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WeVibe 4 Review

So here’s the thing, the we vibe 4 and I have this odd love/hate relationship going on. I mean, I want to love, I really really want to love it. I really want to hate it for multiple reasons, but I just can’t. I had never used a wevibe previous generation, thinking it was too bulky, not liking the material and have never really paid much mind to ‘couples vibrators’. Once the wevibe 4(+) came out, however, I jumped on board hoping most of my suspicions had been cured by a major overhaul in design, and it kind of did but kind of it didn’t.

First off, let’s talk about the vibe itself. The wevibe 4 has two motors and 6 settings, including low, medium, high constant vibration, as well as a pulse, wave and very interesting echo. The echo cycles back and forth in pulses alternating from the g-spot stimulator pad to the clitoral stimulator. It’s a very nice soft silicone that can easily washed with warm water and antibacterial soap. With an almost v-shaped g-spot pad, and the new redesign is not only less bulky, it does well to keep the product from constantly falling out. The neck the bends around in a C shape to tightly hug your pelvic bone ending in a clitoral stimulator on top. There’s a button on the top to turn the motors on, cycle through settings, and turn it off. It also comes with a remote that can be used to change modes and intensities. No battieries are required, as it is rechargeable through a docking station. Battery life is just about and hour, dependant on how hard you push the intensity.

For solo play, I found the wevibe 4 pretty good. I really enjoyed the echo setting, and it had a just okay amount of rumble. I kept finding myself pushing it down into my clit for that added boost of intensity that it just wasn’t giving me. Having to hold it down to my clit was a two fold problem, not only did I do it for more intensity, but also because for the life of me I could NOT keep this thing on my clit. I’m guessing it has less to do with design and more to do with my body shape, but it really did ruin the ‘hands free experience’ for me. So basically once I got it in place, and pushed it in my clit like my life depended on it, I started to get why people were raving about it. It’s fun, and it works, I just don’t think my vagina and this product were ever destined to be soul mates.

As for couples play, that was a whole other set of follies. Want a tip? USE LUBE, and lots of it. Even with a good water based lube, my husband struggled to share space with this toy. Once again, it may be a body type problem, but we were so glad we never bought the bigger previous models. Although, with a little bit of perseverance and a boatload of laughter, he was able to ‘mostly’ squeeze inside me. He noted quite a bit of drag and discomfort though. From that moment on, it was very gentle movements or him just parking inside me, which helped keep it on my clit…. Making my first true hands free experience with this toy. If you like slow to no movement at all, here’s the toy for you! That’s not the case for us though, usually opting for a bit more of a wild ride. It actually got to the point we had to abandon it and go on sans wevibe 4. (Note: this was the first of 3 times we did this, with no positive results).

I’d like to say, this is a product that needs to be charging when not in use! Like I said earlier, you got about one hour, and we had it die leaving it off the charger overnight after only 30 mins of use. I’d also like to point out that even though we bought the wevibe 4+ model, we did not try out the phone app. I do think it’s an awesome idea for couples play when you can’t be together, though. I just had no idea why they would go through such lengths to have someone control your vibe from across the world when they can’t even perfect a remote that works from across the bed. That’s right, the remote is crap, too. Well let’s just say you have to make sure your pointing it at the vibrator, pressing the remote up against it, in order for it to work. Ok ok, that’s an exaggeration, but we couldn’t get it to work reliably if it was more than two feet away.

It’s not all bad, though. Hold the hate mail until I’m done. I loved the material, it’s nice and soft (not the greatest to rub you penis up against), and feels comfortable inside you and against you clit. The docking station is awesome, and I think the infused battery idea is stellar. I hate having to line up nodes to charge anything rechargeable, set it and forget it here. I also loved the different modes, can’t rave enough about echo mode! We got ours in purple, with an alternate colour choice of pink, which suits me just fine. Lastly, it’s fun, it’s different, and we had a good laugh messing around with it. The idea of it is solid, It’s just not quite there for me, yet. (Maybe the wevibe 7 or 8). All in all, I’m torn between how much I like it, how much I wanna like it, and how much I want to burn the little fucker.

