby I a bed of coals. Very few people are buying these guys with the thought of a good nights rest, but hey maybe it’s just me.

The Sizes

Exxxtreme Sheets and pillowcases come in almost every size to fit your need. The sheets themselves can be bought in Full, Queen, King and California King. The pillowcases can be bought in Standard or King. The sheets have a small bit of stretch to them, so they can fit easily over most mattresses.


The only reason I say ‘most’ is because we did have a small issue at first fitting it onto ours. We have a King sized box top style mattress, so in addition to the standard mattress it has a 3 inch pillow top. We normally can’t use standard sized sheets and have to grab the ‘deep pocket’ version. While this sheet wouldn’t fit totally on our mattress it did fit over the pillow top, and worked just fine. Not a huge deal, but it is something to be aware of. If you require deeper sheets, you may want to go up a size and tuck it just to be safe.. Unless you have a king sized bed like us, in which case it’s easy enough to make due.

Our Thoughts

How could we not love these? Seriously, they open up a whole new world of messy messy play that we were apprehensive about beforehand. Don’t believe me? Get a set, lube up and have the best slip n’ sex of your life. Other than wishing they were a little deeper on the sides, we couldn’t ask for more.

We were exxxtemely impressed with how comfy and how durable these sheets are. Our friends over at Adultempire are featuring these sheets for $113 for the queen size, and while that may sound pricey, we believe it’s WELL worth it. These things will be seeing a lot of use from us! Good job, Si Novelties.

The Verdict

It’s really hard to give these guys a number rating due to what they are, I mean for sex compared to other normal sheets they’d get a 100%, but we’ve never tried anything like it to have a comparison. They are magnificent and if they interest you in the slightest, get them today! Seriously, I’m not sure we’ve had sex this fun in a very very long time, and the possibilities are pretty much endless. We would easily spend the cash that these guys cost, so if you’re hesitant you can rest assured, it is a good buy.




We we recieved our sheets from Si Novelties in exchange for a honest review. To find yourself some sheets, click the Adult Empire banner above.