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Ardor the Game Review


A card game for adults… only two people need only apply, so bring your sense of fun and adventure. It’s Ardor the Game!



We loved loved loved the packaging for this game. Yes it was simple but it was beautifully designed. The exterior box was a gold yellow with a beautiful animated woman throwing all of the Ardor cards out. It has the usual explanation on the back of the box however the explanation on the box does not do it justice. We still loved the simplistic classic way that they designed this package it was perfect.



Game Play

Okay so we totally had to read through the instruction manual first, and as with any game you need to read it to get a good understanding. However once we did this game play was actually broken down very simplistically. There are two phases a “Win your Fantasy” phase in which determines who gets the ” Live your fantasy” phase. It matches suits as well as card types. Which at first we will totally admit seemed pretty confusing but once reading through it it was actually a lot like match the suit in the first phase, and if you couldn’t you’d lose and the other player would get the exp. Also the person that won that hand would get to keep those cards and be able to use them for the “Live your fantasy” portion of the game. We loved the first phase and looked forward to the second.
Phase two, “Live your fantasy” in which you can give your partner cards you collected and they can opt to accept, pass to partner or refuse. However each option costs them exp from the previous round. We found that you could only refuse as player two once if that. It was a fun way to try some new things and see a different side of your partner.



We absolutely loved the artistry of the cards. They are brilliantly thought out and beautifully designed. The graphics were clean and tasteful and they were super easy to read. We loved this about them, being easy to read and understand and being tastefully designed? Bravo Ardor Bravo. We loved that they all offered something new and unique to try and that no game was alike. We both won a couple and lost a couple but it didn’t feel like losing when we lost. We tend to have a super competitive streak. So this was absolutely wonderful, we both loved the game and the beauty it provided.


Our Thoughts

We can’t seem to say enough good things about this game. We are not ones for board games or games in general to spice up our sex life. But this one totally and completely changed our minds. We wish we could share this with more people but unfortunately we can only share it with you. Lucky Lucky You. It was a simple easy to play and FUN game that we both absolutely loved.

The Ratings Game

  • Playability 9/10
  • Desire to Replay 10/10
  • Design 10/10
  • Clarity 9/10
  • Beauty 10/10

So how did it stack up? 96% pretty good we have to say and I’m pretty sure we did say. Well Done Ardor well done, we loved it.


We recieved Ardor the Game in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own click the above logo.