So, as always, wevibe 4…. How did you do? I’d give you a 4/5 for innovation, a 3/5 for solo play, a 1/5 for couples play, a 2/5 for battery life and remote viability, a 5/5 for cuteness and a 1/5 for compatibility with me. Honestly, it’s not for us, results may very and I can see how why so many people would love it. Hell. I love it, and hate it, but I love it. I personally wouldn’t buy this model again, maybe in the future we will see what changes have been made. That’s not saying I won’t get curious and try it again, cause I never learn. Just want to say this is MY opinion and MY experience, you results may vary. We all have what works for us, this just wasn’t a good match for us, which is a shame, as we love the companies other products.

We paid for the WeVibe 4 out of pocket, and in no way have we been compensated for it. Even if we had, it would not alter our ability to write an HONEST review. To see more reviews or to get ahold of us, you can always find us on Twitter @TeaseForTwo

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The Rock Chick by Rocks Off

Rocks Off Rock Chick

While recently talking to Rocks Off toys, we inquired about a dual stimulation rabbit style vibrator. Well, Rocks Off told me to release the rabbit and start rocking, then offered to send us the Rock Chick. Curious, we accepted their offer knowing full well that while we love dual stimulating vibes, we are also hit and miss when it comes to them. After having issues with similar designs with products such as the WeVibe 4, we were a little wary. However, the Rock Chick did not disappoint, and left us with restored faith for the C-shaped dual stimulator design. So let’s have a look at the Rock Chick by Rocks Off, shall we?


Rocks Off has taken their 7 speed RO-80 bullet and added it a formed C-shape clitoral and Gspot silicone form. It consists of a very body safe platinum silicone, which is non toxic, phthalate free and non-porous.


The Rock Chick features a c-shaped which when coupled with the extremely pliable silicone means it will adjust to fit your body. That means unlike our problem with the WeVibe 4, this toy becomes a lot more forgiving to more body types. The insertable side features a sharp hook for Gspot stimulation, and the clitoral are has ridges mounted in the backside of an easy to hold handle. While this toy excels at hands free play, we found it really shines when you grab the handle and “rock” it slightly. Many a orgasm was had by doing this, and has become our preferred method of use.

Being silicone means clean up is a breeze. Use your favourite toy cleaner spray or antibacterial soap and warm water and voila, super clean and ready to go again. We love silicone, as it is silky smooth and one of the best, hypoallergenic materials that a sex toy can be made out of.

However, because it’s made of silicone also means you will want to stick to a high quality water based lube. Other lubes, such as silicone lube can potentially damage the integrity of the toy or cause all sorts of issues. You will also want to store this toy individually and not up against other silicone toys, not that silicone toys will necessarily break down when stored touching, but better to be safe than sorry. As always we could only wish that toys like these would come with their own storage bag, but unfortunately the Rock Chick does not.


Our Thoughts

We are always on the search for great, high quality toys at affordable prices. It seems everywhere we turn though, the Rocks Off name keeps popping up everywhere. They are constantly impressing us with toys that we would easily value at well over twice the asking price. has the Rock Chick listed at $49, and they constantly have deals going on over there. Such as pick up your Rock Chick, grab something us from their awesome selection worth about $25 and you qualify for free US shipping.

We were super happy with the Rock Chick by Rocks Off, and are glad we’ve finally found a c-shaped vibe that could do what even the most pricey and popular types could not. There’s no other way to say it, the Rock Chick rocks!

The judging

Well, let’s see how well exactly the Rock Chick holds up:

  • Quality 4/5
  • Power 4/5
  • Flexibility 5/5
  • O-factor 5/5
  • Features 3/5

84% is not too shabby, the major drawback we found was the lack of storage options and while an excellent toy, it felt like it could have used a few more bells and whistles. It’s still a pretty damn good toy and we highly recommend anyone who was unhappy with the WeVibe check this Chick out! She rocks!




