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Bad Dragon Janine Review

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Review Sponsored by Bad Dragon

Dragons are beautiful creatures and our friends over at Bad Dragon have amplified that into a male masturbator sleeve in the Janine. Beautiful regal and pristine it’s all you could ever ask for in a sleeve.


Made out of a completely body safe silicone, Janine is one of the most beautiful male sleeves we have ever seen. We chose to get it in the pale blue that is on the website, yeah the blue one with the pale pastel pink? that one is identical to the one we got. Since it is a silicone product like all silicone products we like to send out a friendly warning, use water based lubricant. Especially with a sleeve like this where a silicone lubricant could cause the interior to warp and not be as textured. Use caution and your favourite water based lubricant if you want to keep this toy working as well as it was always intended.

bad dragon

The insertable length of it was comfortable and stretched well so it would be good for most sizes. It’s full insertable length runs at about 7.25 inches, which is well within the normal standards. The inside is also beautifully textured from the first inch to the last, it doesn’t matter where you get the same pleasurable feel from it. We have had issues before with the texture not starting right at the entry and with Janine it most certainly did.

We have had this problem before but since it did not come with the case the fleshlight does it did absorb body heat from the hands. So it wasn’t nearly as cold and gross feeling as we first thought. Well at first it was but then it warmed up reasonably quickly with warm hands and warm body parts. This was a definite plus because cold silicone rubbing along your penis is not a really fun thing to deal with. Mrs Tease was a bit thrown that it didn’t come with the case but all in all we have to say that we really did like it.

Now it comes down to something very specific about Bad Dragon, everything every inch of the process is completely customizable. We got a couple things from them and it was one of the most in depth ordering processes we have ever experienced. We felt a little stupid during some of it, but luckily for us we had someone that was willing to help us figure things out. Bad Dragon has excellent customer service, and they seem to understand that your first order can be a bit overwhelming, there are tons and tons of options! You can pick custom colours, firmness and you can also add on things like lubricant and toy cleaner. All in all it was a learning experience to order from Bad Dragon but we loved how in depth everything was and how we could customize every inch of our toy if we so desired to.


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Our Opinion

So what did we think? Well we are definite lovers of the fleshlight so when it came a chance to try out Janine we jumped all over it. We must say that they probably surpassed fleshlight in some ways. You read that right, we like this even better than Fleshlight in some ways. There wasn’t the cold clamminess, and it wasn’t as weighty . So it was easier to use and stroke over your penis, or have someone else do for you without their arms tiring out. We loved the texture, we are definitely texture people around here and the Janine did not disappoint. It also didn’t require as much lubricant as we thought it would either, we don’t know if thats the Janine itself or just the lubricant we like now, either way it was a totally pleasant surprise. We loved the colour it came it it was a thing of beauty, like a regal princess or something.


The Ratings Game

  • Design 10/10
  • Texture 9/10
  • Firmness 10/10
  • Ease of Use 10/10
  • Desire to Reuse 10/10

Can you tell we really loved Janine? 98% yep we definitely loved her and there was almost nothing we would change.


Bad Dragon


We recieved the Janine from Bad Dragon in exchange for a honest review, to get your own, please click the banner above.