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50 Speeds of Play by Rocks Off! The Review

50 Speeds of Play by Rocks Off!


50 shades of play? 50 speeds of grey? 50 speeds of play! No grey area here… well ok the vibe IS grey, but you know what I mean. Rocks Off took their already amazing 160mm vibe and up’ed the stakes. 50 functions, 50! If i took 8 other vibrators we own, put them all together I MIGHT have 50 functions between them. Rocks Off truly made a standard slim vibe and made it so it can almost never get boring, and we applaud them for that. We loved the 50 speeds grey, let us count the ways… spoiler alert: THERE’S 50!


Product & Design


Made of a body safe ABS plastic and boasting a grey steel design, the 50 speeds of play is Rocks Off 160mm vibe reimagined to a 50 shades inspired powerhouse. Being made of ABS plastic means you can use your lube of choice, and also means cleanup if a breeze. Just warm water and soap, and no need to worry about getting it wet… its waterproof.


The Design is a standard slim vibe design, nothing really fancy. We normally steer clear of the style, usually preferring a toy with more shape and texture. However it was surprisingly fun, not only because of the ludicrous amount of functions, but because it feature one hell of an impressive motor. Its actually incredible just how much power  these 2x AA batteries pump out. I think we would have preferred it to be rechargeable, but this is more of a personal preference. That and a storage bag, but thats my usual complaint, is think everything should come with a storage pouch.


As far as size goes, it is 160mm x 20mm, which is approx 6.3 inches long, but in reality it has an insertable length of about 5 inches. It has a max width of 1.25 inches and a max girth of 4inches. It’s not a huge bullet, and would be a great choice for first time buyers as well as sex toy aficionados.


Other than the lack of storage bag (I seriously think i’m going to take up sewing) the only slight complaint I can think of is that it could stand to be a bit quieter. Not that its overly loud, but it does make a fair bit of sound.


Price point


I was talking to a friend very recently about the cost of quality toys, and I recommended Rocks Off to her. I know sometimes when we post reviews peoples reaction might be “thats great, but I don’t have $200 to drop on a toy right now”, well kids, let me tell ya bout some Rocks Off. This vibe right now is listed at for $60. That’s a hell of a deal for such a quality sex toy! Check them out, they are great for people on a budget, or just anyone in general. Theres very little these guys can seem to do wrong, and we think its awesome. Kudos Rocks Off for making a quality toy that is well within most anyones price range.


The Verdict


So 50 Speeds, how’d ya do? Lets have a look shall we:

  • Power     4/5
  • Noise      3/5
  • Orgasms 5/5
  • Speeds   50/5

We liked it, I dare say we loved it. Thats saying something, because this is the first slim style vibe that we have EVER liked, but Rocks Off is starting to show us theres more to the style than just yawns. I would totally recommend this vibe to just about anyone that loves slim style vibes, or vibration patterns, or those looking for a luxury quality sex toy without emptying their bank account for it! Welcome to our family 50 Speeds, you will see lots of use.


You can pick up your own from PinkCherry or from Rocks Off!

We Received the 50 Speeds of Play from Rocks Off in exchange for an honest review.