Rocks Off Sent us the Rock Chick in exchange for a honest review, to buy one of your own click the banner above!

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Rock Off 4US

4Us or not 4Us that is the question

4Us By rocks off!

Well what can we say about this unique cock ring that hasn’t already been said before? We are certainly going to try to say at least something unique about this guy. First off let me say that we have tried many many MANY cock rings that we have not loved so we went in not having to many expectations. Many have been either to tight or to loose or just uncomfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time. That’s kind of the case for us again with the Rocks Off 4US


As with all of the rocks off products we have ever received the packaging is super spectacular. With their signature tattoo flair added the packaging whilst simplistic was still stunning to look at. It had a clear plastic casing so that you could see what you were getting yourself into before purchase. As well as the usual tattoo flash art on the box which might i say that we totally love. As always with rocks off the packaging did not disappoint.


The 4US by Rocks Off is a vibrating cock ring that comes with batteries, which in our world is always a bonus. It is made out of a platinum body safe silicone with metallic plated ABS as well. All in all the shape of it is interesting, quite large in diameter at 59mmX 143mm X 35mm it should fit most men comfortably. The design is interesting and has bumps inside of the ring itself to provide added stimulation. It has seven unique speeds that make it adaptable for almost every body.

Being made out of silicone It is also waterproof however we never tried out this feature, who uses a cock ring in the shower? Not Us! We may not use it in the shower but we certainly used lots of water based lubricant with it as you should with all silicone toys. I am sure I sound like a broken record at this point but never ever use a silicone lube with a silicone toy, its a bad idea.

It comes in blue or black so you don’t have to much choice when it comes to colour. But then again does that really matter to most men? I mean I know as Mrs Tease I love a good pink vibrator but Mr Tease doesn’t really seem to bothered by colour one way or the other.

Our Opinion

Well 4US I know we really really REALLY wanted to love you really we did, we tried so hard. But to be totally honest you just didn’t hold up, the bullet position was too odd and kept sliding around. We loved the levels of vibration however and as for that it was a total win. We wanted to love it as so far we’ve loved all our rocks off toys, however this one just fell a little flat. But please we struggle finding a good cock ring so don’t take this to personally, every body is different and just because it didn’t work for us doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else.


Down to Brass tacks

  • Size: 6/10
  • Innovation: 9/10
  • Power: 10/10
  • Speeds: 10/10
  • Desire to Reuse: 5/10

Well how did this shape out? 80% from us here, it’s a pass. It just wasn’t perfect for us, but we had a good time trying it out.


We recieved this item in exchange for a honest review. To get your own, click the banner above!

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Sh! Gspot Rabbit Review

Sh! Gspot rabbit

So today I have a double whammy for ya… Not one, but Two rabbit reviews! Both rabbits are made by Sh!, and they are very very different. Stick with me through the bad then in the next review we shall move on to the good, I promise! First up, the bad, the Gspot rabbit by Sh!. There’s multiple reasons this particular product did not work for us, so let’s just dive right into the rabbit hole, shall we?

The Product

Now I want to say first, the Sh! Gspot rabbit is not all bad. It’s made of a velvety smooth silicone that is hypoallergenic, latex free, phthalate free and easy to clean. Just spray it with some toy cleaner and rinse, or wash with some warm soap and a mild antibiotic all soap. Now, We love body safe products or all kinds, and just because this particular toy did not bode well for us, doesn’t mean it’s a terrible product and it wouldn’t work for you. Here’s your warning, this is where the rainbows and unicorn farts end, so let us move on to the now so good.

The Sh! Gspot rabbit is not a rechargable vibrator, so get your batteries ready. It’s not a massive complaint, but who wants to fiddle with changing batteries in the heat of the moment, not I! (We prefer rechargeables, can’t ya tell?)  One thing that can be said about the Sh! Gspot Rabbit, it sounds like it’s really REALLY trying to make you cum, but it’s not….

Our experience

But why? Why didn’t we enjoy this vibrator? I mean, it’s well made, cost effective, buzzes it’s little heart out and SEEMS like it would be great. What went wrong?

Well, you see, 95% of our problem with this product is personal. It’s shit that may not be applicable to you. It’s body type issues, and it seems like we’ve had this problem before.

Let’s break it down, the Sh! Gspot rabbit is that, it’s a Gspot Rabbit. Yet, due to whatever reason, it failed to hit the Gspot or the clitoris easily. We could make it work for one or the other, but never both and usually neither without it being angled in an odd way. I mean, what’s a Gspot Rabbit that doesn’t hit the Gspot? Right, just another rabbit vibe, and what is a rabbit vibe that doesn’t reach the clit? Correct again, just a slender plain Jane vibrator, not that those are bad, we like some of those… But this is marketed as a Gspot Rabbit, and for us, it didn’t live up to that.

Once again though, we had the similar issues with the WeVibe 4, another product some people swear by. Just because it didn’t fit us, doesn’t mean it won’t fit you. However, if you really are looking for a spectacular rabbit vibe, we will soon have a treat for you! But first…

The verdict

  • Material 5/5
  • Discreet and quite 2.5/5
  • Buzziness 4/5
  • Cost (about $50 USD) 3/5
  • Super awesome purpleness 15/5

Sorry Sh!, we love you guys, just not your Gspot Rabbit. But readers… Dont fret! This isn’t the only rabbit up Sh! Woman’s sleeve! Next up, the rabbit to save all rabbit kind? Stay tuned!



We received the Sh! Gspot Rabbit in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. If you would like to give the Gspot rabbit a chance, or for more great products and excellent customer service, just click the link above!


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Tantus Vamp: the not so Dracula dildo review

There’s something about our Vamp that we love. Not sure if it’s the name, conjuring up images of Dracula, Anne Rice characters, or the pure romance that follows the legends or stories. (Note: Tantus, make a larger version and call it “Vlad the Impaler”!) We not sure if it was our specific red/pinkish grab bag colour. It could have been that the idea of a smooth firm dildo with just the added hints of realistic texture was intriguing to us. Whatever the reason, the moment we opened up the packaging we fell in love with the Vamp. The problem was, the Vamp didn’t seem to love us.

The Material and Cleaning

Made from 100,000% ultra high grade silicone, Tantus brings their A-game once again with the Vamp. Body safe, non-porous, easy to clean and maintain, this material is the be-all-end-all when it comes to high grade dildos. This is one safe dildo! It’s companies like Tantus that are at the forefront leading a revolution against harmful, toxic sex toys. We love them and if you haven’t checked them out, do so right now…. Well, do so at the end of this review. I’ll include a link for ya to get there.

Cleaning these pure silicone toys Tantus makes, like the Vamp, is nothing short of a breeze. Spray on some toy cleaner and wash it off with warm water. Don’t have the spray? Well then, was this bad boy off with warm soap and a nice anti-bacterial soap! What’s that? Who’s got time for that? Hell, throw it in the dishwasher on the top rack and run it through the sanitize cycle! Boil it, spray it with a bleach solution, the possibilities seem endless and that’s what we love about this material. However, there is one drawback to this silicone, it is a magnet for dust and hair, so try to keep it stored in something that is safe and clean for it. Take a little extra time to take care of these toys that you are putting inside your body, and they will last a lifetime.



The design

The Vamp is a very “realistic” designed dildo, which is not usually our cup of tea. Resembling a circumcised penis, it has a defined head as well as a slightly prominent ridge along the top of the shaft. If you are anything like Mrs Tease and like a nice textured dildo, this may not have enough bump for your step. However, if you like a solid firmness and a realistic design, the Vamp might be right up your alley. There is also a nice base on this, making it ok for anal and harness play.

It’s not a huge dildo either, which we like, and measures in at a more realistic size. Tantus has it listed at 7″ insertable, with a shaft diameter of 1.7″ and a max diameter of 1.75″. That is a fair size, and this dildo could be used by just about everyone. I do know that Tantus has been known to make a model of the Vamp with a slot for a vibrating bullet, but we received the standard model for review.

The experience

This is where it gets a little iffy for us, we like to say that the Vamp did not agree with us. As much as we loved everything about it, Mrs Tease felt that it just did not agree with her body well. You see, it’s firm…. very firm in fact, and while Mrs Tease is one for texture, the very firm coronal ridge was really uncomfortable. She tried several times, but unless she turned the Vamp upside down it seemed to rub her the wrong way, jamming on her quite a bit. We kind of felt that if we needed that, then we might as well have picked up a completely smooth dildo, and what’s the fun in that? She had even noted at one point that the discomfort outweighed any pleasure by quite a bit. Plain and simple…. The Vamp just wasn’t for us.

The Verdict

Oh Vamp, we wanted to love you. Maybe we should just put Googly eyes on you and call it a day. Well Vamp, let’s see how you scored…

  • Material 5/5
  • Design 3/5
  • Firmness 4/5
  • Dracula reminded-of-us-ness 1/5
  • Googly eye worthiness 5/5

Maybe next time, you’ll find someone to love Vamp, keep your chin up!





The Tantus Vamp was sent to us in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. To find the Vamp or anything else Tantus, click the link above!

As always, follow us on Twitter @teasefortwo

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Tantus Tease Review

Tease review



Little Secrets Tease Review

Review Sponsored by Tantus

A fun discreet bullet vibrator with all the perfect things for pin point perfection play. Oh yeah that was a lot of P’s right there but it is the truth.



So what can we tell you about the Tease? It is made out of Tantus’s premium quality premium silicone. So if you are planning on using this toy with a lubricant please choose a water based lubricant. We can even make some suggestions on what ones to use.

Since it is a silicone toy it means that yes it is waterproof, so use this in the bath the shower wherever you please. It is also small enough that is the perfect little travel companion for any of those out of town business trips. Just please be sure to remove the batteries first lest the travel security look at you funny when your bag starts to buzz.

Bonus though it will only buzz, not pulse not anything crazy as this little Tease has only one setting. We are usually crazy about our settings and don’t usually like things with only one but we have to say that the Tease changed our minds. It’s one setting is quite strong and quiet yet because of the design of it is perfect for pin point accuracy.

The design a little bumpy with a tiny little nub at the end that vibrates like crazy when the bullet is turned on. We loved this, repeat, LOVED THIS. It was perfect for the clit, the nipples and we found perfect to tease nipple rings. We have been looking for something to vibrate properly against nipple piercings and by golly it seems we found it.

Tantus makes a whole line of little secrets products and we for one want to get them all and have a rainbow. But the Tease is probably going to remain our favorite just because of the shape.

Our Opinions

Well we are pretty sure we laid out how we felt about it in the rest of the review but lets say a little more shall we? The end piece of the Tease is thin and slightly curved which makes it perfect for some of those harder to reach areas. What we loved it for and will continue using it for is nipples. Mrs Tease has reasonably sensitive nipples, but when the barbells through them have vibration on them she goes crazy. We loved the versatility of this product and continue to look for new ways to use it.


Who we would Recommend this to:

Anyone looking for an amazing bullet.

Everyone else.

Who we would NOT Recommend this to:

Absolutely no one, this should be in everyone’s collection!






We we were sent the Tantus Tease in exchange for an honest review, to get your own please use the banner above.

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WeVibe Tango Pleasure Mates Collection

Two to Tango

Tango Pleasure Mates Collection By WeVibe

This is a collection based around the WeVibe Tango, a bullet, within the collection is also the Dusk, an anal toy perfect for p-play and the Glow, a Gspot vibrator. This is a beautiful collection and comes with by far one of the best bullets we have ever dealt with. This is a collection designed with couples definitely in mind and is totally versatile.





Tango, the WeVibe Tango is a rechargeable bullet vibrator that is waterproof and safe to use with water based lubricant. Did we mention that it’s rechargeable? Talk about one of the coolest features to have in a bullet. It can be used for solo play or together with almost any toy but mostly with the Glow and Dusk. There is a light on the end of it that blinks when the battery is low, i know this because i sit here looking at it as i write this. It is made of a body safe PC ABS thermoplastic, which means that it is washable as well as waterproof. It is a little more advanced than most bullets having 8 speeds to play with as you see fit.



Glow all over with this handy little g spot toy, the tango slips into it and you can control the vibration from there. Its made out of a medical grade silicone, so this means only water based lubricants please unless you want it to get damaged. A clean sleak design means for easy and comfortable play. We though the combination with the Tango was awesome.



Dusk, for those daring back door adventures. Dusk is a small plug that is a great introduction to anal play. Made of the same medical grade silicone that the Glow is it is great with water based lubricants. It is not an exceptionally large plug so if thats what you are looking for you are looking in the wrong place my friend. It is a great introduction to anal play that you can enhance with the added use of the Tango.


Our Opinions

Well it’s absolutely so much fun in one box. This is pretty well the perfect couples toy, it has something for everyone. We found the fact that it’s rechargeable to be one of it’s major selling features. The g spot portion of it was a little large but very soft, making the larger size excusable. Have to admit the Mrs doesn’t care for the feeling of something hard scraping up against her g spot she says it reminds her of a doctors visit. The Glow handles this perfectly. The anal toy the Dusk was fantastic for starter play, as well as regular play. We loved the fact that you could slide the bullet into either toy and make them vibrators. So Cool!


The Ratings Game

  • Design :               10/10
  • Power:                   9/10
  • Usability:             10/10
  • Size:                        9/10
  • Desire to Reuse: 10/10

So how did it stack up? 96%   Not too shabby, seems like everything we get from WeVibe  just keeps getting better.



We recieved our WeVibe Tango Pleasure Mates Collection in exchange for a honest review. To get one of your very own please use the banner above.

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Wand Wars: Yorokobi Mini Wand

Wand Wars: Yorokobi Mini Wand

Hey all, I wanted to take a few mins and tell you about this Mini Wand our friends over at Si Novelties sent us. Si recently sent us a care package of review items in exchange for some honest reviews, and when I talked to them I asked if they wanted to contribute anything to the Wand Wars section. Now normally we break our Wand Wars up into two divisions, small (such as the Maia Twistty) and large (the hitachi and yet to be reviewed large Lelo smart wand. However, I’ve never seen a wand like this, so it’s going to need a division all of its own: featherweight.

Now, when I say small, I mean SMALL! When I opened the box and saw this tiny thing I quite literally laughed hysterically. Why? Cause it’s about 3 inches long, that’s it. Bullet sized, it features a silicone head and a twist on speed control. Turn it one way and it progressively gets stronger, but twist it the other to instantly go to full blast. It’s a fair bit buzzy, but we were shocked at just how much this little wand puts out. It runs off of 3 of those little laser pointer style batteries which only have about half an hour of juice in them, but it comes with 6 so you can get a few uses out of this little thing.

What can we say? We were impressed at what this little wand could do, and coupled with a good dildo it worked out to be a decent substitution for a bullet. Although I’m not convinced that it’s the best to use on its own. As long as you don’t keep the batteries installed I can see this being a handy thing to pack when traveling or in a weekend getaway  kit.

We thought it was a neat little toy, and definitely worth picking up when buying other toys. Other than that, what can we say? It’s cute, like a big wand had a baby. Any smaller and it would go great on a keychain!

Well, that’s it for the Si Novelties Yorokobi Mini Wand. If your looking for a tiny toy that packs a bit of a punch, then this toy might be for you.

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Wand Wars: Lelo Smart Wand Large

Wand Wars: Lelo Smart Wand


This might be the best wand we’ve tried thus far, we got the large version which must we say we highly recommend. Still being new to rechargable cordless wands this was a super special treat from our friends at Lelo and i’m here to say it’s as good as all the rest of their products.



This is a fully silicone product so that means for all of us that love to test things out in the shower this is perfect. According to Lelo as well as ourselves this toy is completely waterproof, which we love. Since it is a silicone toy however and very much waterproof, use a water based lubricant as always with silicone toys. Silicone lubricant and silicone toys totally don’t mesh well.

As for the charging capability, well its pretty darn fantastic if we do say so ourselves. It came with all the necessary gadgets to plug it in and make sure it gets a good charge. We didn’t charge it for exceptionally long the first time out of the box and yet it still lasted exceptionally well. We have to admit that having it rechargeable and not being restricted with a cord is amazing and we absolutely loved it.

This toy as with most Lelo products we have dealt with this far comes with a pretty nifty feature. A one year warranty on the product that you have received so the Lelo Large SmartWand. This is a pretty fantastic feature if you ask me, although we have never had any problems with Lelo toys period, we have had this happen to toys in the past and it’s pretty nifty to have a warranty in case anything breaks.

We absolutely loved the smart feature of this wand, the fact that when you applied pressure it would get stronger or less depending. You could get this thing to do almost anything and for this it was amazing. Oh and did we mention it was super freakin quiet? More so than any other wand we’ve ever had. It’s amazing and I highly suggest everyone try it at least once.



Like every product we have gotten from Lelo it’s like unwrapping and beautiful christmas gift. Within a beautiful sleek clean lined box, is where this toy resides, the packing is absolutely perfect. Satin on the inside, with everything in its place and a place for everything. Once your done with the box, if you choose not to keep it in the box, it comes with a beautiful satin bag. We love that Lelo comes with little satin bags for all of their products. It’s so super handy for people like us that have a reasonably large collection. As always the packaging was pristine and we loved everything about it.


Our Opinion

If you couldn’t already tell we absolutely loved this product from Lelo, the silicone was smooth and soft. The vibration was absolutely perfect and we loved how it changed depending on the pressure applied. It was super quiet, and I mean yes this is comparing it to the other wands we’ve used, one of them being a plug in and use wand, but still. We love the fact that we can use it and you can’t hear it outside of the bedroom door, well besides for the moaning. It’s just another example that Lelo makes some of the best adult toys around.


The Rating Game

  • Design: 10/10
  • Vibration: 9/10
  • Power: 10/10
  • Desire to Reuse: 10/10
  • Innovation: 10/10

So how did it shape up? 98% we highly recommend this to anyone we come into contact with. So far this one is definitely winning our wand wars saga, Stay tuned for more.



We recieved the Lelo Smart Wand in exchange for a honest review, to get your very own click the banner above.

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Teddy Love Review

Teddy Love

Despite all the red flags we’ve read, despite our own concerns about this bear, we couldn’t turn down the chance to check this thing out. Call us a glutton for punishment I suppose, but everything we’ve read that would scare anyone away from Teddy Love were all written by people who we assume never actually put their hands on the product. I can think of one or two of those right off the top of my head. We probably should have heeded warning, but noooo… We just HAD to stick out hands In the fire ourselves, you know, just to make sure it was hot. Today we will be looking at the Teddy Love vibrating face bear thing, quite possibly the strangest sex toy we’ve seen in a long time. (And we own dragon dildos)

Now, I’m going to be fair here. I’m usually not one to pull out my torch and burn a company to the ground because I didn’t really care for something. Sorry, no sensationalization here. I’m sure there is a plethora of people out there who adore this item, I mean… It was nominated for awards by both Xbiz and AVN. So hey, to each their own I suppose. In fact, at first glance we were excited and thought it might be fun, but I guess reality set in once we got ahold of it. It just wasn’t for us, and as cute as Teddy is, he’s more of a looker than a lover.


The Bear

Despite some of the buzz going around, Teddy is actually pretty darn cute. We have our fair share of Teddy Bears, enough to call them a collection, I bet. Teddy is super cute and cuddly and as a normal bear, he fits into that collection quite well. He’s nice and soft and Mrs Tease has even slept with him in her arms quite a few times going. However, even on sale he sells for $85, which quite a pretty penny for just a Teddy Bear alone. I could easily buy this little guy in a non-vibrating version and expect to pay $30 for him, as he’s built quite nicely. You aren’t just paying for a teddy though, you’re paying for function.

The Buzz

The function of this bear is a vibrating muzzle and protruding tongue, meant for the clit and nearby areas as a discreet sex toy. Im not sure how discreet bring a new teddy into the house is when you have small kids, or who wouldn’t point out the teddy thats ever sticking out his tongue, but yea.. we’ll go with that anyways.

Teddy’s muzzle vibrates in weak fashion, and is controlled by confusing controls. If i remember correctly the hand turns him on, one ear controls speed and one controls pattern. We had to look it up because you’d hit the hand and it wouldn’t vibrate for more than 10 seconds.

For testing, we actually took a play from Cara Sutra’s Teddy Love review and used a dental dam on his muzzle. Unfortunately, Teddy has a muzzle made of TPR which is a rubber that can be porous, paired with the bacteria holding fur and the inability to sanitize or even wash Teddy properly, we wanted to be safe while remaining thorough.

The manufacturer recommends wiping Teddy’s muzzle and fur with a cloth drenched in warm soapy water. While this may clean it, it will not stop the spread of bacteria fully, so please be safe and use a dental dam if necessary.

The other problem, Teddy is loud. Dare I say Teddy might even be a screamer. Ok he’s not THAT loud, but it is loud enough that I wouldn’t call it discreet, in a quiet house I could easily hear it through a closed door. Its almost surprising how loud this toy is compared to how weak the vibrations are.



I know theres a lot being said about how this toy may be offensive to women for labeling every woman as a melting swooning plush toy bear lover, but I cant say much to that. Mrs Tease is a bit of a stereotypical girl in that way, and does love her teddy bears. Not saying all women are, just the one I share my life with. However, from a man’s standpoint, the advertising they put out could be a little offensive. I know its meant to be cheeky and in good fun, but with ads that say things like “Finally a man who listens” or a picture of a man leaving the room with the words “you’re not invited” written do get my back up just a wee bit. We’re here to promote communication and intimacy between couples, why not advertise it more as a toy couples can share. Or one that could be used by one partner on another. I may sound a little defensive but to quote Mrs Tease “yea, no bear can replace a loving partner”. Sorry, just had to get it off my chest there.

The Verdict

So Teddy, how’d ya do.. let’s have a look.

  • As a Teddy Bear 8/10
  • As a Sex toy 5/10
  • Body safe materials. 4/10
  • Controls 6/10
  • Desire to reuse 2/10

50%, Sorry Teddy, like I said… You’re a looker not a lover. Although I did want to add that the folks at Teddy Love did seem to be wonderful people with excellent customer support, this toy just did not do it for us. Once again, to each their own and it would appear to be a big following behind this cute guy, but we did sign up to give our honest opinion. Just because we didn’t like it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t, we just would encourage people to try and keep Teddy as clean as possible when using him as a sex toy, and stay safe.



We received Teddy Love in exchange for a honest review. If you would like to try one out for yourself, click the link here!